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Calling all Iowa Students for Ron Paul

Hey gang, I am forwarding this post from Jen, out in Iowa. Her blog can be found here: "The Iowa Straw Poll Blog" http://theronpauladventure.wordpress.com/

This is just another shining example of Ron Paul supporters across the country coming together. I personally want to thank Bill from California for his generous donation to the students of Iowa who are Ron Paul supporters, and those who will soon discover Dr. Paul's message.

Here's Jen's post: Calling all Students for Ron Paul

"Amazing news….

Yesterday I spoke with a lawyer, Bill, in California who is offering $5000 in tickets to support students who want to vote for Ron Paul. Dang! He’s going to be here for the Straw Poll and will be in charge of getting the tickets to the students.

Can you help? If you are a Iowan student or can get the word out to college and university students, you would be doing the campaign a great service. Please tell them to go to http://www.paulforall.com/StudentTicketRegistration.htm to register.

We will contact them after they register, so please make sure to enter phone info.

If we get more students than the $5000 will cover, we’ll ask for donations. I hope that happens soon!"


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Wow, good luck using this

Wow, good luck using this loot effectively (and this probably means everyone gets to stay-honest WRT rides from other campaigns). Good thing we have the internet, and ideally even more money will be needed if students respond. I hope the musical event draws students, but I hope they manage to stay reasonably sober!

I finally have some campaign literature, and I am finding good luck telling non-political people at work about Dr. Paul, but maybe that's a function of the people I am lucky enough to work-with instead of me being convincing. We're also doing a sign waving event at A1A & 520 on Cocoa Beach ("I Dream of Jeannie" land!) from about 9am to 3pm or so tomorrow at a major intersection. I do plan to show up at some point, but I really hope some of our better-looking female fans come out too because I'm not much to look at in a swimsuit...

I have to say...

The amount of support coming through to support the Iowa operation is amazing. 6 months ago I never would have dreamed something like this would be occuring.