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Michael Medved Uses Holocaust Museum Murder to Smear Ron Paul !!

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Now Stormfront has this Medved video linked

Will they maybe learn anything about collectivism?


Thank you!

Very well put together.

truth liberate



He has one of the dullest shows I've ever heard

I'm trying to be objective when I say that. I don't always agree with Boortz, but I think he puts on the best quality show out there. Beck maybe 2nd. I may not agree with a couple of lib shows at all, but they may be entertaining and well produced (Ed Shultz isn't horrible, the rest of Air America pretty much was.) Limbaugh is an airbag, Hannity is annoying. Medved is probably worse than any of them except maybe Randi Rhoades. I thought I was listening to someone yak on air with her.

Boortz and Beck are shills

I'd take Boortz over Beck anyday, Beck is a booger eating fool, a traitor, and a shill. The economic views espoused by Boortz, btw, are miles off the mark...and he claims to be "free market libertarian"...uh, no.

Mr. Boortz, do us all a favor. Study Hazlitt and Mises for a few days before preaching economic nonsense everyday for 5 hours, mkay?


I didn't say they weren't

Boortz won't discuss why he think it's OK to permit the murder of over 1M annually. 911 every day. My only statement was that he has a very good show. You don't have to agree to believe that. And yes, the fairtax is much better than what we have (as long as we don't end up with both.)

Beck is the best of the nationals. I don't think he's that great either but at least he's halfway right instead of just talking right and being a republican shill at the end like Rush and Hannity. Those two only state their independence after a lost election. Hannity has those annoying sound bites with "your taxes are ready to go sky high." OK, so that's Obama's fault and the tax rates were fine last year????? I don't consider going from 35 to 39.6 sky high. We were already WAY past that. He's also hypocritical about saying and doing different things. Funny, I don't think he has a problem with Fuhrer Cheney's CFR remarks about not bragging about membership back in Wyoming.

don't get me wrong BadgerDawg

Boortz and Beck are still way out in front of Limbaugh [puke], Hannity [hack], and Levin [tool]..but of all the mainstreamers, I'll take Fred Thompson's talk show in a heartbeat. Fred keeps it simple, and while I may disagree with Sen Thompson's views on foreign policy, the Senator will let you speak:


Yes, Fred is a master at smoothly spinning away, unlike Levin who's head will explode, hit the delay dump, and go on and on about the deadly Muslim outside your house waiting for you in the bushes if you expose his [Levin's] statist nature of rebuilding the middle east under the guise of "keeping us safe".

Nice job, Derek. Medved is a jerk, shame he's a public figure.

And you have goats!! How cool is that?!

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

Nice Job Derek

one interesting thing (and a little quibble )

Hayek was not Jewish. He was Von Mises Student. Von Mises did not receive the recognition he deserved because of his individualism, while the other economist - many of them jews, were pushing more collectivist economic theories, that supported socialism. Hayek was unfairly accused of antisemitism at one point because he made some negative statements about the Jewish Academics that would not support Von Mises.

Then I'm corrected

...thanks ironman

Medved was instructed to do this

it is media theatre.

Ignore it.

It is being used to control you through control of your emotions.

Lose to like a head cold.

They are playing you. Shut it off.


Great Job!

Give this guy his own radio show!

Watch the film "THX1138" online for a glimpse into the future.

There Ya Go!! Great idea!!!

Derek, this is something you would be sooooo good at!

Called 'What Would Mises Do'?

I'm a busy dude: 1 full time engineering job, 1 machine/fabrication shop for prototype developments, 1 wife that homeschools 2 kids, 50+ farm animals, running for state rep.

I'd love to do that, I love Alex Jones, but I hate to tell you guys this, there is no grand conspiracy New World Order nexus [yet] that dictates from on high controlling every event. The NWO has been a 100 utopian command and control goal, and I know as well as anyone what they have said, I understand well what D. Rockefeller and the CFR/Fed want, but the overarching network is simlpy not there, and will become increasingly irrelevant as the SCO gains world influence anyway.

More liberty voices like Jones etc. on the airwaves is welcome and needed, and there are some great ones out there already, such as Alex Jones...but they get stuck on themselves, make the show about themselves, overblow conspiracies, and stray far from what really impacts most people. Don't get me wrong, I have strong extremely strong doubts about the 1) Official 9-11 Story [TM] 2) The Official JFK Story [TM] 3) The Official Pearl Harbor Story [TM]...but conspiracy shows take a life of their own and sometimes get so far so the reservation...it can be a waste of time to listen to them. A Tom Woods Audio CD book might serve your time better...that's up to you...as long as you're learning and passing that knowledge on somehow, I guess that's all that really matters. To this end, Alex Jones has been supreme, and I'm in his debt for it...despite the theatre and shortcomings.

A talk show that simply focuses on diffusing the MSM propaganda on both the phony left and right from a historical and free market standpoint would be really great, but I'll have to wait until one of my prototypes catches on and I have more time for show prep than at present. I'm max out right now, but thanks for the thought. If I ever do get on the airwaves, I will do something that nobody else does....let callers finish their sentances and finish their points.

"What would Mises do?" Good name for a show!!

Have you checked into UN Agenda 21 Sustainbale Development, or it's counter organization, Freedom 21?

There is a grand scheme, and while NWO is passe, if you have read UN Agenda 21, then you begin to see it everywhere and in everything, and you YOU can "employ" it to your benefit. I do. Fearmongering about a NWO is how Alex, who I don't care for, gets paid, eh?

I find there are allot of good things in the UN Agenda 21, and there are things I don't agree with, and I could not make a stand against, if I didn't know what it was... and/or, I could not adopt some of the information and get a jump.

All this "sustainable" and Green talk is UN Agenda 21. Need a link?

UN Agenda 21


This is a vid I published about 2 years ago, and it contains agenda 21 info. Alex Jones is kick kick KICK ass, but I had some background dealings with him in 2006 that boiled down to getting a mini-transmitter put up in central Texas, and it got queered for some reason that I still don't fully understand, I bent over backwards for him and a former employee of his named Mike. I've supported Jones in a big way and I think his overall impact is incredibly positive, and I wish him beaucoup success...but he's not perfect, nor am I, and nobody should idolize him or take all that come out on his show as "truth"....as he says himself, decide for yourself. Bill Cooper, the John Birch Society and many others were carrying this flag long before he knew anything about globalization, and Alex Jones would do well to salute the late Cooper, instead of mock, ridicule, and make fun of him.

Bill was alright, not perfect, but the best in the biz for a time.

Yes, agenda 21 is control, and I'd encourage everyone that reads this to go to www.jbs.org and learn more about the UN and it's horrific agenda 21.

I was thinking of joining Freedom 21

What do you think about it?

Michael is also forgetting and offending

the great majority of Veterans and Service Members that contributed to the Ron Paul campaign, that believe in liberty and swear to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. So what if there were white supremacists, anarchists blase', blase' that contributed to his campaign??? What congressman in the last election can say that he had the majority of the armed forces support, and support from all demographics, races, religions, economic backgrounds and social backgrounds??? This is America, his donors represent America. Not some left wing, socialist liberal, or some claimed right wing that really only represents the wealthy and affluent??? We need to make this point to people on a regular basis. Because they are all forgetting to mention that the Ron Paul supporter demographic IS AMERICAN because it represents EVERYONE...

+...Pray for Your Enemies and Moral Courage for Righteous Leaders, so that Justice Will Be Delivered to the Innocent...+

+...Pray for Your Enemies and Moral Courage for Righteous Leaders, so that Justice Will Be Delivered to the Innocent...+


Ron Paul Supporter Since 1997
`Wise people, even though all laws were abolished, would still lead the same life'- Aristophanes -

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Loved it

reedr3v's picture

Great video -- and your call was spot on.

The smear machine owns the dominate platform, but the freedom movement OWNS the moral high ground. We have to expose their lies every time they mis-state our ideas.

Thank you reed3v

I think Derek did such a great job... he would be a good candidate for C4L. I think. I think he should get some speaking engagesments.. see how he cleans up ...

I love you too!

I had the Waco tea party in a frenzy in April, about 2000 people.

Granger, look, I don't have any "original" ideas, not one, zip, zero, nada...but I've read a lot, and I do mean a lot, and I can explain in detail why our ideas trump all others...the simple boil down is individualism and constitutionalism.

I'm not new to Ron, as I voted for him the day I turned 18 in 1988. I've tracked him and have read his influences ever since: the Austrians. Alan Keyes and Walter Williams are also big influences; Keyes gets marginalized and smeared just as Paul does...and the public keeps falling for it.

I will need a little support from you guys or whoever a year from now, when I challenge state Rep Jim Dunnam...although overpowering him in district 57 will have some challenges [democrat district] being anti-programs, I'll knock on a lot of doors and explain individualism the best I know how.

Have you seen Freedom21?

They have a convention coming up in TX about the same time as Ron Paul's BBQ. www.freedom21.com I think this could be a very powerful and may do well on hte Indy circuit, where Decline to State Party is fasting growing registration.

Knock on fraternal order doors, or better, write the orgainzations in your area letter and ask if you can speak, pour coffee at pan cake breakfasts funraisers.. offer to volunteer for events.. beats knocking door to door.

Ralph Nader has been working on election and campaign corruption for decades, and like Keyes and Williams, all of them have been hurt by MSM, their accomplishments and perspectives chopped up. .

Larry Pratt

of gun owners of America is an advisor, your in good shape I'm sure. Very JBS like.

They support Paul as agent provacateurs!

There is no point in getting excited about Medved's obfuscation on 'stormfront'... he may know already, and be using the same tactic himself, that these 'neo-Nazi' groups are funded from the same pot that funds the communist party, and they have been doing the CFR bidding, using the dialectic and agent provocateur methods, for many years.

A good way to defeat such a candidate as Ron Paul, is exactly the way Medved is attempting. As such he uses the same exact technique Stormfront uses... and it either smears the candidate, or so seriously absorbs his supporters in defending a flank attack that they loose precious time and ground in the process!

This tactic is as old as history, was used on Paul already, and the media hack who tried to interview Paul during the election about the $500 donation 'amazingly' knew about the details far sooner and far more than Paul's campaign could even determine... go figure! Obviously it was a paid setup, with the pretend neo-Nazi paying in his money, then tipping off the media, then the big coverage interview.... all to little avail since Ron Paul was too smart to fall for the debate... he simply said anyone can support and to give back would show his support for the other cause. .. something he would not do out of principle! That was the backfire for the media, who got caught with their pants down on that one, as likewise Medved should. How?
Ask him exactly how much money is represented by the big time support he claims?
Ask him how he knows all this, when a campaign does not even have the time and resources to ferret this out?
Ask him why he uses the exact same technique of guilt by association as the neo Nazi's used to entrap?!
Ask him why, with all his schooling he does not recognize a simple provocateur tactical attempt to smear, and why he participates in such actions.
And, ask him, if he is not implying anything about Paul, to add to his story the following disclaimer:

"...notwithstanding, none of what I say here or what the Nazi site claims, should be construed to imply that Ron Paul is in any way anti Semitic, a Nazi, or supports them in any way; additionally, that Paul has soundly proven false and refuted, all such implications in previous attempts to similarly smear him!

Paul's reputation is well established and Medved, of all people, should remove his head both from the sands of ignorance, as well from historical ignorance! Medved's weak and amateurish attempt to smear falls far short of the mark, and had he a fool's clue, he would never have attempted.

"Suspicion is a Virtue, if in the interests of the good of the people." Patrick Henry

"We are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of Nature has placed in our power... the battle, sir, is not to the strong alone - it is to the

A quick mind and reasoned responses. Great dialogue again,

Derek! Are you considering a run for office sometime? You should!
(But you would probably have to get rid of the Hawaiian flowerdy shirt, and the goats!) :-) Darn! I like goats and flowerdy shirts.

yes, Tx state rep dist 57

...but my opp. is Jim Dunnam D, a man who votes for others and controls the stimulus money funnelled to Texas.

In a head to head debate I'd kill him down flat, but he has money, clout, the DNC and I'm a Austrian-economic freemarket Libertarian who has goats and wears Hawaiian shirts. I can't be an R anymore, and you understand why....I just can't do that, for now.

Still, it will be good experience. I'm writing a book against neoconservatism..maybe the publishing will help [yeah right] get the climate right for true limited government, duel sovereignty [true states rights], real money, no income tax....blah blah blah

Thanks so much for the encouraging words.

Great to see you run Libertarian.

I hope you'll share more info about your race--do you have a campaign website link?

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

Great work. This man is a

Great work.

This man is a patriot. I hope that more people can learn from the way this gentleman argued clearly and didn't let medved take over the conversation. I hope this guy continues to call shows like medved and standing up for us.