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HBO’s “Shouting Fire” a look at the first amendment

If you missed this show, it is a very good portrayal of how Congress “shall make no law” against the First Amendment and freedom of speech, and the victims of an overreaching big government. The message I think that can be derived from this documentary is how it outlines far right talk in the news, namely Fox and Bill O.

It shows how the "no spin zone" is used to direct the news as opposed to reporting it, to lead the far right into a special version of the news that will anger and cause fear amongst its watchers. It features news commentators on and directly after 9/11 referring to the attacks as simply “acts of evil” and does nothing to find out why said people would want to attack us, and it even has a short segment of Beck post 9/11.

If anyone takes anything from this it should help outline the media bias and outright fabrication of the news to sway public opinion towards certain people they do not agree with, and how they use the media to destroy people in the name of free speech while utilizing the very same freedom. It also speaks to the Republican Convention, where the solution to protests were mass arrests. One comment that really stands out, “Do they not realize that the reason we have the freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble is so that we may avoid domestic terrorism,” which is a powerful and true statement in and of itself.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend watching this with your children and explaining that you must fight for your freedoms daily, else they will take them away under the guise of protection. And also not to trust the mainstream media, as it has political purpose behind all it does to sway public opinion based on one channel's owners/board beliefs versus another.

This is not news, it is manipulation and cannot be allowed to succeed in a free society.

A few links that opine from both sides of the isle.




From the First Amendment Center.

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Anyone know a site online to watch this? Looks very interesting.


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This is a must watch documentary!!!

Although I do not agree with many of the interviewee positions in this documentary, there is reason that Amendment I must be protected at all costs even if those positions are unpopular, offensive, and down right crazy.

are there any true "objective"

journalists left out there?

"Unite Or Die"..