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9/11 Truth Sues Glenn Beck and Fox News for Defamation


Now is not the time for weakness or cowardice. Now is the time to be as loud and as bold as possible.

For those of you you are skiddish on 9-11... why are you here? Truth and freedom go hand in hand... you cannot have one without the other.

If I truely believed that it was Osama Bin Laden, Al Queda, 19 muslims... I'd be all for this war, and not give a damn about the economy because there is a war going on! But I know that isn't the case. I know it was factions within our own government that orchestrated 9-11 and the muslim hijackers were merely the pawns.

Regardless... for too long have I used the arguements of the economy, the Christain Theory of war, and the needlessness and counterproductivity of the war towards our safety as my initial reasons for being anti-war. I was reluctant to bring up 9-11 Truth for fear of being labelled or of turning people off. Forgive me. No more. Now it is 9-11 Truth. Put up or shut up

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It will be interesting to see what happens with this lawsuit.

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Yours is an arrogant post. No, I don't

"believe" the official stories. The grassroots researchers have uncovered and documented too many facts to ignore.

But for you to demand that everyone get in line with your total certainty that you "know" the inside story is arrogant. People are all over the place on 9-11, and probably the full facts won't be known for many years. Look back at history old and recent; we're still uncovering new information and revising old history versions.

Maybe with the internet and so many avid people working to uncover truth, the process will be way quicker this time around. But for you to demand that everyone be fully on the same page as you is not acknowledging the bigger truth that everyone processes information at different speeds due to their prevailing concerns.

My choice has been to listen to the Truthers but put my efforts most into moving forward and focusing on the here and now. I will love and hate to see the 9-11 facts fully revealed to all. Love to see truth uncovered, the government debunked; at the same time I'll hate a devastating confirmation that many at the top are consciously, INTENTIONALLY evil -- and not as I've preferred to think: incompetent, self-serving, greedy, rapacious, horrible, harmful, destructive, thieving, control freaking, deluded mass murderers of those they imagine to be enemies.

Very Well Said

I'd rather throw in with someone more 911 agnostic than you confess ... than to be in a camp with anyone who, with so little coaxing, would make such a collectivist call to "be all for this war".

WE hold these truthes

GOOD luck we will be watching..

The World Trade Center

seems to have been built for the purpose of the mass sacrificial ritual of 9/11/01.

Take a look at this compilation of clips from Hollywood movies. Go to the 2:00 mark.

Interesting Idea


Good for 911 truth...

Now, will someone file an FCC complaint against MSNBC and Eugene Robinson, for intentionally putting out false and misleading information during his interview with Keith Olbermann on COUNTDOWN, June 10?

The FCC is probably getting pretty tired of hearing from me, and filing out a complaint form takes less time than most of you spend making inane comments here at the DAILY PAUL.

I truely believe

That 911 Truth is a red herring that was built into the 911 event from before the demolation.

During the debates, I proudly supported Ron Paul for president, and that is why I am here today. Ron Paul is one of my leaders. Ron Paul pointed out that 911 was blowback from unconstitutional forgeign policy. It is a brilliant possition to take on 911 and not get caught up in the 911 Truth trap. You don't think what you are watching about 911 Truth is apart from THE "inside job"?


One can also use the golden rule argument, if the constitutional, moral etc. one does not "work". Everybody can understand that and agree with it.

How about the constitutional argument?

So if you believed (you don't I know) that Al Qaeda were behind 911, you would support going to war against Iraq (like the neocons and neolibs)? Is that what you mean?
Newsflash: this site has to do with Dr.. Paul and his ideas of constitutional non-intervention and a defensive security policy, not with warmongering or with "911 truth".