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Al Franken Wins celebration thread!

O ya! Its down to me.

hehe just kidding. Don't blame me I've never voted for a dem before...of course I hate R's too though. But if he somehow pisses off McCain while in the senate, maybe I will consider it a worthy tradeoff.

I wouldn't want to vote for either one of them, but in terms of personality, Franken is an improvement. Norm was boring.

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Coleman had to go.

He voted for the bailouts, so I'll shed no tears for Norm Coleman. I don't expect Franken to be any better, of course.


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Franken will be worse I bet, but he might be better on foreign policy even though the executive branch seems to do most of that.



I read his books

and found them hilarious and enlightening. I hope he can open hismind even further to liberty and less government. Not a bad choice over coleman..........

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Norm Coleman sucks

Having Norm as a senator could easily drive a person mad enough to vote for Franken.

I'm not endorsing their selection, but between those two, it's easy to imagine how the public became confused about the whole thing.

he was kind of funny as a comedian now he's hilarious

re-elect Jesse Ventura !!!

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Curious what Al Franken's stand on AIPAC is?

Anyone have dissections of his recent quotations when it comes to foreign affairs, meaning our role and what our role is supposed to be in foreign affairs?

It would be very enlightening I bet...