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does anyone here realize - i mean really realize - what CAP AND TRADE really is?

go to www.amerikanexpose.com and learn about AGENDA 21 if you do not know.

the 300 page amendment that john boehner read on the house floor that day is almost word for word AGENDA 21.

it is the global blueprints for the evil agenda of the traitorous UNITED NATIONS.

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For a great post!

Agenda 21

Does agenda 21 also say the U.S. would go into regional government. Wonder what those reps who voted yes up in D.C. know about that.

Here is an article...

....that shows we're going into a cooling period!! I'm sure Gore et al. know this, and will use this to feed the sheeple that the C & T is working!!
Actually, the Crap & Trade will further send our jobs/manufacturing to other countries...and they don't participate in pollution control...globally, things will actually get worse!! But, at least they'll have more control and restraints against us!

Of course you can trust the government....ask any Indian!!

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

bcfast makes a point that goes further...

"Actually, the Crap & Trade will further send our jobs/manufacturing to other countries...and they don't participate in pollution control...globally, things will actually get worse!! But, at least they'll have more control and restraints against us!"

This is the biggest crime of all, that our nation's leadership is so beholden to the interest of foreign nations and the heavy hitters of globalism's investment class they'll place demands upon us what they dare not demand from the grossly polluting industries within emerging markets . Think about it, this ambiguity makes an incredible statement. Exactly who does our government actually work for? It certainly isn't working on behalf of the American citizen, or even American business!

On this topic I don't care if you're a lifelong environmentalist, unwavering skeptic, or, like me, a person who's position on the matter has evolved over time, we are ALL being collectively bent over by the White House and Congress. Not long ago it was then a presidental candidate Obama, along with like-minded candidates for congress, who stated the evidence is so unquestionable, and future prospects so disturbing, that as members of the global community seeking timely, aggressive solutions is our nation's moral responsibility. That failing to do with immediacy guarantees our children will experience Planet Earth in an envronmental death spiral of biblical porportions.

And so here it is, July of 2009, and these same folks who are convinced the planet's climate is in peril, who demands sacrifice and action before time runs out, when it comes to enacting the actual legislation THESE SAME FOLKS are willing to quietly compromise our children's future in the name of "free trade" by exempting emerging global economic powers from the duty to act or pay a penality. WE must sacrifice, THEY get a pass. And not a bleep of protest to the television talking heads show as this compromise gets hammered out. Apparently the political dogma that colors Cap & Trade's stated goals parallels yesterday's Free Trade Agreement rationalizing, i.e. a rising economic tide on a global scale will lift all ships while serving as an instrument of freedom. It was but a lie. What actually took place; a unapologetically effective draining of the US economic lake in the course of adding water to third-world swamps. The results; millions of explotated factory workers making products there formerly produced here except they do so with no union voice, no EPA, no OSHA, and no civil justice recourse. The appearance of these largely unregulated factories coincided with a sharp, sudden increase in air cargo and maritime freighter movement. The result - an exponential increase in sulfur and CO2 emissions that didn't have to happen. It wouldn't if trading partners were held to the same EPA standards expected of American industry. But then again if that were the case the jobs would still be here.

An ecologically traumatized planet Earth as a possible legacy for our children and our children's children? Thanks to free trade that much is a certainty, but there's more. Try an unbelievably corrupt federal government, a dismantled and bankrupted US economy, AND a planet in peril. Heck that's a genuine Shameful Legacy Trifecta.

Oh, I almost forgot - twenty years ago a certain notoriously repressive totalitarian regime committed the most savage, unconscionable massacre of civilians since the days of Pol Pot. From then to now that country has been politically, economically, and militarily strengthened through trade policies championed and enacted by our very own democratically elected representatives. Simutaneously the citizens these very same people were entrusted to represent have witnessed a completely opposite result occur to their country. In fact many have experienced firsthand the effects of such representation, i.e. layoffs, lowered standards of living, and a landscape of gutted, rusting factories that at one time lived and breathed economic power. Across the country these skeletal remains serve as somber monuments to the Death of the American Dream.

In light of all this it should comes as no surprise Cap & Trade went into the House as a real plan to reduce carbon emissions but emerged as a toothless, one-sided burden upon the American taxpayer that will undoubtedly fall short in stated objectives.

To the conspiracy theorist out there; you can relax. The foreign government takeover has already happened.

"Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies."
Thomas Jefferson, 1799



Ken Lay came up with the

Ken Lay came up with the idea for cap and trade. Should one need to say more?

This whole global warming BS was Al Gore's

way of selling Agenda 21 to the people of United States without even
having to mention Agenda 21.
It started back in the early years of Clinton's presidency when they tried to sell it to the American people.
A key word that goes hand in hand with Agenda 21 is "Sustainable Development ".
Here is a video I found that is kind of interesting..
Here is the bio map the plan for the US.


THANK YOU for the links!

This is really old news but interesting reading

from 1998 concerning Agenda 21 and the foundations of how it got started and how they originally tried to push it here in the US.

Thank you candance

It's the old stuff that made me realize what a useful idiot I was for decades. I am not ashamed, I am not sorry. I am reformed.



Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

It would be good ---

It would be good if Freedom 21 and Ron Paul events were together especially in Galveston. Freedom 21 would get to see the tax reinvestment zone the the convention center hosting the BBQ for Rep. Paul is sitting on and could tour the rest of the island to see more. Then a quick trip of the historical area where you can hear the residents tell you what color they can paint their houses and what type of fencing can be used. And then you could pay to go to Texas Open Beaches and see the signs which tell you the things you can't do. Wonder if this is training.

It is important to note

The tax reinvestment zones were set up by the city, the historical home area by the state, and the beach rules through state and city. All zoning and restrictions were in place before Ron Paul represented Galveston.

Last time I was in Galveston

I heard there was surf... 1975 I went looking for surf in Galveston. The place was so ugly, no way would I surf there then. I hear it's cleaned up quite a bit. I agree with you on the Freedom 21 and BBQ. I wish I could go to both, but I'm working. I think we need a Freedom 21 ad on DP too.

That reminds me

Back in the day maybe 75 or later --- city of Galveston used to regulate where you could surf in that sandy brown water. You had to seek a designated surf area as not to disturb tourist. Only to have the tourist come swim with the surfers. Maybe cause the tourist were smart enough to know if you had trouble in the water a surfer would pull you out. Took a few years for the municpal government to figure out that simplicity. And yes Galveston got cleaned up somewhat only to get back washed from the bay during hurricaneI ke. The island is still recovering.

It's become my biggest issue

My world has become divided, people who know about UN Agenda 21 and people who don't.

And for those who do know, people who are opposed to UN Agenda 21 and those for Freedom21, which is having a conference in OK same weekend as Ron Paul's BBQ. What is interesting about that, me wondering why Ron Paul would not be there, as he was a speaker in years' past. I would think they could use each others help and would unite.

I guess people genuinely

I guess people genuinely believed floridation of tap water was a Communist mind control conspiracy too....

"Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies."
Thomas Jefferson, 1799

In today's world, you are a dinosaur and an idiot

I guess the FED is good and the CFR doesn't exist either, right?

I was thinking about a post you made

About trolls being govt informants.. your definatition of troll.

For the first time, I realized, I would very much enjoy a job like that. Gosh wouldn't that be fun to write on DP all day and get paid? wow.

I think "trolls" are what truthers call people who don't buy 911 Truth as THRUTH. Is that true too?

trolls as PR footsoldiers

There are folks who work as subcontractors, if you will, of public relations agencies contracted by governmental and private entities interested in protecting "brand aura" through the squelching of honest, reasoned criticism by character assassination (attacking the messenger), creating as much noise as possible within forums of debate, and even bribing message board admin and site owners in the interest of removing unrepentant voices of dissent.

That is a fact.

"Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies."
Thomas Jefferson, 1799

They sure felt that way when

Rumors had it hippies were dumping LSD in the water supply. Help get bottle water to a market though.

I was thinking that ---

this was agenda 21 along with the water and food bills coming up - also the trans corridor system. Have not looked at the site in a while but remember the maps and how they had alot of the population areas around the coast. That seems real bright with their global warming theory and an increase in stronger hurricanes unless someone wants more income to insurance companies and eventually a population reduction.


keep this going...i have to leave for a while.

Ron Paul is my President

Ron Paul is My President