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Mom's are the best

This past week, was a difficult and hard one for me. My mother passed away. I reflected all week of all the wonderful things she's
done in her life. The most memorable of her gifted life, was she rarely ever said no to anyone. It did'nt matter what race or walk of
life they're from. For much of her storied life, she helped people, never asked for anything in return. She traveled to many places
helping poor communities, setting up food shelves, helping organize community centers to help bring the community together and mindful what each culture of people needed. One of her big adventures in life was traveling to Arizona to help the Hopi reservation get back on it's feet. She spent a whole year with them, learned their way of life and helped set up programs she personally tailored for them. The elders were so greatful for her help, they adopted her as a sister to the tribe and from what I heard, that's rare and one incredible honor. She put her heart, love and care into everything she did for people. I am the 2nd to the youngest of 8 kids and also the only boy out of the bunch. She taught us all well as we grew up and it was up to us to heed her vision as we grew up and moved out. There was nothing more important as being organized having so many children in the house. We all had our roles, even the little ones. If you could pick up a feather duster, you're good to go lol. Talk about organization, here's my little story how she ranked us kids and what we had to do. First off, came the 'Littlies', they did the mundane jobs of picking up toys, dusting, filling the dog dish and other light chores. Next was the 'Middlies', they did bigger chores, washing dishes, taking out the trash, vacuuming and stuff like that. And then the 'Biggies', yup, they did the outside chores, mowing the lawn, shoveling in the winter and working in the garden. Mom did'nt forget about bedtime schedules either, nope lol. Littlies in bed at 8:30pm, Middlies in at 9pm and the Biggies got to stay up til 10pm. I never thought being promoted from Littlie to a Middlie was a big deal until I realized I got to stay up a whole half hour after my youngest sister had to turn in. I used to sneak upstairs and peek on her to see if she was in bed. That did'nt last long though lol, my little sister protested bigtime and mom had to make her a Middlie so she would go to bed. Saturday was the big cleaning day. Littlies and Middlies had to clean their rooms before any kind of playtime. Being a littlie, I did'nt know the Biggies were spying on us while we cleaned our rooms and telling mom if we were hiding anything under the bed or not, even though the toy chest and clothes basket was in the room lol We'd happily come downstairs declaring our rooms were clean and ready to go outside and play in the forest. To our surprise, she held her finger to her forehead and looked up at the ceiling, and said her third eye could see socks and some toys under our beds. Stumped, back upstairs and finish the job lol. There's so many stories and wonderful things about mom. Mom's are the best.

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What an amazing mother!

Assigning just the right tasks to the Littlies, Middlies and Biggies to keep the family running, organizing community centers and tailoring programs for the very people she worked for. . .

May your family tradition of putting the hearts, love and care into everything you do live and multiply through you and all who knew and loved her!

Yes, Moms have eyes in the back of their heads, too.

After a good scolding, my son stuck his tongue out at me when I turned my back to go in the house---not realizing I could see him in the reflection of the storm door! I whirled around (And I won't say what I did) but he was sure surprised to be found out!
This son later gave me the "I have the Meanest Mom in the World" article for Mother's Day one year.
It sounds like you had a 'mean' mom, too, so you know that you are Much Loved!
I am truly sorry to hear of your loss---take comfort in your memories--she was an Awesome Mom!


I"m deeply sorry for your loss, and appreciate your childhood memories of what must have been a great child hood with such a wonderful mother such as your's. Love and Peace to you my friend, your threads have allway's been some of my favorites.

Sincerest sympathy on the death of your Mom.

May your fondest memories sustain you at this time.