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Video: North Korea's Missiles and Iran's Elections

My latest video on North Korea's missile controversy and the Iranian elections:


Comments or criticisms?


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Well it is apparant that the U.S. and (Canada)...

are trying to "swing and spin" the elections in Iran. Corrupt elections? They have some "nerve" to accuse other countries when our own is just as corrupt if not worse. Go figure.....Where's Jimmy Carter when you need him?

Excellent ViewPoint!

Great Job on the Videos.
Thanks for sharing your compelling viewpoints

In truth,

I'm going to give myself

a selfish bump. :-) Any criticisms or suggestions - if you were bored out of your mind and only made it ten seconds in, that's helpful to know...

Little slow for me David but

Little slow for me David but do not let that discourage you ..You took some time for research ETC so you have the will & energy which I do not have today ..Keep it up

That was my worry

I'll keep it in mind as I make videos going forward. I think this type of thing just needs practice. Thanks for the feedback!