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Jack Strong-Arm, The All-American Boy* ... Or, Bye, Bye American Pie



Jack Up ... Not Off


What’s the deal with this game where we can’t deal everyone in ... where the Jacks, the Kings with the Axe, or the One Eyed Queens are wild --Jack a$$ and assets all to the dark side where what’s sunny does not shine. .. short shuffled and discarded from our round table; ... misdealt while the boot is called and stacked.

I’ve teased and cajoled our Jack-Knifing Truth- Controllers –Of- The -Mainstream ... I’ve tried satire, logic and fallacy.


Let me try pied piping up with this moment of Zen in reprise from a free spirited thread, which has bit, been bitten, and been bitted down and bridled between needling teeth ...

......... into the dust, face down:

What Spark Does It Take To Touch Something Off Deep Inside ...? ...

Wood ...

... that we begin to know Jack ...

... Like a flash ...............

... It’s that urgent:

“Oh, and there we were all in one place,
A generation lost in space
With no time left to start again”


Jump’in Jack

Be Quick

[... awaken ... ]

don’t be cranky


“A jack-in-the-box is a children's toy that outwardly consists of a box with a crank. When the crank is turned, it plays a melody, often "Pop Goes the Weasel". At the end of the tune, the lid pops open and a figure, usually a clown or jester, pops out of the box.

A theory as to the origin of the jack-in-the-box is that it comes from the 13th century English prelate Sir John Schorne, who is often pictured holding a boot with a devil in it... [I]n French, a jack-in-the-box is called a "diable en boîte" (literally "boxed devil").

• In Shakespeare's Cymbeline, the villain Iachimo hides in a box - literally a Jack in the Box, and also a 'boxed devil'.


The Jack-in-the-Box has had a widespread effect on culture.

(What kind of effect do we each want to have ?)

Don McLean's song "American Pie" contains the lines "So come on Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack Flash sat on a candlestick cos the fire is the devil's only friend".

This is a wry reference to the rhyme and to the Rolling Stones's song "Jumpin' Jack Flash."

"Jumpin' Jack Flash" (backed with "Child of the Moon")... [hmmm] ... was released a half century ago by The Rolling Stones who have played the song during every tour since.


I was schooled with a strap right across my back,
But its all right now, in fact, its a gas!

I was drowned, I was washed up and left for dead.
I fell down to my feet and I saw they bled.
I frowned at the crumbs of a crust of bread.
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I was crowned with a spike right thru my head.
But its all right now, in fact, its a gas!
But its all right, Im jumpin jack flash,
Its a gas! gas! gas!


... a gas ... light, permeating ...

... a fuel?

... perhaps for a lantern ...

.... ... a Jack-o’-Lantern ... perhaps glowing with an unsnuffed candle deep inside...

............... whatever incendiary friction may cause a spark to ignite --

Shine A Light ...

................................... Into The Dark

FLASH ^^^^~~***

... take a solemn moment [like playing dirges in the dark]

play this hand real slow .....


... decide whether you raise or fold ....

Good Day ...

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e.e. :)

Love this!

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer


It kinda goes with the Girl on LSD post you made.. isn't that a TRIP e.e. by San Jose choir LOL soooooo out there. I'm glad you can appreciate it. ;))

Vil U ... Vont U


Let me help with the TRIP-ee translation:

'Poetry is not about be#ches ...'


Finally a post I can relate to.

I suspect you love to play Eucher as well.
By the way, hows your doG? Hope it doesn't cause too much trouble this 4th of July.
Take care.


Orion Trumps doG Daze

Undaunted ...


The Hunter


One Small Step ... At A Time


Cosmological Symbols


The More You Look ...



“More than fifty years of misinformation and manipulation in the shadow of the media have divided and impoverished public opinion, so as to control it all the better.”



To my view, it is sublimely terrestrial when we moon walk the doG They wag.

The bitch is thirty.

Chained up mad as hell.

Thinks she's a big doG.

I really cannot tell.

To get to Aquarius.

Have to set her free.

Say she's my best friend.

That I'll have to see.


Walking The doG ...

... Days Of Summer


... jump’in ...

.................. the fence ...

Missing an S.

The bitch is thirsty!

Chained up mad as hell.

Thinks she's a big doG.

I really cannot tell.

To get to Aquarius.

Have to set her free.

Say she's my best friend.

That I'll have to see.

“Got to be good-looking...

... 'cause he's so hard to see...’


“One thing I can tell you is you got to be free”

Un-Jack The Plug


Pithy Stuff And Nonsense – Squinting At Reflections Through The Looking Glasses:

`Can you do Division? Divide a loaf by a knife--what's the answer to that?'

`I suppose--' Alice was beginning, but the Red Queen answered for her. `Bread-and-butter, of course. Try another Subtraction sum. Take a bone from a dog: what remains?'

Alice considered. `The bone wouldn't remain, of course, if I took it--and the dog wouldn't remain: it would come to bite me--and I'm sure I shouldn't remain!'

`Then you think nothing would remain?' said the Red Queen.

`I think that's the answer.'

`Wrong, as usual,' said the Red Queen: `the dog's temper would remain.'

`But I don't see how--'

`Why, look here!' the Red Queen cried. `The dog would lose its temper, wouldn't it?'

`Perhaps it would,' Alice replied cautiously.

`Then if the dog went away, its temper would remain!' the Queen exclaimed triumphantly.

Alice said, as gravely as she could, `They might go different ways.' But she couldn't help thinking to herself `What dreadful nonsense we are talking!'

--Through the Looking Glass
Lewis Carroll



BTW – In order for someone to deal with looking-glass cake, he must hand it round first, and cut it afterwards [TLG p148] ... so ...

Is the r'Evolved moral: ‘Let them eat ? Pie ? as short sighted myopic queens might suppose?

I urge we each look ourselves in the mirror and ‘by the twilight's last gleam’ answer for ourselves:

Isn’t it at least time for whiskey... and wry (sic) rebellion?!!!

En - Lighten Up All ;-)

[Thanks Realdeal]

"`But I don't want to go

"`But I don't want to go among mad people,' Alice remarked.
`Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat: `we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.'
`How do you know I'm mad?' said Alice.
`You must be,' said the Cat, `or you wouldn't have come here.'
Alice didn't think that proved it at all; however, she went on `And how do you know that you're mad?'
`To begin with,' said the Cat, `a dog's not mad. You grant that?'
`I suppose so,' said Alice.
`Well, then,' the Cat went on, `you see, a dog growls when it's angry, and wags its tail when it's pleased. Now I growl when I'm pleased, and wag my tail when I'm angry. Therefore I'm mad.'"


Dogs Wagging


Mad Tales


You’re not just the Realdeal ....... you’re the doG'on real thing ~

Always enjoy your posts LibBerte.

I have to read and watch them a couple of times sometimes, as I am not that quick witted. ( too proud to ask for explanations 8) But they are thought provoking. Thanks for always lightening the mood.

Place quote [HERE]

You’re Among The Most Quickened, The Bright Side Of This Planet

Usually I need to revisit obscure posts a few times myself ( especially my own) to figure them out.

For example, I thought of reprising a post where I acknowledged the good company truth seekers as yourself will find themselves among ... well ... such nonsense has more stuff and pith to it in the context of history:



Whew! I thought I was the only one Jefferson. ;-)


I am trippin out. "Jack be nimble, jack be quick" were the first words I spoke to my husband this morning...do not know why.....

*Theme to Twilight Zone playing*

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

Jack-Booted Is Neither Nimble Nor Quick

“ I can’t remember if I cried ...
... but something touched me deep inside...”


I know if it’s up to you ...[and it is]
This will not be the day the music died.


“The players tried for a forward pass,...
While the sergeants played a marching tune.
We all got up to dance,
Oh, but we never got the chance!
`cause the players tried to take the field;
The marching band refused to yield.
Do you recall what was revealed...”


Thank you for being quick and nimble.