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Iowa poll article - "Edwards, Romney lead poll" - Has Paul not even placing


When are people going to stop believing these phone polls?

This was a poll conducted by a TV station in Iowa which SUPPOSEDLY is an important poll.

By the way, I contributed to the thread which follows, and my name there is KingCrimson.

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How old was the poll?

If this is the same poll I looked at previously, I think it was taken from May 12th to May 16th. I'm sure Ron Paul was just beginning to "break out" back then. This is just an attempt to discredit him by bringing up old polls where he was not represented as he might have been today.

Of course as you say, these phone polls are worthless anyway. If they really wanted an accurate poll, they would let people call in to vote instead of them calling out to their hand picked voters.

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Likely Republican Primary Voters

Even if the pollsters were trying to be fair and accurate (which I have my doubts), the problem is their use of 'likely republican primary voters'. How do you suppose they determine this? Mostly they look at who voted in previous Republican Primaries. I imagine they weigh the 2004 election very heavily and then the 2006, 2004 and 2000 elections.

What percentage of current Paul supporters voted in those Republican primaries? With the horrible choices the Republicans have offered, I would suggest that this number is very low. Ron Paul is bringing in lots of voters who have grown tired of lying politicians and gave up on voting. And then there are lots of young voters. And then there are the Libertarian voters.

So the pollsters are discounting something like 60-80 percent of Ron Paul voters because they haven't voted recently in Republican Primaries.


I'd like to know what "list" they use for these polls. Stats 101: skewed!

We Have Work To Do

I for one believe that we have a lot of work to do. Most people still haven't even heard of Ron Paul or only have a foggy idea of who he is . . .

Winning the straw poll will require maximum grass roots effort. Time to begin!

I agree

Instead of complaining, we need to step up our efforts.
We have 12 days to blow their minds.

Look At All The Happy Creatures

lies lies lies!

i'm sure they didnt even include ron paul in the polls. how long are they thinking they can get away with these blantant lies! when ron paul wins the straw poll i'm going to expose the lies in any way i can to everyone i can. this has to stop!