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New Health Bill: Fined Big $$$! if you choose to have NO insurance!

Here's the article on this stupid legislation: Read and Get Livid!


OMG! It's true and for real, we will all be fined $1,000 if we lack insurance and intelligently refuse the Governments totally bogus program! My healthcare is totally holistic, such as herbs, supplements, etc.. This is so bogus, I refuse. Think about it:

New Fines:

Not filling in the bogus census (of which I refuse to, except the Constitutionally required information)

Now, we are going to be fined for not having insurance. That is totally unconstitutional. You cannot force people to do business. Her in Washington state this is also unconstitutional under the state constitution as well. They tried this ploy here about 15 years ago, with Hilary Clinton, Governor Lowry AND Gregoire, our current governor! They thought they could get away with this! They even had jail sentences set up if you declined their appalling directives! I called them and told them I would take it to the Supreme Court as it is blatantly unconstitutional!

Now it is time to do the same: Call, preferably write your senators/reps, let them know you WILL be canvassing against them in the upcoming elections! Let them know that you won't get any health insurance, that you now refuse under their bogus draconian legislation! Please keep this bumped, we may have a chance to undo this!

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Not only would I like to know the senators responsible for this

fiasco, but I WILL pop them here so that you can all know who these rats are! This is an outrageous act, one already tried before! It is grossly unconstitutional, just as the 2,000 Cap and Trade Fine, the Census Fine, and now this! This is unconstitutional not only federally but in many, if not all states as well. It is time to make calls to our reps and preferably hand written sincere notes of total opposition to these acts of total betrayal! Keep this bumped! Please!


THINK jurisdiction

always challenge supposed authority -

"When a judge (or federal agency) acts where he or she does not have jurisdiction to act, the judge (or federal agency) is engaged in an act or acts of treason."

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Double Bump!



I am hearing Dr Manning's

I am hearing Dr Manning's speech in my head. Keep pushing Mac Daddy Keep pushing...

End The Fat
59 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!




Between the idiot on Beck's show wanting to blow us up...

the fines from Cap and Trade, The Census, and now Healthcare and the National Guard practicing to exterminate the militia, I now think we are headed for a serious crisis. A crisis of fast creeping fascism! I think we need to start actually emailing and writing our reps for answers to the obvious questions these fascist attempts provoke and then we need to publicize their answers both online and to their constituents. Then we need to look at recall and try to figure it out before these bozo's that represent us try to completely destroy our country. Waiting until election time may be a big mistake!


Welcome to the insanity

How do you think the remaining residents of Ma. feel?
First we had Willard Romney pass the legislation this is modeled on, then we elected BO's buddy who boldly promised to commit treason if elected governor by giving our tax dollars to illegal aliens.
Then our scuba driving senior senator was knighted.
We have been living this nightmare scenario for a while now.
Now the rest of the country gets to enjoy it.

you have my sympathy!

I wish we could stop this insanity before it destroys our country. Any proactive and peaceful ideas for a solution, anyone!


From Corporatism

to facsism.
Our system got our of control by merging government's managed care beauracracy with special interest medical corporations. Now the system sucks and costs $6700 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_and_American_health_ca... )per person. More and more people either can not afford it, lost their job, or are smart enough to just say no. So, it will be forced upon us. This is facsism.

"The goal is to nudge people to sign up for coverage when they are healthy, not wait until they get sick."

Nudge, my a**.

I would gladly pay $1000 annually for nothing than $6700 for a bunch of government approved crap.

Not on my watch!

Take it no more and leave nothing to chance!!!!!


If someone can't afford insurance, how the heck can they pay such a large fine? Like getting blood from a stone...I'm a real estate agent, and that's one expense that got cut so I could pay other bills, and put food on the table. Now this! Thanks for the Change....

RP R3VOLution

how you ask?

here in Ma. if you are so poor as to qualify for the earned income credit on your illegal income taxes, it will be denied.
However, if you are an illegal alien, you are still entitled to free housing, free medical care, free food, free cars etc..

hey, at least if you don't

hey, at least if you don't pay the fine, food and healthcare will be provided for free for you!

It's modeled after Romney's

It's modeled after Romney's Taxachussetts plan, which cost the state to lose a ton of money.

Unconstitutional as usual.

And we have this guy to thank

for creating the 'model' mandate in Massachusetts.
Though I can't seem to break my hopelessness and do not contact my senators 'Sir' Teddy and FrankenKerry, I am thanking the Lord for Jeff Perry from Sandwich for introducing a Sovereignty bill.

We have been "forced" to

We have been "forced" to carry auto insurance for years, and no one spoke out. I Hope the voters can nip this one while it is still in the gate?
I will not be holding my breath though.

bumping again

and again! Check this out and keep this bumped!


Another double bump!

We need to take action on this unconstitutional act of tyranny! Call and Write your reps everyone! Make it clear that this will not be acceptable!


This is Doubleplus good!

This is Doubleplus good!

Double Bump!

Keep this bumped!