Texas Monthly on Ron Paul: The Elephant in the Room

Thanks to Margie for sending this along:

For those of you who are not from Texas and cannot buy the magazine locally, you can read the article here. You can also vote if you think you would vote for Ron Paul on that site.

Texas Monthly is an expensive, slick magazine, not particularly known for its conservative views, but this is an outstanding and fair article concerning Dr. Paul. It shows his very human side and his defense of principle, his family and just who his supporters are. They even highlight the article on the cover of the magazine. This is a big time story!

Coverage in the NYT, on Houston Fox TV, NPR and Texas Monthly all in one week....do I feel momentum, or what!?

For those of you in Texas you may want to buy a copy of your own to pass on to your grandchildren of when "a candidate of the people"
actually made a difference in politics! Ron Paul for President in 2008. It's happening!

- Margie

Thank you, Margie!

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Vote in the online poll !

OK, so I am not a subscriber. Maybe some kindly Texan will repost the whole thing?

In the meantime, there's a little on-line question: Would you vote for Ron Paul for president? Yes/No? (to the left of the story)

I voted yes and it came up 89% for Ron Paul.

Yahoo !

Can someone post story?

Can somebody who is a subscriber to the magazine post the story on technorati or somewhere else? -A liberal for Ron Paul.

-A former liberal for Ron Paul.

Video Accompaniment

Click to view the video from "The Elephant in the Room" author, and Texas Monthly senior editor, Nate Blakeslee.


Would be nice, but ...

... there might be just a wee problem with copyright, a violation of which might not be, well, quite the Paulian thing to do, seems to me.

OTOH, if someone could get permission from the publisher to, say, make up a PDF of the article and post it here ... might be good publicity for the magazine.

An interesting picture

Dr. Paul seldom frowns, from what I've seen; his insistent good cheer is one of the traits that I think appeals to all the young "Ron Paul addicts" on YouTube. Of course, he can be cheerful, because he's always true to himself; he's not hiding anything, from you, me, or himself.

Wonder why the artist chose to portray him looking so severe?

I've seen him frown...

...when his positions are grossly misrepresented. He is also extremely serious when speaking about very important issues on the House floor, while everyone else is trying to brush them under the rug. Smiling and giggling are overrated anyway; any cheerleader or fake politician can do it.

Everyone frowns

But this time Dr. Paul has seemed happier & happier as the months go on -- it's a wonderful thing to see. Looking at this depiction (or the recent frown-photo Fox News managed to dig-up) while at the same time looking at the photo our side put on this page is quite a contrast in media portrayal techniques.

How to read the article?

Is there any way for a non-subscriber to read the whole article? The page I get stops after a dozen lines, then asks me to subscribe.

you have to subscibe to read

As much as I'd love to read this, I don't want to subscribe to that magazine to read it. There is no free access from what I can tell...