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Listen to Fake Apollo 11 Moon Landings Interview July 15th 8-10 ET

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Bart Sibrel to be interviewed on "New World Order Disorder Show" July 15th 8-10 ET on www.giannihayes.net
on www.theamericanvoice.com

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Thanks for this Henry.

Richard C Hoagland announced that NASA will be releasing high quality video of the the old first moon landing, no grains or static as they have been seen over these last 40 years.
Also, they will be releasing for the first time, new pictures of the moon landing sites taken from the new satellites now orbiting the moon.

These releases should be very exciting to see and analyze. Hopefully, all will agree that these are real and that we did go there (or not). Of course, NASA just happened to have found the original video of the Apollo 11 landing/moon walk. Alternatively, it could be argued that they needed 40 years to doctor the video using high tech currently available to scrub anything anomaly off the video. We shall see.

I know "Jefferson" is also a moon-landing truth buff as I am. There are more questions than there are answers at this point in time.

Moon landing interviews...

Moon landing interviews... Do you beleive the government ?


is a subject of interest to me. I recently made post about
"Did we REALLY land on the moon?"
Some people were receptive, and some acted like I had flown over the coo coos nest.
It is a very valid question, and there are MANY discrepancies, in the NASA footage and pictures. I am still a bit on the fence but leaning strongly toward the fact the they did NOT go to the moon. They did not have the capability to pass through the Van Allen radiation belts.
Some of the evidence seems to clearly indicate that they were only in low Earth orbit, putting transparencies over the window making it look like they were far away from Earth..
Here is their low Earth orbit trickery video.
Here is a link to the entire 45 minute film
edit: Well, it has been removed since I posted it.
Here is a link to the original moon landing thread if you are interested.

Good luck in your quest for answers. Don't forget your flak jacket.

I also flew over that nest and have my doubts about it.

Never , never, ever believe anything the government tells you!
They are proven liars.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell