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Protect Pedophiles or We Won't Pay Troops‏

Patrick Leahy is a Sh#$Head.


What do homosexual rights have to do with Pentagon spending? Everything, if you're a Democrat trying to hide an unpopular "pedophile protection" bill from the American people. On Monday, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) spoke on the floor of the U.S. Senate and argued essentially that since he couldn't get 60 honest votes to pass the "Punish Pastors, Protect Pedophiles" hate crimes S. 909 as a stand-alone bill, it should instead be attached as an amendment to S. 1390, the National Defense Authorization Act. Staffers for Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) then admitted the homosexual bill could be attached and voted on as early as Wednesday or Thursday. We may have just one more day to act.

By hiding the hate bill as an amendment to Pentagon spending, moderate Democrats (and all but two Republicans) are faced with a difficult choice: either pass the Pedophile Protection Act or STOP PAYING OUR TROOPS serving overseas. Faced with a "poison pill" many moderates may falsely claim they have no choice but to swallow. We must demand they take a stand! We've identified 16 Democrats (plus the new Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken), who have NOT YET committed as co-sponsors to the hate bill. Unfortunately the two liberal RINO Republicans-In- Name-Only from Maine, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe have already co-sponsored the bill.

Title: A bill to provide Federal assistance to States, local jurisdictions, and Indian tribes to prosecute hate crimes, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Sen Kennedy, Edward M. [MA] (introduced 4/28/2009) Cosponsors (45)
Related Bills: H.R.1913

COSPONSORS(45), ALPHABETICAL [followed by Cosponsors withdrawn]: (Sort: by date)
Sen Akaka, Daniel K. [HI] - 4/28/2009 Sen Bayh, Evan [IN] - 4/28/2009
Sen Begich, Mark [AK] - 5/18/2009 Sen Bennet, Michael F. [CO] - 7/6/2009
Sen Bingaman, Jeff [NM] - 4/28/2009 Sen Boxer, Barbara [CA] - 4/29/2009
Sen Brown, Sherrod [OH] - 4/28/2009 Sen Burris, Roland [IL] - 5/5/2009
Sen Cantwell, Maria [WA] - 4/28/2009 Sen Cardin, Benjamin L. [MD] - 4/28/2009
Sen Casey, Robert P., Jr. [PA] - 4/28/2009 Sen Collins, Susan M. [ME] - 4/28/2009
Sen Dodd, Christopher J. [CT] - 4/28/2009 Sen Durbin, Richard [IL] - 4/28/2009
Sen Feinstein, Dianne [CA] - 4/28/2009 Sen Gillibrand, Kirsten E. [NY] - 4/28/2009
Sen Harkin, Tom [IA] - 4/28/2009 Sen Inouye, Daniel K. [HI] - 5/11/2009
Sen Johnson, Tim [SD] - 4/28/2009 Sen Kaufman, Edward E. [DE] - 6/25/2009
Sen Kerry, John F. [MA] - 4/28/2009 Sen Klobuchar, Amy [MN] - 4/28/2009
Sen Landrieu, Mary L. [LA] - 4/28/2009 Sen Lautenberg, Frank R. [NJ] - 4/28/2009
Sen Leahy, Patrick J. [VT] - 4/28/2009 Sen Levin, Carl [MI] - 4/28/2009
Sen Lieberman, Joseph I. [CT] - 4/28/2009 Sen McCaskill, Claire [MO] - 5/11/2009
Sen Menendez, Robert [NJ] - 5/4/2009 Sen Merkley, Jeff [OR] - 4/28/2009
Sen Mikulski, Barbara A. [MD] - 4/28/2009 Sen Murray, Patty [WA] - 4/28/2009
Sen Nelson, Bill [FL] - 4/28/2009 Sen Nelson, E. Benjamin [NE] - 4/28/2009
Sen Reed, Jack [RI] - 4/28/2009 Sen Rockefeller, John D., IV [WV] - 5/4/2009
Sen Sanders, Bernard [VT] - 5/5/2009 Sen Schumer, Charles E. [NY] - 4/28/2009
Sen Shaheen, Jeanne [NH] - 4/28/2009 Sen Snowe, Olympia J. [ME] - 4/28/2009
Sen Specter, Arlen [PA] - 4/28/2009 Sen Stabenow, Debbie [MI] - 5/18/2009
Sen Udall, Mark [CO] - 4/28/2009 Sen Whitehouse, Sheldon [RI] - 4/28/2009
Sen Wyden, Ron [OR] - 5/1/2009

GOPUSA (eagle@gopusamedia.com)

Just for your FYI. Don't know if this is going to be attached but if it is. That is a shame.

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I wish some one

would block this by using a (Rule 16) like they did with Sen. Jim Demints Amendment #1367