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Murdoch Offer For Dow Turned Down

Hope there is more than money involved as the Dow certainly should not be owned by the likes of Murdoch. Just think of how the market could be subtly controlled.....even more than it is. These "events' between now and the election definitely impact the financial climate that will be inherited by the new President. That would be Dr. Ron Paul, of course.

Read it here.

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Not so sure

Don't really see what this has to do with Ron. As bad as Fox's editorial viewpoint can be, the WSJ is no better. Seems to me this is nothing more than a family with super share voting rights making a foolish business decision based purely on emotion that is going to hurt the bottom line of the other shrareholders. Big Media is dying. No way the WSJ can survive in its current form. Big win for Bloomberg and the NYT. But not sure it has any bearing on Ron.