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Ron Paul on Cap and Trade

June 29, 2009
In his latest C4L video, Dr. Paul discusses the House vote on Cap and Trade and reminds his colleagues that opposition to big government intervention should carry through to all acts against the Constitution.


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What a bunch of unprincipled bastards.

Ron Paul is our only voice from inside the unprincipled inner workings of the House of Representatives and informing us of the fraud that is the congress.

I never knew these Democrats would quickly change their votes as needed to get it passed. Or Republicans for that matter.

This means that basically, someone already knew the outcome of the vote.

Then "allowed" each "on the fence" congress-persons to vote according to what would be best for their re-election.

In my state it was the traitor Dave Reichert (R-WA).

Thank you once again Dr. Paul, for letting us in on the truth.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

They could don a feather cap. "UB"

"Unprincipled Bastards" that has a long ring to it...Doesn't it pretty much confirm the language?

i love this guy

can you imagine his state of the union addresses?

Who's pounding the last nails in the US coffin?

Jewish groups hail energy legislation passage

June 30, 2009

WASHINGTON (JTA) -- Two Jewish groups hailed the passage of energy and climate legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism lobbied for the bill, which will require reductions in U.S. carbon emissions, create a cap-and-trade system for emission permits and provide incentives for the use of "clean" power. They called the bipartisan American Clean Energy and Security Act a critical "first step."

"This is a crucially important issue -- the most important issue for the whole planet," said JCPA Washington director Hadar Susskind. "If we don't do this, none of the others matter."

Rabbi David Saperstein, the director of the Religious Action Center, said that while the measure does not go far enough, it "creates an important framework for drastically reducing global warming pollution, creating hundreds of thousands of good, green jobs and increasing access to clean energy."

"We are encouraged by the inclusion of strong consumer protections for low-income individuals and families, and by the addition of provisions that target traditionally underrepresented populations to benefit from the growth of the green economy," Saperstein said. "However, we remain disappointed by the failure to secure adequate resources to help the most vulnerable developing nations adapt to the effects of climate change, which they are already encountering daily."

Susskind said the bill will not only help the environment but also provide "energy security" by starting to wean the U.S. from foreign oil and help the economy with its creation of new "green jobs."

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

Little gem in this bill.

Looks like the EPA has to inspect your house before you sell to make sure it's energy efficient as written into the Cap and Trade. So if your R-value of your attic isn't up to snuff or you have single pane windows, you, the homeowner, get to foot the bill before you can sell. Shower nazi says "no 10 minute shower for you".

I always learn a little something from these clips

thanks for posting.

socialist America

I'm in a socialist stronghold. The hold is so strong that even the Republican leadership is controlled by the socialists, and they have openly admitted in central committee meetings that it's a waste of time to help weaker districts and that time is best served preaching to the converted in more conservative areas, and sometimes those are strongholds, albeit not much better off in principle and in practice.

I tell you the truth, libertarianism is a dirty word, and...no matter how much people like ourselves see the truth and principled actions of Ron Paul, he is a dirty word too.

The people most inclined to stop the march towards America's oblivion refuse to stop supporting men such as Dave Reichert (R) who traitorously voted for so-called Cap and Trade, and continually vote socialist.

Why? The reason is because the members of the CFR (see above) control the agenda and they know that all members such as the above have to do is spew some fear and hate about gays. It's that simple. Now, I'm not suggesting it's that one issue, yet the point I am making is that the people-even in power- are so easily misled because their emotions are wrapped up with highly debatable issues. So even they may know much about what they espouse, still their eyes glaze over when you ask or plead with them to check the votes.

Folks, it's like talking to a brick wall. As a Precinct Committee Officer, I have gone out of my way (quite literally sometimes) to speak to and to try and persuade voters to vote for freedom, no matter the form.

What I am confronted with on a daily basis is denial. Pure denial no matter if the person self-identifies as Democrat, Republican, Independent; et al.

This whole country is in denial and we are running out of time.

Ron Paul is in denial too if he thinks liberty will win out. Unless of course he changes tactics, and I doubt he will.

God bless him and God bless our battered nation.


Did you repeat yourself AGAIN to tell us you want us to work of the HEALTHCARE 2629???


I have written to Mike Thompson (4 times about 1207 from difference angels) and I hear you. Maybe I should change my nick to "Horton".

Liined Up Ready to Vote How They're Told

Just goes to show you can't feel good about them because they voted no. Puttin on a good show.

BUT there's still hope. It will probably come back to the House in a (bad) compromise bill. Some of the initial yea votes came from people who really believe it's for the environment. If they only knew...

Rise of Sea Levels Is The Greatest Lie Ever Told:


Many glaciers are growing across the earth:


SO KEEP TELLING THEM. Even some of the puppet ducks lined up in a row wouldn't vote for it if they knew what was really behind it. Even if we lose the battle, as long as we keep informing congress and the public, we may win the war.

Thanks SCButterfly.

(around 4:50) "..why don't we just follow the Constitution and get back to our senses..."



RP R3VOLution