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Time To Turn The Guns On S604

We've gained a LOT of momentum on success with 1207, but without enough support in the Senate our efforts could go away quietly in the night. Time to move on and set our sights on 604 where we have just 2 cosponsors ... 2 out of 100. I will start with Corker and Alexander from TN. They should be easier since all their TN Congressional breatheren have signed on to 1207.

Who's with me? Let's finish this thing!!!!

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I'v already

been contacting my senator's, only one has responded so far. Rodger Wicker Ms. 1st district. He said he would keep close a watch on this,but didnt say either way or where he stands.

I promise to do everything that I can to get

I promise to do everything that I can to get my senator on board.

My rep is a rank-and-file establishment D. But this time, I am going to get my Senator.

Let's make it a game. Last one to get their Senator to sign is a rotten egg.

Oh...then I'm screwed....

Mel Martinez...Fllorida. A walking zombie.