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POLL: 9/11 Poll, Lets Ask the real question.

Since the other poll doesn't really get to the issue, but simply tries to lump people into government believers or not.

A) I believe planes hit the buildings and was the primary reason they fell, done by Arabs for blowback, revenge, cause they were bored or whatever. I think that our inept government probably had more knowledge than they let on and didn't take any foreknowledge they had seriously, and that is what they are really covering up, and that is the true conspiracy.

B) I believe Bush, the most incompetent president in history, had the building secretly wired with secret super-special nano-thermite to cut the beams, explosives in 3 different buildings, all without being noticed, and flew planes into the building for good measure to kill 3000 people, staged 2 other plane crashes, possibly using holograms to fool us that it really happened all because his secret zionist handlers told him to.

A or B?

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"Hell is truth seen too late...duty neglected in its season."- Tryon Edwards

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We're all friends here...

Just out of curiosity, debunkamatic....how old are you?


It's a proven fact that:

1) The plane did not hit the Pentagon (and neither did a missile. See here for the conclusive evidence.)

2) The person who wrote this pole is an ignorant fool or deliberately misrepresenting the views of most truthers in a pathetic obfuscation attempt.

Its actually proven fact

That the plane did hit the pentagon, the evidence is overwhelming.


Yep a proven fact...suuuure it is...

**“The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them.” ~ Mark Twain **

"...there is no doubt that it (socialism) could not possibly have affected us so widely and so deeply as it has, had it not been heavily financed". - B. Carroll Reece

F for effort.


Phuck, haven't you guys figured it out yet. The disinfo game

is designed to engage you in bullchit. Stop responding to their posts. Honestly, there really isn't a good reason to come here anymore and that's a shame.


The reason to respond to such stupidity is to show to other, more rational, individuals what folly it is to hold such nonsensical positions.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

The more rational people already know it. The disinfo crowd

is not targeting you, they are targeting the people coming to this site for the first time looking for information on Dr. Paul. All they see are repeated and recycled threads on so called "conspiritorial" topics. When you engage them, the thread stays on top. They win.

Stop engaging these people and lets get back to the issue that people can relate too. The rest will eventually fall into place.

No, they keep the thread going themselves

Since I'm sure many have several dupe accounts.

They even invade the good threads with the nonsense.

For example I've seen, Once we prove 911 was an inside job, the Federal reserve problem will go away.

I agree that you should not always engage them, but sometimes I think you should.


#1 "Since I'm sure many have several dupe accounts." That is a funny charge to make. I think actually "everyone" in here who actually questions the official 9/11 account is actually just one person with thousands of accounts!! Talk about being a conspiracy nut. Learn to deal in facts bro.

#2 Ironman77 all I ever see you do is bump 9/11 threads telling everyone not to discuss it. So, yeah, you do keep the threads going.

#3 If evil/deception/shadiness/force/tyranny are going on, or have gone on, it needs to be exposed and cleaned up from the human race. So, I honestly think those who want to "sanitize" the discussion away from these topics are the ones who are really hurting the movement as they are allowing dark to stay in the picture.



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

The thing about it is

The official story is the official story - it is part of the official record.

The other stuff you are saying, is simply a straw man.

The "official story" is pretty much a joke, ergo, we need a more rational and less biased investigation into the events of that day.

Do you believe the "official story" is air tight? = most important question.

Straw men mean nothing, you should have learned this long ago.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity


Bush was acting President but Cheney ran the
ignoramus buffoon Bush.
Norman Minnita - Mr. Vice-President a plane is approaching
the pentagon what are we to do, Cheney-Stand down

What more do you not want to believe about that
deadful day ?

" I will take REAL money and YOU
can have the change "

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

Or C debunk o tragic smoked one too many bowls and his

brain is fried.

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Live like you mean it ..... Your life is your own !

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Stop the NWO....It's just illumi..Naughty !

So quick with your ad hominems

No tolerance ? ? Trying to intimidate ?

Nope just know who it is .

And know the guy is a wake and bake pothead with no life.

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Live like you mean it ..... Your life is your own !

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Stop the NWO....It's just illumi..Naughty !



hmmm, that's a tough one

I'm gonna have to go with A here.

I guessing you won't get many takers on this though.

Real Question here...

A./ Is Spunkomatic a paid shill,


B./ Is he just ~touched in the head~

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

So we'll put you down for a

So we'll put you down for a B.

Do whatever you want...

anything coming from you will never really matter anyways.

On second thought, put me down for a B.. you're touched in the head, I think. I can't see you getting paid for this, after all...

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

Just answer the question

why ido you think everyone that disagrees with you a paid shill - paranoia ?

See my comment below..

Nice try at minimalizing me... but not really.

Get some better verbal skills dude.. you're embarrasing yourself on a daily basis lately.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

ah, the delusions of grandeur

Your rhetoric is stunning. I am dwarfed in the shadow of the master - I'll bet you pleasure yourself while gazing at your own picture.

Wonder what branch of the

Wonder what branch of the government would write the paid disinfo shill checks?


I would guess the military...

U.S. Special Operations Command, suggested "clandestinely recruiting or hiring prominent bloggers."

However, don't worry.. I actually just think the ones on the DP are just attention-starved psychotics.

I've yet to see a post from a debunker that would be worth anything.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

aint gonna fly

to me you're asking
A. do you believe in the official story.

B. do you believe theory 1 2 3 4 only.

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

Please stop

Today we all reached our goal of 222 co-sponsors. We did it together.

This type of thread on a day like today only tries to divide us again.

Not today....Please.