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Ron Paul on the Tonight Show

No, he's not on yet. We need your help - Andrew sends along the following:

I think we need to start a concerted effort to get Paul on the Tonight Show. It's generally an older crowd that watches it and it might help his polling quite a bit. I've seen some postings here and there but no larger effort...Basically all that needs to be posted is that a short, polite email be sent to with the subject "Suggest a Guest," requesting that Ron Paul be invited as a guest on the show. Here is a sample:

subject: Suggest a Guest - Ron Paul

I would like to request that you have presidential candidate Ron Paul on your show. He's very popular on the internet, and I think he'd make a very interesting guest.

Thanks for your time,

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Request a guest

Dr. Paul 2008. I wrote my request and will be looking for results. Good idea. Keep up the fine work.

Dr. Paul 2008

Suggested Guest--Comic Foil, Dr. Ron Paul

I wrote the following email to the Tonight Show:

Aloha, Tonight Show Crew:

I would like to request that you have presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul on your show. He was very positively received on the Bill Maher show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and the Colbert Report. In fact, on the latter show, he gave Colbert a lot of feedback that provided the comedian with material for his one-liners and comical, facial reactions.

Ron Paul is incredibly popular on the Internet, especially with the younger audience, and I am quite certain that his presence would draw new viewers to your show--not to mention the fact that he would be a great foil for Jay Leno!