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This is odd. Please help reseach this.

I need you to check your state for a "business incubator" program. Then check and see if there is a list of companies being incubated. Please tell me if biotech firms dominate the list or not. If they do in most states as they do in Maryland, we could have a bigger problem than I originally thought. Any info is appreciated. In fact, knowing my DP bretheren as well as I do, choose a state other than yours and check that one out.

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I found this list....all biotech in all states +....

I don't know how recently it was updated. I live in Florida and we have several. The link I posted at the end is for Incubators (general) in Florida. Have to get back to work.... Peace

ALABAMA: Business Technology Development Center, Inc.
ALABAMA: Innovation Depot
ARIZONA: Arizona Center for Innovation
ARKANSAS: GENESIS Technology Incubator
ARKANSAS: UAMS Arkansas BioVentures
CALIFORNIA: Advanced Technology Incubator
Under development

For women life science entrepreneurs

CALIFORNIA: B-Bridge International
CALIFORNIA: Marina Technology Cluster
CALIFORNIA: San Diego Technology Incubator
CALIFORNIA: San Jose BioCenter
CALIFORNIA: US Market Access Center
The Silicon Valley based US Market Access Center (US MAC), specializes in cost-effective US market entry for small to mid-sized, high technology and life science companies planning to expand their marketing reach to the United States. The US MAC offers marketing and business consulting services as well as Virtual Office and US Home Office space in a dynamic, international business environment.

COLORADO: Fitzsimons BioBusiness Partners, Inc.
COLORADO: Rocky Mountain Innovation Initiative
CONNECTICUT: Technology Incubation Program
DELAWARE: Delaware Technology Park
FLORIDA: Enterprise Development Corp. of South Florida (EDC)
EDC is a non-profit organization that assists emerging science and technology companies. As South Florida\'s clearinghouse for entrepreneurs, EDC offers the BusinessLINC mentor/protégé program which links early stage companies to area resources, and produces two major conferences each year to provide increased visibility for young companies.

FLORIDA: Sid Martin Biotechnology Incubator
FLORIDA: Technology Business Incubator (TBI)
The Enterprise Development Corp. of South Florida (EDC) manages the Technology Business Incubator located in the Florida Atlantic University Research & Development Park in Boca Raton, and the Wet Lab Incubator at Florida’s Blood Centers in Palm Beach Gardens.

FLORIDA: UCF Technology Incubator
GEORGIA: Advanced Technology Development Center
GEORGIA: Business Incubation at the Medical College of Georgia
GEORGIA: CollabTech
GEORGIA: Emtech Biotechnology Development, Inc.
GEORGIA: Georgia Agriculture Innovation Center
GEORGIA: Georgia BioBusiness Center
GEORGIA: Georgia Centers of Innovation
HAWAII: Manoa Innovation Center
ILLINOIS: Chicago Technology Park
ILLINOIS: University Technology Park at IIT
INDIANA: Purdue Technology Center of Indianapolis
Under development

INDIANA: Purdue Technology Center of Northwest Indiana
INDIANA: Purdue Technology Center of Southeast Indiana
Under development

INDIANA: Purdue Technology Center of West Lafayette
IOWA: Iowa State University Research Park
IOWA: The Technology Innovation Center
KANSAS: Alliance for Technology Commercialization Inc
KANSAS: Biotechnology Development Center of Greater Kansas City
KANSAS: The Enterprise Center of Johnson County
KANSAS: West Lawrence Labs
KENTUCKY: Advanced Science and Technology Commercialization Center
LOUISIANA: InterTech Science Park
LOUISIANA: Louisiana Tech University Technology Incubator (LTTI)
LOUISIANA: LSU System Research and Technology Center (LETC)
LOUISIANA: New Orleans BioInnovation Center Inc
Under development

MAINE: Thomas M.Teague Biotechnology Center of Maine
MARYLAND: TowsonGlobal - International Incubator
MARYLAND: bwetch@UMBC Research and Technology Par
MARYLAND: Emerging Technology Centers
MARYLAND: Frederick Innovative Technology Center Inc. (FITCI)
MARYLAND: Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute
MARYLAND: Montgomery County Incubator
MARYLAND: Rockville Innovation Center
MASSACHUSETTS: Biogen Idec Innovation Incubator
MASSACHUSETTS: Biosquare Technology and Innovation Center
MASSACHUSETTS: Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives
MICHIGAN: Ann Arbor SPARK Central Incubator
MICHIGAN: Central Michigan University Research Corporation
MICHIGAN: Southwest Michigan Innovation Center
MICHIGAN: West Michigan Science & Technology Initiative
MINNESOTA: Genesis Business Centers, Ltd.
MINNESOTA: University Enterprise Laboratories
MISSOURI: BioGenerator
MISSOURI: Economic Development Center of St Charles County
MISSOURI: Joseph Newman Innovation Center
MISSOURI: Missouri Innovation Center Inc
Under development

MISSOURI: Nidus Center for Scientific Enterprise
MISSOURI: Southeast Innovation Center Business Incubator
MISSOURI: The Center for Emerging Technologies (CET)
MONTANA: TechRanch
NEBRASKA: University of Nebraska Technology Park LLC
NEW HAMPSHIRE: Dartmouth Regional Technology Center
NEW JERSEY: NJIT Enterprise Development Center
NEW MEXICO: Arrowhead Center Business Incubator
NEW YORK: Advanced Biotechnology Incubator
NEW YORK: Audubon Biomedical Science and Technology Park
NEW YORK: Long Island High Technology Incubator
NORTH CAROLINA: Babcock Demon Incubator
NORTH CAROLINA: Idealliance/Piedmont Triad Research Park
NORTH CAROLINA: NC State Univ Technology Incubator
NORTH CAROLINA: Technology Enterprise Center of Eastern Carolina
OHIO: Cleveland Clinic Innovation Center
OHIO: Hamilton County Business Center
OHIO: TechColumbus Incubator
OHIO: The Innovation Center
OHIO: The University of Toledo Research Enterprise
OREGON: Portland State Business Accelerator
OREGON: Riverfront Innovation Center
PENNSYLVANIA: Ben Franklin TechVentures
PENNSYLVANIA: Science Center
PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico Industrial Dev Company
SOUTH CAROLINA: Center for Applied Technology
SOUTH CAROLINA: The South Carolina Biotechnology Incubation Program
SOUTH CAROLINA: USC Columbia Technology Incubator
SOUTH DAKOTA: South Dakota Technology Business Center
TENNESSEE: ETSU Innovation Laboratory
TENNESSEE: Nashville Business Incubation Center
TENNESSEE: Tech 2020
TEXAS: Arlington Technology Incubator
TEXAS: Houston Technology Center
TEXAS: North Texas Enterprise Center for Medical Tech
TEXAS: Research Valley Innovation Center (RVIC)
TEXAS: Tech Fort Worth
TEXAS: Texas Research and Technology Foundation
VIRGINIA: Dan River Business Development Center (DRBDC)
VIRGINIA: Spinner Technologies Inc
VIRGINIA: The Virginia Biosciences Development Center (VBDC)
VIRGINIA: VT Knowledge Works
WASHINGTON: Accelerator Corporation
WASHINGTON: Applied Process Engineering Laboratory
WEST VIRGINIA: Chemical Alliance Zone Biotechnology and Allied Sciences Incubation Center (CAZBASIC)
WISCONSIN: Milwaukee County Research Park
WISCONSIN: University Research Park
[AUSTRALIA] i.lab bio.incubator
[AUSTRALIA] - Sydney: ATP Innovations
[AUSTRALIA] Macquarie Technology Business Incubator
[BELGIUM] Wallonia Biotech Coaching incubator
[CANADA] Accelerator Centre
[CANADA] BioScience Enterprise Centre
[CANADA] Genesis Biolabs
[CANADA] Québec Biotechnology Innovation Centre (QBIC)
[CANADA] TEC Edmonton
[CANADA] the eureka project: Smartpark's Incubator
[CANADA] The MaRS Centre
[CANADA] The Stiller Centre
[FINLAND] Bioturku
[FRANCE] Montpellier BIC
[ISRAEL] Yozmot (Granot Initiative Center)
[NEW ZEALAND] The Bio Commerce Centre
[NEW ZEALAND] Upstart Incubation Trust
[NEW ZEALAND] Waikato Innovation Park
[PANAMA] Panama Technology Business Accelerator
[SINGAPORE] NUS Business Incubator (NBI)
[SOUTH AFRICA] EGoli BIO Life Science Incubator
[SOUTH AFRICA] The Innovation Hub
[TAIWAN] Innovation Incubator at National Chung-Hsing Univ
[UNITED KINGDOM] Canterbury Enterprise Hub
[UNITED KINGDOM] Thames Innovation Centre
[UNITED KINGDOM] The Sheffield Bioincubator


Edit...Duh...forgot the link, lol!

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Section 620-495 Small

Section 620-495 Small business incubator program--definMissouri Revised Statutes Chapter 620 Department of Economic Development Section 620.495 August 28, 2008

www.moga.missouri.gov/statutes/C600-699/6200000495.HTM · Cached pageSmall Business Incubator Tax CreditThe Business and Community Services Division promotes Missouri as a great place to do business and helps create the environment that will stimulate family supporting jobs and new ...

ded.mo.gov/bcs/topnavpages/Research%20Toolbox/BCS%20Programs/Small%20Business%20Incubator... · Cached pagesmall business incubator tax credit programPURPOSE To generate private funds to be used to establish a "protective business environment" (incubator) in which a number of small businesses can collectively operate, fostering ...

www.ded.mo.gov/upload/smbusincubator.pdf · Cached page · PDF fileBusiness Incubator ProgramBusiness Incubator Program Creation and Oversight Primary sources of funding for the incubator program include the state of Missouri's Incubator Tax Credit Program and local ...

www.cityofgrainvalley.org/ed_IncubatorProgramPlan.pdf · Cached page · PDF fileVERIFICATION OF CONTRIBUTION TO A MISSOURI CERTIFIED INCUBATOR SMALL ...revised june 2006 - page 1 of 2 verification of contribution to a missouri certified incubator small business incubator tax credit program, section 620.495 rsmo to receive a tax ...

www.missouridevelopment.org/upload/contributor_appllication(060206).pdf · Cached page · PDF fileSouthern Governors’ Association > Gov. Blunt Announces Four Missouri ...Gov. Blunt Announces Four Missouri Technology Centers Receive $350,000 in Small Business Incubator Program Tax Credits Press Release May 6, 2008

www.southerngovernors.org/MySGA/EditContent/Articles/tabid/2...... · Cached pageJoplin Business Incubator Receives Tax Credit GrantThe Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) today announced that three ... business incubators have been approved for tax credits under the Small Business Incubator Program.

www.workforcezone.net/?p=774 · Cached pageMissouri Tax Incentive ProgramsSmall Business Incubator Tax Credit Program – The Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) may issue a 50% state tax credit to a taxpayer who makes a contribution to an ...

www.stlrcga.org/x934.xml?ss=print · Cached pageWelcome to the business incubator in Columbia, Missouri... leasing - 2009 rates can be found here. To apply to become a resident client or a non-resident affiliate of our incubator, click here.
Also on this page
Facility Program Assets Clients EligibilityGo to the pageprogram: assets: clients: eligibility: location: FAQs: board ... Our business incubator with wet lab and engineering/software ... Missouri Innovation Center. All rights reserved.

muincubator.com · Cached pageAbout the business incubator in Columbia, MissouriWho runs the business incubator? The Incubator facility is owned by the University of Missouri and the university selected ... Is the Incubator Program only for university faculty ...

muincubator.com/FAQs.html · Cached page

Do you want more or is this

Do you want more or is this enough for now?
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That's plenty. I think we have a trend.

Now, what does it mean??

Google search #'s

Google search #'s

I think he means what does the trend mean Clay.

like why is it a trend for these types of companies to be in bed with the gov?
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Texas, by city

with most funds going into high tech and bio research.


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IN PA the incubators are more regional

In certain area's there is alot of biotech, while in others they are still supporting web based project, or environmental technology.

The interesting thing is the connection of these incubators with the venture capital companies. It is shady, if you ask me, and from what I can tell from talking to people, they try to use certain "experts" to gain more control of the startups.

basically, you have an idea, you ask to develop it. the incubator says, sure, but lets have our expert look at it first to help evaluate it. If the expert likes it, it will go to the venture capital company who will fund it, IF you collaborate with the expert at the state university, and sign all these intellectual property agreements that gives both the venture capitalists, and the state a piece of the action.

So the ownership of intellectual property for a new High tech Idea always will end up either with some unholy combination of the state and venture capitalist, or you just sell out to one of the major biotech companies.

tennessee has

tennessee has one...apparantly started in 2003 according to this article...

it mentions biotech, homeland security

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Northern Nevada

New Northern Nevada Incubator and Business Accelerator:
"The Center for Unique Business Enterprises (CUBE), which is a non-profit, privately funded business incubator located in Reno, NV, will assist in the development of early stage businesses by providing a broad range of support and services.
C4CUBE will focus on Clean & Green Alternative Energies, Security, and Nutraceuticals and other synergistic industries with a simple business model; identify Clients with a coachable team and a unique solution to address a large market opportunity, mentor them through a disciplined program within a controlled environment, and provide successful Clients with access to world-wide markets and investors."

Gang, what exactly is a "NUTRACEUTICAL"?

Pharmecuetical foods?


I was going to look up NV, though my heart belongs to CA

This is all UN Agenda 21 coming to fruitation

I dont know if mississippi has

a dominate number of Biotech incubator programs, but there appears to be quite a few.

Business Incubator program.

Wow. Florida has it too. http://www.fbiaonline.org/index.htm
These appear to be high tech, security, miltary, RFID, stealth etc. Did not run across any biotech on a quick searchover.

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A bump

for the overnight crowd.

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Its the wave of the future

Haven't you heard? It is the wave of the future. The next internet. The goldrush is on. Especially here in Boston, with all these Universities -- Harvard, MIT, Tufts, BU, BC, UMass...

Massachusetts Association of Business Incubators (MABI)

I don't think there's anything wrong with the business incubator model, as long as it isn't funded at the Federal level. If the people of a state want it, it is their decision.

Oh, did I tell you, Massachusetts sales tax is going up 25% - from 5% to 6.25%. And that is on top of a 5% income tax!!!

He's the man.

See my posts below, it's international.

I like the concept a lot. I don't like the target industry or the leadership of the main ones.

Our sales tax just went up too.

It's true, it's

It's true, it's everywhere.

I also like the concept a lot, but governments should not be funding them at all.

Incubators are a product of the private sector, and that's where all the innovation comes from.

As far as I can tell from reading about them, copycat government programs are basically for giving money to their friends, while making it look like it's fair and anyone can get it on it.

Oregon - what I found so far...

http://www.otbc.org/ (check out some of their logo's / icon's!)

OTBC (Open Technology Business Center) provides coaching, networking events, entrepreneurship programs, and shared office space to help tech, biotech, cleantech and opentech start-up ventures succeed.

Open Technology Leaders in Oregon:
Linus Torvalds (founder of Linux)
IBM (Linux Technology Center)
Intel (Linux & Open Source Strategy)
Portland State University
OSCON - O'Reilly Open Source Conference for Developers
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Oklahoma devotes a whole

Oklahoma devotes a whole organization to attracting biotech firms with state money.


Dude, they are almost all

Dude, they are almost all tech companies in PA. Here is one list in one area:


Mostly biotech, software, homeland security even.

Yeah, this is not unfolding well at all

" more than a third of the children in the developed world have been vaccinated with one of the vaccines Sadoff has worked on"

Alliance Between VA Biotech Incubator & Israeli Biosciences

Alliance Between VA Biotech Incubator & Israeli Biosciences Incubator Is Topic of Panel Discussion
"The panel discussion will be moderated by David R. Lohr, Executive Director, Virginia BioSciences Development Center."
David R Lohr happens to be the Chairman of the Executive committee of the NBIA
What is NBIA?
The National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) is the world’s leading organization advancing business incubation and entrepreneurship. Each year, it provides thousands of professionals with information, education, advocacy and networking resources to bring excellence to the process of assisting early-stage companies. An elected, voting board of directors representing the world's leading incubators governs the association.

Who belongs to NBIA?
NBIA serves more than 1,900 members in over 60 nations. While incubator managers and developers make up a large share of NBIA’s membership base, the association also represents other interested individuals and groups. Approximately 25 percent of the NBIA membership is from outside the United States.


Virginia Israel BioSciences Commercialization Center

Scroll thru these few pages...

The Virginia Israel BioSciences Commercialization Center commercializes
Israeli bio science companies in the US.


I will check NC and some other states tomorrow ...going back to sleep now!

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Ahh very strange.....

The "Guardians of Zion" and their neo-liberal Zionist Christian traitors are getting prepared to attempt a full scale vaccination program on every armed citizen & militia by attempting to trigger a large scale virus outbreak......

Just what I figured they would do.....when you're outgunned, it's time for the more sinister plan B......

Very weird indeed.......*Takes a dose of silver*