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Video: 'US sent Afghan soldiers into Iraq to attack US personnel' !!!

Video from Russia Today (RT)


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9/11 Truth


Just blasted this on myspace and fb

I reserve the right to govern myself.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

Don't Become a Mouthpiece for Propaganda.

I wish the moderators would change the title of this post to something less propaganda-oriented. It's just an allegation or claim. I don't deny that things like this happen all through history...but some guy on Russia Today sayin' it, doesn't make it so. I don't buy this.

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Sounds like

someone needs to study the hegelian dialectic.
Problem, reaction, solution.
DOCUMENTED false flag terrorism events throughout history..

I wish the moderators would change the title of this post to something less propaganda-oriented.

Wish in one hand and ____ in the other, and see which one fills up faster.

The American CIA gets blamed

The American CIA gets blamed for a lot ..What group works for the UN ?*They have to do it LEGALLY
Good people make the difference, you-no

having served on the south side of Baghdad for a year...

i can say this. i have no idea who was constantly attacking us. i know who we were told was behind the attacks. for the most part they said it was "foreign fighters". then with about 5 months left in our tour it changed to the terrorist groups we're all familiar with. just as we were leaving it changed once again and was due to secertarian violence.

i've had plenty of conversations with a lot of the guys i served with. all of us find it extremely hard to believe that one day the people who were attacking us were watermelon farmers. then all of a sudden they had the knowledge to build bombs that blew the 25 ton turrets off our tanks. even while we were there i was questioning these things. we maintained a 24 hour a day presence in the areas we were charged with patrolling. we had night vision, thermals, UAV's and white light. even with all these things these people were able to sneak massive bombs in under our noses. sure it's possible it was just a common sheep herder doing this, but it seems highly unlikely.

i have no proof that the people attacking us were trained by the CIA. and like many have said this video proves nothing. but it seems very plausible from my experience in Iraq.

No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in - Bill Hicks

Had similar experiences while serving...

in Vietnam with the 3rd MarDiv.

Glad you made it back safely.

I'm also glad you have the sense to look at the situation with an open mind. Some I know in the military, have several layers of brainwashing that make it hard to believe anything other than what they are told.

Your personal experience in Iraq, is so valuable. Thank you for sharing it with us.
I was curious if you heard of the soldiers, that were caught dressed as "insurgents", planning to blow up a mosque? Here are a couple of excerpts and links regarding the subject.

P2OG in Action

In September of 2003, months after the initial invasion of Iraq in March 2003, Iraq’s most sacred Shiite mosque was blown up, killing between 80 and 120 people, including a popular Shiite cleric, and the event was blamed by Iraqis on the American forces.[14]

On April 20, 2004, American journalist in Iraq, Dahr Jamail, reported in the New Standard that, "The word on the street in Baghdad is that the cessation of suicide car bombings is proof that the CIA was behind them." Jamail interviewed a doctor who stated that, "The U.S. induces aggression. If you don't attack me, I will never attack you. The U.S. is stimulating the aggression of the Iraqi people!" This description goes very much in line with the aims outlined in the Pentagon’s P2OG document about "inciting terror," or "preempting terror attacks."[15]

Weeks after the initial incident involving the British SAS soldiers in Basra, in October of 2005, it was reported that Americans were "captured in the act of setting off a car bomb in Baghdad," as, "A number of Iraqis apprehended two Americans disguised in Arab dress as they tried to blow up a booby-trapped car in the middle of a residential area in western Baghdad on Tuesday.

What’s really taking place is that American armed and trained death squads are attacking Sunnis and Shiite alike to facilitate a break-up of Iraq which Pentagon planners and right wing ideologues have sought from the very beginning. The media, of course, is assisting in the disinformation campaign by dumping the Zarqawi fantasy and spinning an entirely new storyline centered on the destruction of the golden-domed mosque.

Of course, two eye witnesses should not be considered conclusive evidence the Pentagon puppet Iraqi National Guard is behind the mosque bombings in Samarra. However, when added to the wealth of evidence from various sources detailing the existence of a Anglo-American “counterinsurgency” program in Iraq (including the now largely forgotten and never referenced by the corporate media story of two British covert operatives caught red-handed in terrorist behavior last September) the incident should at least stir a modicum of suspicion.

Thanks again for your input. More is needed from guys like you.


Google "Wayne Madsen," BEFORE you dismiss him.

Dear HeroIsRonPaulMine,

Please go to WayneMadsenReport.com to find out more.

Along with Seymour Hersh and James Bamford, Wayne Madsen happens to be one of the few GENUINE investigative reporters left in America.

It is a YouTube video, but it's a reporting shown ON YouTube. You make it sound like it's a bad thing, as if the recent clip of the OK State Trooper CAUGHT CHOKING an EMT on YouTube, makes it any less real.

As with all things, we learn about our surroundings through filters. Short of direct first person experience, we can only rely on sources of news, info or intel that have proven over time to be truthful.

Certainly, it's undeniable at this point, with most of us here, that Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul has EARNED OUR TRUST: with his some 30yrs worth of political history, and much of his voting record public. The man CLEARLY votes based on intellectually arrived principles.

Sy Hersh's contacts at the Penta[gram], the pisspit that is the forward intel center of the Empire, is as good as they come, as is James Bamford, without whom the term "Operation Northwoods" would not be as common knowledge amongst people that bother to research into this arena. As is Wayne Madsen: he has a clear track record of providing vetted intel and reports. They are too numerous to list. Go find out for yourself.

Plus, I hate to say this my fellow DP'er, if you Googled "Wayne Madsen," you'd know who he is ALREADY. The sentiment I'm reading based on your comment is, 'if the clip alone does not satisfy your info needs, it must not be true.' With the internet, you have no such excuse anymore. I believe he has a Wiki entry as well.

Please, go find out, satisfy your OWN curiosity, don't layabout. Don't dismiss a member linked URL, and merely say, "that's it?" "That's all I get?" Well...yes, that's all you get! First tenet, if there is such thing, of individual responsibility is verifying info for yourself. How else does one OWN what he/she learns?

Please don't stoop to deriding the messenger if you were too lazy to Google, or you decided a priori, something SHOULDN'T be so, so it must NOT be so. That's just disingenuous, and not intellectually curious, or productive to the discussion at hand.

For starters, Wayne is a former Naval Intel analyst/attache/liason to the NSA. He has DEEPEST insider contacts. Sure you can always wonder ad infinitum as to whether once CIA/NSA spook, always one, etc. But, at some point, you just have to rely on your own best judgment based on looking at several other sources. Ray McGovern, Bob Baer, and Philip Giraldi are ALL former CIA. One would hardly find an honest member of the Patriot/Freedom/Liberty movement community who are familiar with the history of their work, who at this point would argue against the sincerity of their efforts.

And oh, by the way, on a side note, but related, McGovern is a strong SKEPTIC of the official 9/11 Gvt whitewash. And, along with Madsen, Baer and Giraldi, are ON RECORD, stating that 9/11 was an inside job. In REAL life, buildings do NOT fall at freefall speed without an external aid. Nor, do concrete automatically pulverize into talcum like powder, upon the falling weight of "pancaking." Anyone who paid attention in H.S. physics can tell you that.

IF you are not aware of those former CIA/NSA agents I've listed I'd recommend you google them. It'll explain a lot of what you may be curious about. At least I hope you are curious about, if you've gotten this far with RP & much of OUR anti-FED sentiments.

The real issue isn't Russia Today. They are not the Pravda of old. In fact, today, the same propagandist Russian State-run media Pravda is actually more truthful than the controlled mainstream American media. Perhaps that's where your source of dismay should be leveled against.

While Russia Today is partially state-funded, as with much of the ventures arising out of former Soviet and Comm-bloc nations, if you look at variety of news sources that are available on the net, you'd find them to be pretty sincere in their reporting. Certainly, the Good Doctor receives more fair treatment from them, than ANY American news media I ever seen. Plus, there would NEVER be a day, when a "news" company be it alternative or mainstream that would not have a minimal pro-native nation bent. All humans are tribal at primal level, that will never change.

But at this juncture in history, to dismiss a clip just because it's on YouTube is like dismissing an online news source. NYT is online, too. Then again, with Judith Miller saga, that pretty much put the kobosh on the credibility of the so called "The News of Record." And you wonder why more citizens turn to the internet for more honest news.

Hey didn't they call the Ron Paul R3VOLution a bunch of teenage spammers? Gee, 'cause all those polls were voted on by automatic bots, no?

MSM always try to dismiss Free Citizenry as a mere "online thing." As IF online activity is not REAL people logging on. That'll be a clear illustration of denial and cognitive dissonance as to the TRUE REALITY of the matter.

So what was that again about YouTube videos?

I write this with the sincerest of intentions. Please google and research Wayne Madsen and his works. Just because some of it may seem contrarian to you, before you're familiar with a given subject matter, does not negate the veracity of someone else's proven and vetted facts.

If that were so, the FACT that most Americans are clueless as to the FACT that Federal Reserve is as federal as Federal Express, would remain a MYTH, no?

-cheers, mate.

Calling it the "Bush" or "Baker" crime family gives it....

Unjustified credibility and makes it seem like it's all about a few low level Bushes and Bakers rather than a vast network.

Yeah, there is a system of interlocked conspirators in conjunction with Israel and the European Banking heads of state......

But they're not a crime family, they are the Hydra heads of a vast network known as the military industrial complex.

The military industrial complex is a well oiled, divisive, hell bent machine which comes out of century old common mafia principles...

Built on the back of profit and subterfuge.

And it's really, really all the same Federal banking monopoly by and by....

Controlled opposition

Blaming Bush and labeling him a criminal, when he has not been charged as being a criminal is slander, I don't appreciate. If blaming Bush is the best this report can do, it's a BOGUS report.

Yes, friendly fire happens, but I believe Bush was sabotagued repeatedly by the Clintons, who are going to sabotage everyone becasue that's how they get what they want.

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Toward the end of the clip, the reporter

includes the Obama administration in his analysis of phony false flag events and manipulation, in order to prolong the wars.

What-in-the-hell, Granger??!!

You mean you haven't figured out yet that the Bushes and Clintons are just puppets on the same team? OMG!!!


who Granger is. Ignore, for the love of God, he's a well known troll on this site.

Yes, Bushes were and are a puppet. Yes, he was a controlled opposition. But that also includes Clinton, contrary to your conclusion, Granger. It takes two to tango. But the Bushes are deep insiders: Skull and Bones, Union Banking Corp, CIA, etc.

You cannot possibly be telling us that you're unaware that the Bush family fortunes came about as a result of war profiteering by funding the Nazis. Union Banking Corp were convicted under Trading with the Enemy Act. But convinced the gvt to let Prescott Bush (the GrandPa) KEEP the service fee. Thus that seeded his ass down a dirty road of Texas oil politics, where the Texaco is now owned by them, along with the international destablizing investment shell co known as the Carlyle Group.

Plus, where the HELL do you think the USO came from? Yes, THAT USO. It was a PR stunt by Prescott Bush after being convicted under Trading with the Enemy Act. Should really research some history, when attempting to rebut in front of peers who are a bit more curious and informed.

To NOT know the Bushes are a Crime Family, is living in delusion. I'd recommend kindly that he google or do other forms of research, but it'd be a lost sentiment. Just because one is unaware of facts does not negate the truth. It just means YOU, Granger, are either willfully ignorant, or well... you know the rest, you've heard enough retorts on such matter from many here.

Before you dismiss, please look up who Wayne Madsen actually is.


Pardon folks, lack of edit features, a duplicate, so I shorten it...

Thats the proof? A youtube

Thats the proof? A youtube video that shows some guy saying he has sources? I have sources too. I can't show you but I have source that contradict everything this guy said. Of course you'll believe him because its on youtube.

And you think western media is censored and controlled yet you'll take Russia Today as a credible source? They are a state-run media system that has be known to censor anything bad about Russia and provide unbiased western society bashing, like this guy. Is there anyone to verify his sources? Is there an opposing viewpoint? Just a guy talking and you guys all pat each other on the back like another brick in the 9/11 wall has been removed.


If you have sources why

If you have sources why can't you show them?


he is most likely, formerly, Horatiusatthegate. Banned for the second time now, coming back under a different name.
His style is to attack, and not provide any credible sources, as he does not have any. That is why he mentioned 9/11, because he got spanked so many times, with truth, logic, physics, and credible evidence. I guess he is a glutton for punishment.


Where's his proof? I'm not

Where's his proof? I'm not the one making claims, he is.


"...I have source that contradict everything this guy said."

As bad as your Engrish is, that still sounds like a claim to me.

With all that's happening

With all that's happening today how can anything be ruled beyond the realm of possibility? In others words...anythings possible, even this, I'm sorry to say.

I'm convinced that the vast

I'm convinced that the vast majority of the world's evil is manufactured by a small group of twisted individuals...

I don't think our species was designed to naturally self destruct in this manner...

If we weren't manipulated by the powers-to-be, we'd be living in peace. I truly believe so.

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I agree


My liberty-minded home base of thought:



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

The first casualty of war is

The first casualty of war is the truth.

It's pretty difficult to believe what Madsen says, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were true. Madsen is right about an administration that uses phony intel and torture couldn't be put past using false flags as well.

Watch his eyes

Hes reading the statement hes giving...Now how can you read a statement to questions being ask..(now y'all get to play connect the dots)

Freedom is another way to God...A corrupt government is a straight way to hell.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

U.S. created and funds Taliban? Could be....

as I recall from my early adulthood that the U.S./O.S.S. created the Viet Minh (later called the Viet Cong) to fight against Japanese soldiers during WWII. Oddly enough, we ended up having to fight them. You can see where that got us.............

And the O.S.S morphed into

And the O.S.S morphed into the CIA after WWII.

Yes we do know that al queda is a CIA front don't we ?

So what does that tell us about everything Al queda was blamed for including 911 ? What does it take to make people wake up ?

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