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Grocery Stores Begin To Accept Silver (Los Angeles)

Grocery Stores Begin To Accept Silver!!! (Los Angeles)
George4title Account Suspended

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Some day my firiends...

I am going to have "liberty Farms and Restaraunt" open for business here in Small Town Oklahoma... We are going to be "The home of the 75 cent Chicken Fry/Steak/ whatever the case may be.... My hope is to bring out the silver that is stocked up in this town and put it back in circulation, all the while educating people as to "why" we can serve 75 cent meals....depending on the metallic origination of your coins...

If in need of FRN's then some gets sold, but hopefully that won't be an issue and we can keep the silver local and continue to use it as actual currency.

Anyone that is able to help out in this venture is more than invited to contact me for "opportunities"...I have big plans but one set of hands isn't going to do it all...country living, awesome neighbors, land o'plenty, and the chance to educate many o' people...is what awaits the right people..

Dale that is an excellent idea -- Just excellent Dale

Dale can you expand this idea -- I'd love to help you write a paper on it, but I want to innovate other business and create some kind of circular silver expansionism, hahahaha -- so that way it spreads all over a town.

If our plan becomes easily workable we can go around and create small silver and gold towns -- all over the country.

They would become wealth centers when everythig collapses -- lending centers, etc.


I got about half way through

I got about half way through this thread... there's a lot of talk about George potentially trying to pull some sort of scam on people...

All I know of the guy is that for maybe the past 18 months I've continually stumbled upon his videos on youtube. I don't recall how many times exactly, but I've seen all or part of a bunch of his videos.

Just figured I would point out that I cannot remember him ever trying to sell me anything via his videos. If I add all his videos together, my impression is that he recommends gold & silver, especially silver, that "the sky is falling" or very close to falling, that TSHTF, that everyone should have a plan and a bug out bag.


That's been my impression too.

I signed up for the newsletter but I've never felt like I was being pushed to buy anything and I pretty much always ignore stock tips I get on the internet.

If people are taking advice from free newsletters and losing money, is it the fault of the "tip-er" or the "tip-ee"?

Maybe we need a new government agency to protect people from free newsletter tips. I'll contact the "Internet Czar" about it.

Interesting. I didn't even

Interesting. I didn't even realize he had a newsletter. I suppose he might need to promote that a bit more then. So... maybe it's the newsletter which makes people think he's involved in some scam? I don't know.


Let me

Pull up a chair.

George is a scam artist. Payed for and taught by the youngest suspect to be charged and settled under criminal "Pump and dump" charges from the SEC. This must send up a red flag immediately.

The guy is funneling people into this kids stock pumps. George is a employee under Jon Lebed.

It's sickening once you realize this guy is trying to cash in on us and those who see the coming storm. Push stocks that will supposedly save you when hyper inflation hight. Pathetic.



This guy is pretty long winded -

Could've done the video in two minutes by being succinct. He's also being ripped off because the coin is being purchased at the spot rate rather than at the buying site rate on the day of tender which is now around nineteen Federal Reserve Notes. Only an idiot would say he is using coin instead of money. In this country ONLY coin is money (see: Constitution, Article I, section 8, clause 5). Paper with ink on it is not. It is only the representative of money IF it can be cashed for gold or silver coin.

BTW - I've been cashing my paychecks for lawful gold and silver dollars for over twelves years. I buy groceries, gasoline, cars, dry cleaning, clothing, and anything else I need or want for Constitutional money (see: Title 31 U.S.C. section 5112). Two movie tickets, one large popcorn and two cokes are one silver dollar. Dinner for two people at a nice restaurant is one silver dollar. One months rent is one twenty-five dollar gold coin. I pay no taxes as I make less than $11,500 a year in gold and silver dollars. I don't even have to file according to both the FTB and the IRS.

Ron Paul and Philip Crane wrote the 1985 Gold Bullion Act for this specific purpose - to give the American people back the Constitutionally guaranteed monetary system. It is now YOUR responsibility to go get it and then either save it or spend it.

Making Change

Gene, could you comment on how you do this? It would seem as difficult as using a foreign currency. I mean, please explain the basics. How do you cash your paycheck for money? How do you spend your money? Do you go by spot price? Do you except fed reserve notes as change? what problems do you run into, etc. Thanks.

You bet

1. Qualify the check.
On the back write "Redeemed for Federal Reserve Notes, parity of value unknown". This establishes, in case of an audit, that Federal Reserve Notes (hereinafter: "FRNs") are "worthless securities" [see: IRC 165(g)] and "debt instruments" (see: Public Law 94-564) valued in Special Drawing Rights. Below that write "Pay to the order of (Name of Coin Dealer)". Below that sign your name (preferably in purple ink).
2. Cash the check at the coin dealer.
Depending on the amount of the check you can receive silver dollars (Walking Liberties) or gold dollars of five, twenty-five or fifty dollar increments (Double Eagles). Do not accept the ten dollar coin as it is one quarter oz and therefore doesn't comport with the equal weights and measures clause of the Constitution. The coins should be minted after 1985 to meet the legal tender definition (see: 1985 Gold Bullion Act and Title 31 U.S.C. section 5112).
3. Get a receipt.
This documents what you received cash in hand. You may be taxed on what you receive cash in hand. If your check says 180.00 but you received ten silver dollars at 18.00 each then your receipt will evidence this. You will be taxed on ten (lawful) dollars and NOT 180.00. This is why billionaires never pay any income tax. They are paid in gold and silver dollars. You do not become a billionaire by being a fool.
4. Thank the coin dealer and go have lunch.
Walk into a restaurant. When the host or hostess greets you respond kindly and ask them if you may speak with the manager or owner. When this takes place say to them "Hi, I'd like to have lunch here and was wondering if you accept these." HAND them the silver dollar. They will look at it and flip it over in their palm. They will see the see the inscription and the gleam of the metal. They will feel the weight (one troy oz) of the coin. Sometimes they will ask "Is this a dollar?"
Respond with "Yes, it's worth eighteen paper dollars."
Talk as little as possible and give direct and honest answers.
"Okay, have a seat."
Order something off the menu for less than eighteen bucks (FRNs) so you can cover the tip. Sometimes they will bring you change in FRNs so you can tip that way.

5. Get yourself a haircut.
Repeat step 4 and take a seat in the chair offered to you. Pay them one silver dollar for your haircut. Answer questions about the coin AS THEY ASK. Do not get political.

Sometimes you will be politely declined. If they say they don't accept the coin say "Thank you" and leave. Do not patronize them again but rather go to another similar establishment nearby. When the crash comes the business that refused service to you will go bankrupt while the one that takes money will thrive. When I started doing this twelve years ago a dollar was worth six FRNs. Now it is worth eighteen FRNs. People are exponentially being forced to pay attention as the FRNs depreciate and the cost of goods and services must inflate to offset this approbation. You will have an excellent success rate if you:
A. Speak to the owner.
B. Do not go in more than once a week (don't want to overwhelm them).
C. Keep it honest.
D. Say "please" and "thank you".
E. Do not give unsolicited information unless the subject of economics is broached.

If the coin dealer sells a silver dollar for 18.50 then make an attempt to keep the purchase as close to that amount as possible. If the merchant claims that the coin "..is only worth 15.00" then gently remind them that this is the "spot price". The spot price is what the mint sells the coin at based on the value of the FRNs. It is then distributed by twelve different buyers to smaller brokers. These brokers then sell to the coin dealer. Your coin dealer only has a two to three percent profit margin. What the most recent price is on your receipt is what you should trade the coin at. DO NOT quibble over a fifty cent discrepency. DO NOT try to nickle and dime the merchant. Next week the coin may be worth twenty FRNs and the merchant might be wary but at the same time excited that they have established this relationship with you.

The value of the coin NEVER goes up or down. The value of the FRN does. Before 1933 you could redeem fifty FRNs at the bank and receive one fifty dollar gold coin. Now it takes well over a thousand depreciated FRNs to acquire the same fifty dollar gold coin. Today, with the exception of a few hedge banks, all lending institutions are insolvent and have no gold or silver dollars. You will fair better in the long run by redeeming your checks at a coin dealer and spending the money in your community for goods and services. What you don't spend you should save and live within your means.

Have fun!

Thanks Gene

for the detailed post.

I run a small pick your own farm and I'm going to post the prices in both FRNs and real money this summer. Hopefully this will spark interest in Constitutional money and related subjects among my customers too.

Great idea.

I was thinking of doing that with my Honey business before I retired.


Gene Koszio, good story ... but ...

have you been audited?

If not, prepare to be in a world of hurt when you are!

And, secondly, you say, "The value of the coin NEVER goes up or down."

If silver were to go to $40.00/oz, would you be happy to get one $18.00 meal for your ounce of silver?

On the other side, if silver were to go to $10.00, would you expect the restaurant to give you an $18.00 meal for $10.00 worth of silver?


BTW, could a mod restore the format of this thread, please? It's screwed!

Good questions

Audited? No. The bad guys leave me alone - they know better than to raise this issue as they would be caught in a fraud under the thrust of the Fair Debt Collections Act. You can't have two types of "dollar" in this country, it would have to be at a 1:1 trade. They did send a statement (not a bill or invoice) about six years ago but I had a two paragraph response for them. They went silent, acquiesced and returned to Puerto Rico. Never heard from them again as they have no bond, insurance, oath of office, appointment affidavit or evidence of any delegation of authority from the government as they are mere privately owned corporations.

Regarding the flucuation in the buying site rate. Sadly most prices of goods and services are indicated in Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs). If the coin dealer sells the dollar at 20.00 FRNs then I will have a coin valued at 20.00 FRNs. Next month the coin may be at 40.00 FRNs and I will be able to purchase even more. As I said before "keep it honest". Trade the money at the most current buying site rate. As you can see by pulling up the chart of the gold or silver spot markets the purchasing ability of the FRN is weakening daily. That is a subject I won't extrapolate on here but it is an impetus for the merchant to eventually abandon the practice of accepting illegal and unlawful FRNs as they are nothing more than debt instruments. I sure wouldn't want to be the last one holding them. I've spoken to enough elderly Germans, Hungarians, etc., who told me of the refusal of the "paper money". Don't believe me? Look at the value of Zimbabwes' "paper dollar".

The greatest weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.

If I may

I believe what he means is that the value of the coin is fixed by law. A silver dollar will always be worth one dollar. That's whether the restaurant meal is $18, $40, or $4000.

If silver were to go to $40 an ounce, you probably wouldn't be happy to get an $18 meal for it. Assuming the restaurant recognizes and agrees to the value of the coin, both parties will probably be happy with either a $40 meal or an $18 meal + $22 in change. The $22 could be in FRNs, certificates for later meals or in real silver or gold money. The later probably being the preferred in this situation.


You have to read the conditions, show the merchant the financial advantage, and conduct yourself in a forthright manner..

Despite what Mike Lawson says, I've been a fan of George's

for a while. He's a good guy. When the swine flu "epidemic" first broke, George flew down to Mexico City to prove it was all BS.

He bought those goods with junk silver and sold some gold. Why Lawson has to trash the guy is beyond me. He never asked anyone to contact him to sell gold. He simply wanted to show people things are changing.

Thanks for posting the vid, SCButterfly. It shows us the future.

Gold And Silver - The Wave Of The Future

More and more people will start to not only accept gold and silver, they will prefer it. After all, gold and silver are real money, not fiat money. Gold and silver do not inflate. And gold and silver to lend themselves to the swindling of the American people the way federal reserve notes do.

There is nothing magical about gold or silver. But eventually, people are going to want something that holds its value. With all of the "bail-outs" (actually, these are really robberies of the American people by special interests), the money supply is increasing rapidly, and this is called inflation. Soon, we can expect to see prices rise across the board. We are already seeing this in the cost of gasoline.

that would be neat

I feel like spending some hard earned gold and silver on whatever I like. seems like a far dream - in my own country anyway.

truth liberate

george4title, inflation.us, fake videos

The person you see in that video is a well known scam artist / shyster who has been taking people for a ride for years.
I'm sure there are stores who accept silver, but this video is most likely fake.

Watch more about this crook and his puppet master here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvbl0sGy_dg

Thank you. I've always thought this guy was SHADY

His little voice on the phone intermingled with stock photos videos tricked a whole lot of people and apparantly continues to.

I've heard this too

However as long as I've been watching (not too long), I've not noticed any "scamming", just a lot of video about California's plight. I thought the video was interesting and it appears to be a real transaction. It was fun to watch anyway. :)

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

You missed the scam here?

He didn't buy grocerys with silver, he cashed-in scrap silver and gold with his partner in the scrap metal business.

Who got scam-ed?

The store owner traded goods for Silver, after figuring the dollar value of the Silver.

Oh yes, the Fed got scam-ed because FRN's were not used,,,gimmie a break!


beesting, I hope you read the posts below

I know it's hard to get past the pretty pictures, but you can do it.

I don't think it was a scam!

Maybe the guy has a bad record of less than honest adventures, I don't know and don't really care, because chances are zero to none that I'd ever see him in real life.

What you're so intent on proving is that the Silver for groceries exchange was fake. Am I right?

However, even if it was fake it was an excellent demonstration of how a person could exchange coins for food. Maybe the coin dealer wasn't located in the same building as the food. However I think he was an authentic coin dealer, and couldn't anyone simply go to a coin dealer located anywhere and exchange his coins for FRN's as demonstrated and then buy whatever he wants?

I didn't see the guy in question, as trying to drum up business for himself, but right away scam is yelled. How can it be a scam if no one lost anything?
Or is scam simply classified as don't trust anybody now-a-days?

Since you persist on putting this video down, I must come to the conclusion that you sir, don't believe in honest Constitutional money.
Ron Paul wrote several books on the benefits of using sound money, have you read any of them? I have!

What do you intend on using for money if the dollar goes the way of Wiemer Germany?

May I suggest you study this proposed bill and get back to me so we can discuss it in detail:


Then we would have a subject in common that Ron Paul has mentioned many times.

And by the way I am of Scottish decent and didn't really appreciate your put down of the Scots.


I just read the SECOND half

What a dweeb you are. You came to the conclusion that I don't believe in constitutional money?? How the hell do you arrive there?

And the scots thread was an inside joke and had NOTHING to do with actual scottish people, which my own relatives are. I am cracking up laughing right now.

You watch a lot of tv? Drink city water? What is it?? Wow.

Ok, let me TRY to explain this to you

I am sure the transaction was real. I couldn't care less if it was or not. The overall message the video maker was sending was as follows: "I know a guy you can sell your gold and silver to. If You send me your gold and silver, I'll handle it for you and only charge you 5%."
Now, let me ask you, if a known scam artist stood in front of you and said, "Give me your gold, I know a guy who will buy it for cash", would you say "OK!"?
THAT'S MY PROBLEM WITH THIS VIDEO. The guy who made it is a known con/scam-artist and he wants people to send him their gold. Does that make sense? Is it ok to be sceptical of the intention of a criminal?
It's like that old gameshow that was rigged. If I had been saying it was rigged from the top, would you guys have said, "nu uh, he answered the questions right, I seen him do it." Ok that was mean, but boy oh boy.