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I Feel like an Atheist hired to make his famous Potato Salad Recipe at a Tent Revival for the Church of Kokesh

Please go "digg" Kokesh somewhere else -- there's no one to convince here; everyone here other than myself worships at the feet of Sovereign Kokesh.

Am I the "No-Doze" Rep at an Insomniac Convention or what?

Go Kokesh -- Yeaaaaa -- We get it We get it.

His slogan should be "hire a fierce individualist, pay him in Fiat Dollars, who with authority will pledge to give you back your vote-abdicated self-rule."

*Scratches Head* -- Maybe that wont work for the bumper sticker campaign


Happy 4th (for those of you who celebrate it) -- for me it's as much about individualism as Christmas is about Jesus. Presents to the 4th as Firecrackers to Christmas? Maybe that's backwards -- then again I'm all about innovation.

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I could not agree more... Kokesh... Whats the big deal?

Im with you. I feel alone on a lot of my opinions here and this is one of them, although, perhaps slightly different reasons and perhaps you could comment on them. To me, I dont see the big deal. Just because he is anti war, doesnt make me want to vote for someone. Just because he is anti "establishment" doesnt mean I will support you to be apart of the establishment. I just dont see any "meat" when looking at him for candidacy. If anti war is enough to make me vote for someone, then I am a bad voter because you couldnt pay me a billion dollars to vote for Cindy Sheehan!

He is a great speaker, none the less, but so is Obama. Where is Kokesh's credibility? What has he done other than serve in the military? I served in Iraq, I am a veteran and I have an honorable discharge and I am one of the biggest Ron Paul conservative libertarian constitutionalists you can find, but other than that, I dont see anything that makes me want to throw the support for Kokesh as I have and will for Rand and Ron Paul, DeMint (if he was in my state, WA), Bogota in New Jersey, RJ Harris, to name a few that uplifts my spirits. I dont see that in Kokesh. I see someone with good intentions, but will that make him a good leader? I dunno, I am simply not sold on the man. I think he is great, but again, that doesnt mean he would be a good politician, just as I think my buddy Brian is a great man and a real patriot, but doesnt mean I think he would make a good Governer. Thats my 2 cents.

Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012


I can understand how you feel. How do we know who we can trust? I think when he stood up to Bob Barr. I admired that. How do we go about vetting people because there will be more people running and we need to know how to do this. I donated to Adam and I hope he is the real deal. He's against this war which is another good thing.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

So why don't you like

Adam Kokesh?

Armor: This is one of my points

Send me an e-mail and I'll tell you -- I really don't want to blog about it anymore.

My point basically is no one will "vet" him.

I had to work hard to vet Ron Paul back in '88 -- I can't tell you the leg work involved; imagine no internet, hahaha.

Just casually ask people about Adam -- see how much they know.

He's a performance speaker -- Not an economist -- Not an Entrepreneur -- Never owned a business -- Was he at least a manager?

Ron Paul is not a performance speaker -- a good speaker yes.

So - other than performance speeches what are his qualifications -- There's one; he was in Iraq and he got out (was it an honorable discharge? I don't know) and he is anti-war.

My "casual" point was "let's vet him properly"

How about a Daily Paul interview with non-yes people? People who want to make sure RP's image is protected.

I vet Ron Paul -- EVERYONE else gets vetted.


He dropped Bob Barr like a hot potato immediately

after he dissed Ron Paul. Back then that's what cinched Kokesh for me. Someone who is obviously brilliant, impressive and articulate in interviews, announces he'll refuse to take the full salary, is irrefutably anti-war and can tell you exactly why, has never been an Obamabot, keeps his body in top shape, gives inspiring speeches *that he writes himself* -- gee, I think someone here is just JEALOUS.

I was against Bob Barr before he turned on Ron - so what!

So, where a lot of folks here.

I'm not "jealous" what a rediculous accusation. Where do you get that -- I'm not running against Kokesh; he can't do what I do -- we are non-competitive.

You people ignore "points" -- you read into things. I just want to vet him and wish you'd all do the same. It's too fast too soon.

I'm glad you mentioned his "body" -- Obama and Putin are in great shape for their age and Bill Clinton jogged a lot. I remember my neighbor after I asked her why she wanted to vote for Obama and I countered every "other" reason, she got down to it -- "he's gorgeous."

I'm 6'2" and 230lbs -- I sprint 12 miles on my bike every morning -- Swing Kettle Bells and Indian Clubbells -- I train Military (Navy Seal) and Law Enforcement in Defensive Tactics. There -- now you can agree with me; hahahaha. Of course I'm kidding, but you get my point.

My point for this thread is simple -- Let's vet him properly. That's it.

Once we have -- If he checks out -- I will support him too ;-)

When you first got into Ron Paul (for me it was '88) -- did you watch his videos, read position papers, and investigate his voting record -- PRIOR to endorsing him to family and friends?


So, why can't we do the same with Adam.

#1 There are no "position papers" or thesis papers

#2 There are videos; but they are in a performance oration style (circa 1940's or '50's)

#3 There's no work history - Are you familiar with Human Resources; would they hire him with as little as they know?

#4 He will be given a $1,000,000 budget -- Did he decline that?

It's funny -- His performance style has changed since the marches. He's gone from the "stern" Kokesh, the fiery -- to the soft spoken and sweet.

Ron Paul is always the same -- He's genuine.

Maybe Adam is just nervous and feels he needs to be multifaceted -- The style that attracted you guys (the bald head) is all gone. Now all his videos are a little more flacid. I mean the latter in it's "proper" definition, don't read "crudeness" into it.


reedr3v's picture

I think you made good points in this

thread. I was quick to support Kokesh because of his rock-solid courage in confronting the war machine, in so many ways. I "believed" in his sincerity and depth of conviction.
And seeing him evolve in style is what I'd expect from any very young person responding to feedback and suggestions and wanting to be effective in a campaign. He has to appeal to a wide spectrum, not just revolutionaries, to be successful.
Also, it's not as if we have a long list of freedom candidates answering Ron Paul's call to fill the ranks of Congress. so that's another reason I've been quick to embrace Adam's candidacy.
I do worry that many voters may think him too young and inexperienced for such responsibility; and his radical record all over YouTube may turn off some. But since older, experienced, status quo senators have nearly ruined our country, I hope he'll be given a fair hearing for his moral and sensible ideas.
And Octo, I really appreciate your good work to vet freedom candidates.

hahahaha I love these comments

Nobody is buying your garbage but its really entertaining to watch you try.
A quick recap of octocop:

Makes ENDLESS excuses for criminal cops caught red handed on tape.
Made excuses for homeland security training boy scouts in SWAT gear.
Tried to divide @ conquer 911 truth by saying Dr. Richard Gage was "too emotional" in his groundbreaking amazing interview on live TV.
The Adam Kokesh thing. (see post above)
Constantly says if you disagree with him (the all knowing all powerful center of the universe) you are somehow against Ron Paul.
Loves to post about aliens and other stuff that makes us look kooky. ( I believe in aliens but would never discuss that here)

Nice try octo........ SMILE

Fergie: I missed you -- Where you been?

I've never made 1 excuse for "criminal" cops -- when have we ever talked about cops that have been tried in a court of law, found guilty, and earned the title "criminal?" Oh, you mean the individual-cops who you deem "criminal?" Due Process or Do Process?


I never made an "excuse" for Homeland Security training Boyscouts.

Why not post links with what I said that you find offensive -- keep things in context man.

Well, I did talk about "aliens" but only because others were -- I like J.R.R Tolkien and Enders Game and Fiest etc. I love to speculate on topics that are outside the common experience -- like what free-societies might look like.

Have you noticed no matter what you say to me I never reply rudely, nor do I "massage" your posts to fit my need to control people's opinion about you.

Try meditation and Volunteerism


Well Octo

good that you pointed out the pic on his site, as that would sure have killed his candidacy. He is obviously not Catholic. I personally hope he is a Christian...perhaps he is one of those that see the Jesuits as the real ungodly conspiracy. There is an ex-catholic guy in NY, who is a Protestant now that spews this: www.spirituallysmart.com He also criticizes Reagan, Buchnanan, Paul and others. Now I am a a Protestant and know there are some issues with the Jesuits, but people should know they are just one of various "groups"/factions in the Catholic Church, like the Benedicts, Dominicans etc.e tc. One cannot criticize or demonize them all, as it does not reflect the truth, not only because it is not convenient for our cause.

Apropo the Pope. Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict 16th was aways against the Iraq war, so I do not know why he is brought in connection with nazi's.
He may well have been drafted and all kids needed to be part of the Hitler Jugend. Now I am not comparing the Nazi's to the Iraq invasion, but consider that US soldiers were also called by their govt. to kill people, many of them innocent perhaps an Kokesh also represented US forces. About the Germans and Austrian, not many of them were really aware of all that happened till after the war. I also feel how terrible it alo was, there is a one-sidedness and condemning Germans and people have to remember that very conservatively estamated, Stalin killed at least twice as many people as Hitler's germany. There were resistence in German army as well, also from Genl. Rommel. And Mao killed even many more than Stalin. FDR met with Stalin at Yalta, e.g. a mass-murderer, but imagine how leftists would react to FDR meeting Hitler, who killed less.

Personally I think Kokesh with his strong anti-war message could have a good chance if he can get the 30% plus that the Republican got, the 11% plus tha the Green Independent candidate got plus some of the anti-war Kucinich Democrats. A "mainstream" Republican would have no chance of winning in that district, I think. We have to consider Kosesh is still very young and inexperienced, and personally I do not like his tattoo's not that that would disqualify him in any way...simply a personal feeling. He has some media exposure, also internationally and thus some name recognition. Dr. Paul is probably 100% justified to endorse him, which does not mean he would agree with everything.

Octo, However labeling Dr. Paul as a 80-90% anarchist like you do also does not contribute to our cause. I feel Paul is more like Von Mises and Rockwell is more like Rothbard, also if you look at how they formulate. I know David friedman, Milton's son's is quite an anarchist, but there is a true difference between a constitutionalist and an anrchist. Mary Ruwart does indeed come awfully close to being an anarchist.

Octo, I do not know where Dr. Paul has formally endorsed Mark Sanford? I know that Sanford has been part of the Liberty Caucus during his day as congressman and is a libertarian Republican also, though not quite like Dr. Paul of course and that Dr. Paul mentioned him, and Walter Williams as possible VP candidates, in 2007 I think. Obviously Gary Johnson is much closer to Dr. Paul than Sanford, also also older, wiser, more interesting than Sanford, more principled and also has a betetr record of achievement in his state than Sanford. Johnson also won in a blue state, whereas Sanford won is a deep red state, thus Johnson bring something, which Sanford can't. In a certain sense I see the whole episode with Sanford's personal indisprepancies and the consequence thereof as a blessin in disguise as I think this may persuade Dr. Paul to run in 2012 with gary Johnson as the best VP candidate and campaigning with him.
I always thought Sanford, if he would have run and won the presidency, would have disappointed with a few personal appointments and in foreign policy he unfortunately defer to Newt Gingrich and is too inexperienced himself. He is also not ao articulate on all the issues.

A successful candidate knows how to lead with the issues and make his issues the mainstream...very much like Dr. Paul is doing. I do not think there was a human realistic wa for Dr. Paul to have won the primaries last year, but in 2012 most definitely. He was very successful in an educational campaign and with his unique coalition he hs the potential of expanding on that indefinitely. I do think Rand Paul is wise in rephrasing the message a bit. There has been misrepresentations and false perceptionsof Dr. Paul's message, especially on foreign policy witht he mainstream GOP. So if Dr. Paul also rephrase his emssage and concentrate it a bit more on a few basic issue, he will be successfull among the mainstream GOP voter, and Independents and soft Democrats.

Kokesh is good...

But he buys into the BS about the Jews & Jesuits, putting them all under a broad brush just like the CIA again and so on.

And all of that is his opinion, whereas the facts illustrate the picture a little more clear compared to that.

Every church congregation has some Globalists and Zionists who spoil it for everyone else, and they are all working towards the same goals but they still are a minority who doesn't represent any of these churches.

Kokesh doesn't really realize how there is no broad brush group involved or how they're all Globalists in the end anyway. He just paints the picture how he sees things, but as long as I've listened to him, he also doesn't try to make it part of his platform.

As long as he keeps it out of his job as a future Congressman, then I don't think it matters what he chooses to think. This is after all the point of bringing back freedom and putting that into government.

Speculor: Most people do not understand the word anarchist

They think "chaos"

From the Greek An=No and Archos=Authority -- It means no authority.

No Authority means 100% Tax Free (direct and indirect) -- that is the simplest definition of anarchism (outside its Greek root words).

Ron Paul is a Constitutional Minarchist.

I broke down all the departments he wants to eliminate and the taxes he'd repeal -- I calculated (very carefully) that in an RP Minarchism society we'd only pay between 7-12%. This is why I said Ron Paul is very very close to being an anarchist (100% Tax Free).

The word Min-Archist in the Greek means "minimal authority"

I hope that clears things up.



Sometimes he goes overboard with dramatic speeches, but I really liked what he did at the RNC election.

Funny how the liberals weren't able to do it but he was.

Kokesh is a Hero and Patriot

the attacks on him prove this point even more

Senseido: What attacks? Whose attacked him?

My point is simple.

We need to vette him.

I spent 2-mins checking out his site and came accross something that might have destroyed his campaign in Santa Fe (no thank you).

I never once said I'm "against" him -- I can't vote in Santa Fe; I'm just saying maybe you can't know someone from performance speeches (something RP does not give).

None of these things are "attacks" -- let's not get melodramatic with the name calling.


Why the insistence on running the poor guy over with a vette?

Yes vetting is a good thing, but you bring up the Pope nazi picture over and over like its the only thing you found against him. Is it? Tell us Indiana Jones what else have you found on your archeological digs? Frankly I'm not so concerned about the picture, I'm glad you spotted and it was taken down. Here's your thanks, Thanks! Now shut up about it. Honestly with all your constant posting and parading it around it's like you want the MSM and those looking to destroy him to find it and use it against him. Maybe you do?

I understand, he's no Ron Paul, but face it, there's never going to be another Ron Paul. Even Rand Paul is not Ron Paul. I understand and agree with your desire to vet these candidates before we put our full support behind them, but they're all going to be rough around the edges and fall short of Ron Paul. They're regular fallible people who never considered running for office before but now feel compelled by the circumstances to fight against the ever growing tyranny. We may be able to polish them up a bit before election time, but unfortunately they don't have the time to build up a solid record like Dr. Paul. These coming elections may be our last so we're just going to have to run with who we got. If you know of someone better in New Mexico by all means let us know. You got your thanks about the picture and unless you've got something else to warn us about him, please let it go.

Thanks octobox.

It's "vet" by the way.

Poq -- Well Said -- Anyone who agrees with you must ignore

my point.

Let's not rush into candidates simply because RP endorses them.

Before any of us became RP supporters we vetted him, correct?

We read his position papers -- studied his voting record -- looked into his associates -- watched all his videos.


Why can't we do the same with Kokesh?

In 2mins I discovered something very important.

Kokesh took it down (off his site) -- Because I vetted him.

Who tipped off the Obama Admin about Sanford; I mean how'd it get leaked?

Did someone "look into him" -- how long were they willing to look how hard?

Can any of you vouch for his resume?

Did he receive an honorable discharge?

Does he have a degree -- in what?

He's the 2nd or 3rd biggest name running under Ron Paul -- Do you want to un-cover the time-bomb now or later? If there is one.

This is why you Vet


What poq said...

"Yes vetting is a good thing, but you bring up the Pope nazi picture over and over like its the only thing you found against him. Is it? Tell us Indiana Jones what else have you found on your archeological digs? Frankly I'm not so concerned about the picture, I'm glad you spotted and it was taken down. Here's your thanks, Thanks! Now shut up about it."

What poq said,and Dale echoed.

You got your cookie, now shut up about it.
I'm getting about sick and tired of your sensational titled, no substance, shit starting threads.
I would trust him, a hell of a lot quicker than I would the higher ups in the Catholic Church.
I sent him a hundred bucks, and I don't even live in New Mexico. Just like I did Rand, and RJ. I sent Alex Jones 200 ( an extra 100 just because of some idiots divisive post here on the DP)
I'll bet you haven't sent ONE PENNY to any, but sure take the opportunity to nit pick what ever issue you can.
You're alot like another windbag on this site. In fact I'd almost swear you were the same person using different names. If not, you both were definitely both created in some sinister laboratory somewhere.
I am sick of the ones that refuse to see the bigger picture. They can't just realize that who we have is the best we have to run for now, and do their best to support them. NO ONE is going to be perfect, Ron Paul included.
Don't like it Octopox? Either run yourself, or find someone better. Until then keep your BS to a dull roar, please.
Sorry to bump this sensational, attention seeking, tripe....


Jefferson: The difference between you and me is you are rude

and overtly emotional.

Then again -- this is an opinion forum; Daily Paul not Daily Jefferson or Daily Kokesh.

You also, ignored my point.

Let's vet Kokesh -- what's wrong with that.

A "cookie" -- That's cute; if that cookie got into the hands of the Arch Diocese of Santa Fe what do you think would have happened?

Adam took it down quickly off his site. Obviously he didn't think it was a "cookie" -- It's representative of his thinkinig, it's a view into his ability to perceive reality vs. attention seeking sensationalism.

I'm glad you gave him $100 -- worth 20 bags of cookies had he not taken it down.

I give only to Ron Paul -- he's earned it. I gave him the maximum.

"octopox" -- wow; you are like 13 years old right now, hahaha.


I was at his 4th of July event

It was cool but the turnout was not great.I have had some reservations about him but I came away with a very good opinion of Adam after last night.It was the second time that I have been able to talk to him and I must say that both times I have come away very impressed. He is very easy to talk to, intelligent, and he doesn't shy away from hard topics like 9/11. He had Jordan Page there last night (who, by the way, gave an incredible performance) and as part of Jordan's show images were projected up behind him which were about 9/11 and the NWO. I will stand behind any politician brave enough to publicly acknowledge those subjects.

The rEVOLution Theme Song:

Pendulum - Jordon Page

WTH are you guys talking about on the DAILY PAUL

WHEREAS RON PAUL endorsed Kokesh, an Iraqi Veteran.

It is not easy to get an endorsement from Ron Paul, and it is not easy to be an Iraqi Veteran.

who has got the gall to say such things?

Vermont: The Daily Paul not the Daily Kokesh

Ron Paul endorsed Sanford too.

I'm an Economist (by training), but I'm far better at teaching Defensive Tactics and coming up with Entrepreneurialism -- maybe RP's too busy to properly vette.

Also, I think the Obama administration is seeking to destroy all possible candidates. I heard a "soft-rumor" (not proven) that Palin is quitting her Gov position because their is a pending embezzlement coming her way. Many say it was the Obama admin who dug-out Sanford.

That poster I found on Kokesh site would have killed his chances with the Catholics of Santa Fe -- It took me 2mins.

It may have been "innocent" critique, but it was no less childish.

Maybe we need to vette him ourselves.

Also, this is Daily Paul not the Daily Kokesh so I figured it was okay to bring this up -- I will never make a vote that is based on anyone's opinion than my own. Regardless.

I did not choose RP because Rothbard chose him. I vetted Paul in '88.


and just what are the charges against kokesh?

number them and don't mention the fact that he isn't vetted or you think RP supporters are hasty in their support.

First Of All I Want To See Kokesh's Birth Certificate...

what kind of name is Kokesh anyway? Sounds foreign, could he be an infiltrator from from Iraq? Maybe he's really Al Qaeda. (he looks like it)


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Thomas: I notice on Ronpaulsingles

there's 32 males and 11 females -- hmmmm?


Females lurk

Women by nature are more likely to browse than to post a profile. Like if there is no one in your area in your age group why sign in? Well that is just my female opinion.
So guys, keep signing up and be seen!

LOL @ "lurk" -- "Browsing" - hahahaha

*wink* Gotcha.

Well I'm taken -- I'm lucky my wife loves Ron Paul and so does my daughter.

Find Love and Liberty -- Great Idea


Lucky alright...

Lucky someone puts up with you!
LOL have a great day!