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Grad school, moving out, new job?...

Hello, this is my first time posting. I would like to move out of my parent's house (I'm 24) as soon as possible, and become fully independent, but is now the right time?... I feel like I'm taking my situation for granted/being way too dependent on others. I have a job now, but it's part-time, and only temporary till September. I'm sure I could find a job somewhere else though. But...

I got a $20,000 scholarship for two years to go to Grad school this fall, but I'd still have to take out 10,000 in loans (for those two years). (The school's tuition is 30,000 in total.) This is probably an obvious question, but should I do it?... I might have a better chance at finding a better job.

But, it's an art degree, so I don't necessarily *need* the degree to pursue my ideal career, which is making comics... but I do realize that I would need a second job in the meantime. I tell people to go to art school mostly for the experience, and not the degree, itself, but... in this case, the degree would help in being able to teach up to the Graduate level. The degree I would get is an MFA in Comic Art.

I got a full scholarship for undergrad, so I thank God I didn't have to take out loans then. Am I just being too picky about not wanting to be in debt? This is my second time applying to the same school (and I didn't go the last time for the same reason). I even got more money from them, but still... maybe now is not the time to go into debt. I also feel morally responsible and guilty for doing the same thing (taking out [federal] loans) that our government has been doing that's gotten us into this mess.

Also, my parents/family are really big Obama supporters, so they won't really listen to anything I try to say about Ron Paul.

Should I just try to get a local job here? Is it too risky to move out now? I want to stock up on commodities. I know my parents/family aren't going to anytime soon... I love my family, so I don't want to completely abandon them. But I do feel like I need to 'live to the fullest' right now.

Thank you for listening/reading this.

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There are no guarantees for any of us for anything right now

We are living in times when it seems you cannot rally plan for the future with a guarantee that you will make the right choice. We have entire states going under. I have no real good answer for you, for all I know, we might all be living in the woods before too long. Whatever you do, I hope you succeed, good luck!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Thanks~ Yeah, there are no

Thanks~ Yeah, there are no guarantees, really.

Looks like you got a lot of

good advice to ponder. I have thought about it and you have to decide what your goal is. What I would like to see you do is take your talent and help educate people on the perils of giving up their freedoms for a little security.
Education has become a business, it is less about education and more about PR and big bucks. So, you have to decide is the extra education vs dollar investment worth it. Good luck, we are all pulling for you. We need creative people to help others understand how they are being manipulated.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Thanks~ C: I really feel

Thanks~ C:
I really feel this school would be more about the education, but that is why I feel like maybe I should wait until I can entirely dedicate myself to it.

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Hi Ayosan, I hope you'll come back

and let us know of your progress, whatever your decision.

I was an art major through college, then shifted gears in grad school -- then dropped out and got into illustration and other design fields. I don't know what your school's art department is like. Usually there's one or two really good instructors. But if you haven't connected with a terrific mentor you might consider how much you now can learn on your own, giving yourself the time to focus on your own direction. IMHO school is of most use in broadening experience, trying a variety of approaches.

With the internet the art world is so open now. In art history classes we had these textbooks with a few color plates, a lot of b&w photos. Now you can view everything in museums on your computer, in wonderful full color glowing on a lighted screen. And you can find every pro's art on his/her webpage.

If you love academic life, then the degree might be worth going for; though there's no guarantee as the economy worsens that there will be a lot of jobs for teaching art. Consider the possibility that real experience, an apprenticeship -- or an art website where you develop a following for a serial cartoon strip (say about a band of young, hip revolutionaries?) might help you get a professional foot in the door faster.

Finally, sorry to write so long, my experience has been that a strong art/design background equips a person to work in so many areas. My pro life has included all kinds of illustration for many media, children's book art, stage design, interior design, jewelry and advertising design, contume design, and more. If you look beyond a narrow art niche there are many enjoyable creative ways to go.

I did enjoy my undergraduate

I did enjoy my undergraduate experience, which is why I opted to apply for this school. But I am the kind of person where it's hard to dedicate myself to something fully unless I feel completely comfortable with it. So, maybe loans aren't the way to go right now. Thank you for your thoughts. :]

In a similar situation

Well I was out of school for a few years with loans already accumulated, I decided to go back to school (having roughly year and a half left). I've added debt and will be adding more in the fall. It is not the absolute ideal, but it is an investment all the same. I wasn't entirely pleased with my prospects prior to completing the degree (and already had some loans to repay) so this made sense to me.

My advice: consider the choice from all facets. Don't just cow to the cliche that "debt is absolutely evil". Every action indebts us, if it is engaged with a hope of some recompense (which is never guaranteed).

I don't know much about your case, but unless your job is actually enjoyable than go back to school. Or alternatively, attempt to find worthwhile paid apprenticeships, entry level jobs in your field. If you can't, get the masters and you can teach even part time while you produce your comics.

I like what you said about

I like what you said about 'every action indebts us.' That's very true. I feel like I owe my parents a lot. My current job is not that enjoyable, but it could be much worse, so I have little room to complain~

My daughter just graduated college

and has a job waiting for her in the bahamas managing a restaurant. the place will not be ready for months, so she is going to bartending school next week to get a head start.........in the meantime she can bartend and make bucks. My husband is a Columbia grad, 2 degrees,and put himself through school by bartending. Find a trade to fall back on, and use that cash to further your education.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

That's interesting... my dad

That's interesting... my dad says I can try to pursue a job in comics while working/schooling too...

Nononooo. Bartending school is a waste if money!

most casual bars will train her PLUS she'll make cash (most likely tax free)

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

It's only 100 bucks

and a guaranteed job........something to hold her over til the bahamas job kicks. Plus her dad is paying for it, and she won;t be sleeping in til 4pm daily with nothing to do. Slacker no more.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

She could find a job tomorrow and put that 100 bucks in her

pocket. Tell her to start looking now, give it a week.. also if a good place makes an offer for a different position and promise to train her, she should grab it!

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

I left home for the Marines at 17...

(I'm in my mid 50's now) and never leaned on my parents again. You're twenty four? Do yourself and your parents a favor. Move out and make your own decisions. Do something that will feed you and any future wives or kids.
If you already have your undergraduate degree you can teach but, not at the graduate level. Teach high school or community college, make money and pay your own way.

I did the same thing at 17

But I didn't join when there was a war on, all I wanted was Dress Blues for the girls, I'm a lover, not a killer.

Cuban Missile Crises

Yeah, I definitely want to

Yeah, I definitely want to move out.
(*but in my case it'd be "future husbands" :D)

Errr, sorry...

Didn't know you were a Girk.

It's cool :D

It's cool :D

Don't get caught up in that go to school to get a good job BS

I know entrepreneurs that never went to college that are driving a Mercedes Benz. My dog groomer is one, she charges $45 a dog, and I bet she does at least ten a day. Do the math, 45 times 10 times 313 equals 140 K.

My son has only a H.S. diploma and if he wants to work (lazy) on a good day he can make 3K a day in the blue collar business I gave him.

Of course some people rather push a pencil and get laid off.

Wow, that's awesome about

Wow, that's awesome about your dog groomer, and your son!
Yeah, I heard that there've been lots of millionaires that haven't even graduated from h.s. (or at least college).

I know foreign born Hispanic's locally

That cut grass and clean carpets, all millionaires. Secret, they are hard working entrepreneurs.

Two of the biggest homes closest to me are Hispanic a third Polish. All blue collar entrepreneurs.

Get the book

"Millionaire Dropout"

A degree is no guarantee of success. Finding something within your unique ability and heading that direction because you love to do it. It you are doing something JUST for the money, you will only wish for retirement.

Don't get wealth and prosperity confused.

Yeah, you make a good point.

Yeah, you make a good point. Who is the author of that book that you mentioned? I get many results.

I didn't exactly like what I was doing

But it was what I had come to do best and retirement was looming so I put my nose to the grindstone and took care of business. I would of liked to been a professional student or a starving artist.

lets see the comix

then we'll talk :))

rofls XD

rofls XD

Save the money

Get a full time job, live at home for another year, sock away every dime you get your hands on. Cash in hand and no debt will make you free.
Debt is the enslaver. Avoid it at all costs. Pay for college out of the savings.

My advice to all young people is SAVE MONEY. From the vantage point of 51 years, I wish someone had explained to me at the age of 24 how cash in hand would give me more satisfactions, peace of mind, and freedom than any big paycheck or fancy car or big house.

Remember the words of the man who founded White Castle just before the Great Depression: You can't go broke if you don't owe nobody.

:> Good advice, thanks~!!

:> Good advice, thanks~!!

If you can apprentice in the field you want to get into it's

worth more than school and you get paid for it .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Live like you mean it ..... Your life is your own !

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Stop the NWO....It's just illumi..Naughty !

:D~ That would be ideal~

:D~ That would be ideal~