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The Bubble Blowers: Goldman Sachs and Cap and Trade


Goldman Sachs recently announced that RECORD bonuses will be generated in 2009. The $10 billion dollars in bailout money will be returned, although undisclosed amounts lent to GS by the Federal Reserve via the discount window and other off-balance sheet transactions will not be discovered until the FED is audited by Ron Paul's bills HR 1207 and S 604. How can this be?

Goldman Sachs are our country's premier inside traders – former Secretary of Treasury Hank Paulson and his appointed lieutenant Neel Kashgari are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of GS alumni in government. They are aware of, and even exercise control over, the next steps our government will take.

This means in upturns as well as downturns, it is possible to profit. Some say it's even easier to profit during downturns, as Catherine Austin-Fitts discusses in the latter half of this June 26 interview with Max Keiser.


In a recent Rolling Stones piece entitled "The Great American Bubble Machine," Max Tiabbi does us all a great service by - sarcastically but realistically - detailing the history and prior bubbles of this firm. Tiabbi's next prediction for a bubble (mine, for the record, is still the U.S. Treasury and gold markets, where GS plays a vital role as well) is that of carbon credit trading. He details how GS has promoted this legislation and how they will profit from this market – which, bottom line, is a government-created tax market where the carbon credits issued to energy producers increase in scarcity year after year. (Photo courtesy Steve Ford Elliot License)

Who will deliver these 'mandated profits' to Goldman Sachs? That's our job

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