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A warning to all parents. Has this happened to you?

I was telling a friend about this yesterday and thought I would share it so more can be aware of this.

Me, my wife and 4 year old son recently returned from a cruise trip to the caribbean. Our son is really smart for his age and people constantly ask us if he does any modeling because his smile is just too cute. Every parent has that 6th sense about danger to their child and a day before our return to the USA mine started going crazy. All these stories were going around the ship about how DHS (Department of Homeland Security) was going to search you up and down with dogs and everything else. All I could think about was the stories of DHS and CPS taking peoples kids from them for big kickbacks. I called myself a paranoid drama queen and tried to push it out of my head. I got no sleep that night.

When I saw the DHS officer ahead in the line I knew he was bad news. Then I caught him looking at my son 3 or 4 groups before it was our turn. My knees went weak and it felt like a golf ball was stuck in my throat. There was no effort to search anything we had. As soon as my wife and I handed him our IDs and said he was our son all his attention went straight to him. Towering over him using a very authoritative tone he pointed at me and said "Who is this guy? Is this your brother? Is this your uncle?" My son turned and looked at me with wide eyed panic that said " Dad is this clown serious?" I forced a smile and a nod that said "answer the nice man." My son looked dead at him and said "This is my dad" in a very smart assed almost irritated tone. (I was so proud, just like his old man!) The same routine was then repeated with my wife but by this time alot of people behined us in line had taken notice of the interrogation of 4 year old American Al Queda going on in front of them. The scumbag then handed our IDs back, forced a smile, and said "welcome home".

If we did not have such a close relationship and been an extremely tight family I know this would have gone bad really quickly.This needs to be the line in the sand. Strong family will defeat tyranny every time. Has this happend to you? I would like to hear other stories. We must stop this.

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Give your son a treat!

Specifically for telling it like it is when he called the DHS goon a clown!

He earned it.

We must take your child for questioning

Man this is right out of a old Nazi terror film.

Whats next.
Interrogation of all citizens returning from trips outside the US?

Wow, that is

frightening. I am shaking just thinking about such a thing. I am so happy my sons are adults. Glad to hear you son spoke up and let him know in no uncertain terms. If he was at the age where he was holding a grudge about not getting his way about something, who knows what he may have said.
Scary stuff going on.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.


takes my child from me or my wife.....

there won't be anything left for the coroner to recognize.

Thanks for the information

We went to the caribbean and the DHS was all over st. thomas a year ago. I'm really glad we didn't bring my daughter. She's constantly "having fun" by calling me her brother or uncle or saying "I don't know" to answers she knew five seconds ago.

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I know thats what kids do

I was unbelievably lucky and I know it.
I just want to warn people.