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Alex Jones... disinfo agent?

Alex Jones CIA DISINFORMATION agent of the continued Project Mockingbird and Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and alternative Media Gatekeeper for the Vatican.

Then you must look at Prison PlanetTV logo.... and notice the all seeing eye.. and two 6s

Similar to CERN logo in that you can easily see the 6s
CERN is run by the Vatican as well.

And the Prison PLanet logo that is similar to the logo used at the G20 summit

G20 summit

Remember, having Alex Jones means that there is a vast database of those most likely to descent against the NWO. Thus, making it easier to identify us.

Just a thought... but the evidence is quite interesting.

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One need not be a "disinfo agent" to be used by the NWO

Alex is what he is. He does a LOT of good. He is also easily made to look like a buffoon due to his ego.

I believe Alex is trying to expose the NWO, but I also believe he has some blind spots that the NWO has identified and they use to their advantage whenever possible.

Alex Jones, like ALL sources, need to be given at LEAST a 5% margin of error. We ALL get mislead, we ALL have truths so deep we have not yet learned to sustain the knowledge of them, we ALL have ways in which we STILL serve that vile master no matter how hard we fight for our liberty.

Alex is Alex, I don't seek out his site much. When he does something really good, someone links it up here or one of the other sites I go to. I spares me a LOT of "Alex with a bullhorn" time that I have had my fill of.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

i call BS

i checked out the first link and found some true historical info regarding mockingbird and paperclip but nothing about what dis info alex is putting out.

so, what dis info has Alex put out?

maybe i'm wrong but i see a lot of people on the fringes trying to make a name for themselves by saying alex is this alex is that but never any proof. just their paranoid delusions about some super super secret agenda in evolving alex being a Vatican assassin (lol) or secret Jew because of his wife or covering up chemtrails or freemasonry and a plethora of other baseless crap. i just don't buy it. i have been open minded and really looked. after looking at post after post attacking jones i have come to the educated conclusion that they are pure bs with no facts based in reality. most appear to be just some youtuber that wants to be the next alex jones or they are themselves mockingbird operatives trying to discredit one of the leaders of the patriot movement.
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It is clear to me

that AL and Jason Bermas are well intentioned, but make sometimes the wrong conclusions, which could make the issue for Dr. Paul difficult, not only their interpretation of 911 or AJ's overemotionalism as can be heard on the Cooper file
on him, but also last week. I heard Jason Bermas was mentioning and quoting Jim Grant, referring to an audit of the Fed can mean an end to the fed. Well, what he did not say or mention was that Jim grant said he would support an audit of the Fed. It is clear to me they need more people, not only to do movies, but actually do thorough research and someone that can integrate and think. Then they would know that Jim Grant is actually an Austrian economist and Dr.
Paul mentioned last year in NH during a radio interview that Jim grant would be his probable choice for secretary of the treasury. Grant has also spoken to members of his Liberty Caucus in the past a few times. Hell Bermas and Jones, Jim Grant is Dr. Paul's friend NOT his enemy. Get that into your minds!!!!!!!!!!

Also, if one has listened to the Max Keiser interview with AJ or visa versa, Keiser also said an audit of the Fed may already lead tot he end of it, e.g. exposing they do not have much more than a little technology Bernanke was referring to, printing press and a building with administration official and Keynesian policy wonks that make monetary policy.

Not important to me

I used to listen to Alex. Maybe for five years. I stopped. He screamed too much, was way too self-promoting and given to grandstanding.

Yes, he provided a lot of good information, but so do others. Cooper had it right.

I am done with Alex Jones.

Well, for me 'n my house

I'm not so sure y'all know what you're talkin' about. Most definitely not convinced about any of the negative reasons stated against him either.

One of my suspicious was "those cheap, shallow commercials", so very typical of the mainstream brain-dead air-head emptiness, as of recently, seems as if he has removed those, but since I'm not a regular listener maybe I'm not up to date. You know, just very unprofessional, didn't represent the serious nature of the programming!

I sort-of like the rantin' in ravin' tho and distinguishing human nature, human nature flaws and out-right deception is the quest.

Unfortunately, these Alex debunkers aren't very good either.

Carry on..

Old sayings: "a wise man judges all things". And a fairly new one over-all considering, "don't be caught by surprise".

I'm leaning towards "astute" being a good definition of "wacko". Oh yeah, gotta love it!

dont let commercial advertizers get you down..

unfortunately, those ads pay for cost of production & broadcast-however caustic they may be, they are make or break survival.
nat king cole had a very fine, popular and well done variety show in the earlly day of still 'black & white' (indeed!) tv...they could not get the sponsors to survive.


The source you refer to claiming AJ is a disinfo agent, also considers Ron Paul (falsely) as a disinfo agent as well:

The guy is probably well meaning, but he is way off in his interpretation. I commented once or twice last year on his youtube channel and then he has banned me from commenting. Not very open or democratic...


stop with this conspiracy against every Catholic and the Vatican (and I say this as a Protestant). Newsflash: The internet was first developed by CERN in Switzerland. Have you seen what the guy with the website spirituallysmart (he also has a youtube channel) say about Ron Paul as well? He also consider him as a sort of false prophet who is in with the Jesuits! Insane.
Al Qaeda does exist. Listen to Eric Margolis on antiwar.com Other than Alex Jones or this guy or you and many others he actually has been to Afghanistan and other countries in the Middle East before 911 etc. , also Georgia. He has spoken to the Taliban as well. he says the influence of Al Qaeda is greatly exaggerated by die US govt. So they do exist but were not more than 200 or 300
people, but has attracted much more after the US invasion of Iraq and blowback of course. Margolis was much against the Iraq war invasion and the Bush admin as a Republican. he also said that the whole Georgia incident last year was a set-up by the Georgian president, so he also support the more Russian version of the event.

Alex is sincere and has some interesting guests, I just do not agree with all his INTERPRETATIONS of the truth. He is NO disfo agent!

"Newsflash: The internet was first developed by CERN in


Has anyone told Al?

You people are the type of

You people are the type of conspiracy nutjobs that make us conspiracy nutters look bad!!! LOL!

Has Alex ever had an interview with someone and loaded a question? How about cleverly set someone up? Has he???

The answer is NO! Never!

Now, watch Glenn Beck for a couple months and compare him to AJ... who's the real disinformation agent?!?!?

Unlike you silly twits, I research some of the things that Alex says... and guess what? He's right!!! Many things that he reads and talks about on his show are absolutely correct. Sometimes he adds emphasis on the topics for dramatic purposes but he's definitely always on target.

Just watch his interview with Cindy Sheehan. He was completely genuine and let her have the soapbox without any loaded questions or stupid random ideas or clever 'jokes.' The complete opposite of a Glenn Beck interview. She even said she was starting her own radio show and Alex helped her plug it many times over. He was clearly helping her out. Not too many radio/TV hosts want to help out their competition like Alex did.

You people who bash Alex don't have a leg to stand on or a freak'n brain to think with....

I Totally Agree

I totally agree.
Yes, he sometimes get wild and emotional, but just about everything he says is true and can be verified. He's not on the Right or Left. He is basically a
Constitutionalist. What's wrong with that? My 2 cents


I wouldn't call any of that "evidence"

"Conjecture" is the proper term I believe.

Stop speaking, start doing.

If nothing else, ALEX always speaks the highest truth,

he suggests, even if he IS an agent, it is up to YOU
to start a group, become active, take action, restore your rights.

Locally. Federally. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

What have you done ?

OH, Attack the messenger.

I see now.

and the FDRS scam...

He is as corrupt as anyone.
Just like the NWO, he instills FEAR and demands MONEY to SAVE you. Don’t you see that new carbon taxes will save the planet just like your support of Alex Jones? :) There is NO difference!

Just about everything Alex accuses the government and the NWO of doing he does himself! The constant deception, fear mongering, the truth mixed with half truths and outright LIES to deceive people like you.

I could spend at least 20/hrs a week documenting and exposing his lies. FRDS was one, I finally got his buddy and gold scammer Ted Anderson from GCN to stop advertising FDRS and they IMMEDIATELY went to advertising the next scam!

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

"outright LIES"

please list.
but please list program content lies and skip the advertzing critique..or, at least separate the two.

he is talkin about AL QAEDA...

..as IF they really EXIST! Total BS! There is NO AL QAEDA and NEVER WAS! So he is talkin about AL QAEDA attackin in Pakistan.

Sounds alot like FEAR mongering as well. Talkin about the NEW WORLD WAR 3 they are trying to start.

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

if you listened..

you would know, AJ often refers to al qaeda as the "al C-I-A-da" which does exist as a military fear-mongering tool. i agree with you: does not exist, total bs, is not and never was..EXCEPT in the propagandistic way it is presented to you and me in the MSM as justification for the continuing war machine.


you seem to be a bigger conspiracy theorist than AJ. Al Qaeda does exist, only much exaggerated. Read Eric Margolis.

Alex learned a BIG lesson on 12-31-99

A big one.

I read that quote

"Make no mistake, you have been slated for dehumanization"
"be brave, be bold, spread the word from coast to coast"

Who cares?

Maybe he is maybe he isn't...don't let this "issue" divide us

Look out for HR 875

A Wide open legislation that is going to make "an average gardener" a criminal!! There are 30 supporters

HR 875 House of Representatives sponsors:

FEBRUARY 4, 2009

1. Ms. DELAURO (for herself,
2. Ms. ESHOO,
5. Mr. ENGEL,
6. Ms. CASTOR of Florida,
7. Mr. MURPHY of Connecticut,
8. Ms. SUTTON,
9. Mrs. LOWEY,
11. Mr. HINCHEY,
14. Ms. HIRONO,
16. Mr. SCHAUER,
17. Mr. NADLER of New York,
18. Mr. BISHOP of New York,
19. Ms. LINDA T.SANCHEZ of California,
21. Mr. RYAN of Ohio,
23. Mr. FILNER,
24. Mr. HALL of New York,
25. Ms. LEE of California,
26. Ms. PINGREE of Maine,
27. Ms. KAPTUR,
28. Mr. BISHOP of Georgia,
29. Ms. MOORE of Wisconsin, and
30. Mr. DEFAZIO)


Mr Ed Griffin is the only

person who's exposing government conspiracies that has his feet firmly on the ground, speaks respectably, isn't up in arms about this or that other event but has been fighting collectivism for decades.

He supports Alex Jones.

So I support Alex Jones.

No one's fooling Griffin, he knows his stuff too well.

I agree 100%. I've been

I agree 100%.

I've been reading Griffin for years. He has it right.

Alex Jones is a performer. I don't believe everything he says but I greatly appreciate that he is doing what he is and am forever thankful for what he's already accomplished.

Debbie's picture

Agree 100% also.



The Disinfo shills are here again!

It's very easy to spot, they all talk about Alex Jones and nobody else! AJ this, AJ that, AJ is a shill, AJ is a Vatican agent, AJ covers up the Zionist agenda.


The best people can do is claim that I am a divider or on drugs.... comments LIKE THAT are more divisive then simply bringing up the possibility of AJ being a disinfo agent. I heard somewhere that when you can't question your own beliefs that YOU are brainwashed.

I support RON PAUL... NOT Alex Jones and his fake @ss rants and bad acting. As far as I am concerned the RP movement got sidetracked when 911 got mixed in with RPs candidacy... they asked about it in the Fox debates... clearly putting RP in an awkward position. The masses are so brainwashed about CONSPIRACY theorists that they SHUN any intellectual discussion about it. Thus, RP never had a chance once they did that. If he had any chance at all.

But DO NOT get me wrong... I believe 911 has many unanswered questions and needs to be investigated.

Then there is the other side that mentions a dead man that claimed AJ was CIA... gee.... that doesn't raise an eyebrow or turn a light bulb on... no not at all.... because YOU are AWAKE... right.... and THEY are the SHEEP... right?

Well I got some news for ya... if you can't question AJ and his motives than BAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.... look in the mirror... because you are just another one of the herd being led to the slaughter...

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Im sorry your paranoia

has Alex Jones and glenn beck mixed up.
beck is the disinfo shill
and yes you are a WACKO
get a clue and face reality