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BREAKING NEWS: Franken Declared Winner

Court has ruled that Franken is the winner by 312 votes.


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The problem with this

is that the Dems now have a veto proof 60 in the Senate.



Republicans everywhere; take note

Let's not forget that after winning 15.7% of the MN Republican caucus votes, Ron Paul was not allowed to even enter the MN Republican Convention. He was not allowed past the lobby. The guest speaker borought into the MN convention was Carl Rove. The MN Republican Party poobahs made their choice. They were rude to Ron Paul and weren't interested in hearing from Ron Paul supporters. When the general election came, their wish came true.

That's when Karl Rove came out for 9/11 truth!


Ron Paul did speak in Rochester, MN that weekend but he had to do it outside of the convention. It had been raining all morning until a few minutes before he spoke. It was the only hour that day it wasn't raining.

The reason why the MN GOP is so bad is because they threw all of their money at Coleman and McCain instead of local candidates who had chances of winning.

Breaking wind

Like this will mean any difference .
They have to do it LEGALLY
Good people make the difference, you-no

Franken's a fool

but Coleman was a real puppet to AIPAC

At least the b.s. is over in MN-


vote all D's in there to fill those seats, and in the other house too, and then we can detach the land mass and watch it float away!!!! :D


US Congreswoman Cynthia McKinney held prison in Israel after a showdown in international waters!


Please spread this around. Cynthia and the other prisoners need to be released immediately.


There is a digg for this on the artical and when I dugg it the number didnt change??? Has anyone else had this happen it was at 53 digg's.


it was fun to watch the same people on the left who defended gore for merely wanting to count all the votes, sour up when a republican wanted to do the same.

then of course, the same republicans who thought gore was trying to steal the election suddenly found compassion in hoping all the votes would get counted in minnesota.

just another day in the false left/right paradigm.

Wow, that sure took

a long time to count those votes.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."


nuf' said!

That’s Hilarious

A sense of humour is the best qualification for an entertaining circus performer.

‘... clowns to the left of me ... jokers to the right ...’

Michael Nystrom's picture

That gives the D's 60 seats

That gives the D's 60 seats in the Senate.

He's the man.

Minus Kennedy and Byrd

They're not in session because of health reasons, right?

Just in time

For Cap and trade Senate vote.

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

ROFL- and Just in time

To start campaigning for his re-election. Congrats : )