If You Google Ron Paul...

Some great behind the scenes shots of Dr. Paul's recent visit to Google:

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Attack of the Lame Garage Band

I know it's done by a Paul fan, and he's got a lot of heart. But it's a bad song. The video is actually well-paced and content-filled. It held my interest the entire time, and the band, well....we thank them for trying.

It's a musical message to Manilow!

It's a musical message to Manilow! :) Anyway, the best part for me was the guys at the end, and even if you think the video's music is lame and hokey and all the rest, consider this. ANY other campaign would have probably spent a lot of money on this thing.

It was apparently made by a google-geek with behind the scenes access to this event. My guess is it cost Dr. Paul's campaign either $0.00 or (probably -- the guy works at Google!) a large negative number because the guy probably wrote a giant check. Any complaint is sorta "looking a gift horse in the mouth" if you consider these factors, especially all this heart multiplied by an entire frustrated nation.

great video

this was a very good video that could really fire up the peoples interests in Ron Paul, after watching this, how could you not look into this guy further? excellent!yeah the song was alittle corny but i have to admit, it stuck in my head for awhile. the video really shows his popularity to be a very real thing.

Good video!

This is a good video, and the music is kinda funny at first; but it gets unbearably annoying. I wish it didn't last so long. :(

Its only rocknroll but i like it

The song sounds like a rough demo obviously, but its still a very catchy tune. Some of the lyrics with better produced music would be very powerful.