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Number Finally Set by Rand Paul

During an interview on take back TV Rand set his magic number for running: $500,000. Let's get a July 4th Money Bomb set up and rock that number. I need someone to make a youtube video, another to set up a website similar to the november 5th and december 13th money bombs.

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I hope he runs bump

That said, I wish he had a criteria that was not measured in FRNs. I want to see campaign signs with "NOT FOR SALE" as the slogan, and from candidates who refuse contributions. They could post a list of things they need, fliers, signs, which radio / paper / TV ads they wanted, and individuals could step up and pay for the items directly.

Excuse me, I have to catch a unicorn now. I am flying to Never Never land this morning.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.