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What is RP's stance on Copyright and Patents?

I've seen a lot of U-tubes of Ron Paul speaking his clear cut no nonsense views on many topics but can't recall seeing one on Copyrights.

Does anyone know what his views are or know of videos of him expressing them?

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I suppose he only wants to get the word out.

I’ve always encourage free use of my material for that very reason.

But I think I had to override DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection on a few of Paul’s videos so I could share them with relatives who had no Internet access. Ron Paul himself likely had nothing to do with DRM embeds since DRM is an industrial scheme.

I guess that doesn’t actually address your question, but I got my 2¢ worth in anyway. =}

—Cliff in Sioux City, Iowa

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I know that Dr Paul

has given us his permission to us his image in order to further cause of freedom and as long as you use his image in a light that would reflect positive influence he has given us his blessing to do so.

Here are his views on patents...

5) What do you think about patents?

People complain about taxes being the main hindrance of innovation, but when someone creates a new product, be it an iPhone or a Blackberry, they aren't looking out for the tax man. The main hindrance to American technological innovation is a patent system that rewards people for sitting on ideas and punishes those who create new products.

It has become an accepted fact that when you create something new, you will likely have to pay companies that had nothing whatsoever to do with your invention, just because they filed a patent while never intending to actually produce or sell anything.

As President, would you fix our broken patent system?

Ron Paul campaign:
Patents have a role to play in encouraging innovation. While I do not have a plan for patent reform yet, I would want to work with Congress to make sure that the US patent system encourages and rewards innovation. Making sure the patent system is fair to small business and entrepreneurs, rewards the actual inventors of a product, and does not tilt the playing field to large corporations will be a priority in my administration's approach to patent law.


more info...


I personally think patents give government and big corporations way too much control over innovation. I'm pretty neutral on copyright. I see why it is necessary, but I think once you share your intellectual property with the world, there is very little stopping someone from copying it. Enacting a well intended law does not stop the copying and almost always has unintended consequences where the little guy gets burned.

Thanks For your work mdonato!

also about your comment "once you share your intellectual property with the world, there is very little stopping someone from copying it."

Getting into the reality of a society based on freedom and liberty, it seems a simple analogy that if say you read a poem to someone, you do not have the right to say to that person: now you cannot tell anyone what you have just heard. Even if you paid admission to hear it.

Now if prior to hearing the poem, you made an agreement not to tell anyone, then you would have a contract. And then you could be held for breach of contract. No special copyright law required.

This may actually be sounding a bit clunky perhaps. But as you say (implied) it should be simple.

People want freedom but cringe back at the idea of not being protected from copyright. I see the fear of loss of livelihood but who says that claiming rights to a grouping of words entitles them to a livelihood?

Modern society says so but isn't this what we want to change? Just as in free market philosophy Freedom of information and knowledge (data) can bring about a prosperous and vibrant culture. Sure, things would be different and artists and authors wouldn't make $$$ their entire life from singing one song that hit a chord within society.

The true purpose of writing a book or performing music or creating art is to influence or convey an idea or emotion and with today's technology inspirations could flash through mass consciousness and affect the world overnight. I may be a bit altruistic but this would certainly be the goal, if not unconscious, of all artists.

Art and artists will not die due to a lack of copyright because all of society will morph into something much more beautiful and the millions of struggling artists will find better ways to live and express. More Utopian speak but I feel it is required.

There certainly is a place for secrets (in order to protect say grandma's secret formula) but it's up to you (or your corp) to keep them. No special law to protect.

people feel it's theft but what was taken from you? If society wouldn't have erroneously erected a system where indeterminate gain/livelihood could be gained through this mechanism then it would be obvious (nothing). To show the imbalance of these laws, what other way is there to do something just once and have the fruits of that labor pay out your entire life? What Job can I go to for a week and then quit and nothing else my entire life but live off of that.

The closest thing I come up is plant an apple tree and live off of the apples?

I know it's the extreme case but that's how to determine the workings of a system.

Over and Out!

Not sure if this is the sort of answer you're looking for...

However, if memory serves, most of his books are published under copyright. So, I would suspect that he supports some sort of intellectual property laws.

Interesting angle..

lead by example.

When thinking about the system, authors are the trickiest incarnation as to how they would prosper in a copyright free environment. The best way I've envisioned is via lectures. As is even under today's laws most musical artists make most of their money doing live performances (so I've heard) and it's the big label companies that reap the usage $$$.

Some times you are locked into a system? (may be why RP publishes this way)

But again, I have never heard his views and that is what I'm looking for. Its the condensed all issues resolved vision of a world operating as individuals who create and honor contracts on a one on one basis that RP seems to exude in all his views.

I don't think there's any way

lectures could replace the income from a book publishing deal. I have tons of authors who's fictional works I love to read, but I'm not willing to give my money or time to go listen to them talk about it.

I am not a huge fan of many forms of IP and those who enforce it. Especially the excessive tactics of the MPAA and RIAA. However, IP laws in some form are necessary for certain products. Written works being one... technological research and development being another.

Hmmm, seems

about 6 months ago there was discussion here about it. Maybe, if you go to C4L they might have so info. There was a Ron Paul Library I don't know if it is still around. I used to know all this stuff but forgot it. LOL The old brain can't hold all the info anymore. Good luck and here's a bump for answers.

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Thx 4 the bump!

I will search c4l at some point.
I really didn't think this should of been to difficult of a question for those here...

It must not have been asked to Dr Paul to often.