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God is dead, Long live the Fed.

God is dead. Moral absolutes have been wistfully done away with and replaced with the flexibility and convenience of a relativism that can change as we need it. Human intellect, our superior ability to interpret and define reality, has become the standard for truth.

God (may he rest in peace) had demands of righteousness, the chains of liberty, but these have finally been broken, we are now truly free. Our science, our industry, our technology are free to explore the vast expanse of our intellectual and creative prowess. However, even in this new found freedom we have found ourselves limited by nothing more than that which we use to symbolize our own wealth. Our money, restricted by an outside standard, gold.

Why should we allow our own wealth to be limited by a lifeless mineral over which we have very little control? We cannot create it, and the limited supply of it still requires that we exert mindless physical labor to acquire it. In many ways the supply and availability of this mere metal actually controls us! It limits our progress. It demands we modify our behavior, even against our own will. It violates our most basic doctrine, that we set the rules. How dare it! It is trying to be a God over us! We must kill it! It's really no big deal. We control TRUTH, money is trivial in comparison.

We know that any culture can choose whatever it wills as money, there is no law limiting us to gold, and if there was, we could simply change it. Our money should be a symbol of what is truly and most valuable to us. Obviously in a highly evolved culture such as ours the most valuable thing is our own brilliance. It would only be natural then, that the money with which we trade be symbolic of that which we value and esteem. A money system that will obey our every brilliant suggestion, in fact the very value of it will be derived from our genius in creating it. We'll be as rich as we are intelligent. No longer will our dreams be squashed simply because we lack money. NO! Now our dreams will be our money, our every wish will bear interest on our every increasing wealth! Even our dreams will be boundless, those chains of liberty no longer restricting us to that standard set forth by the late I am.

Resurrected?! Jesus, NO! We will it not.

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oh yes

as always......

so intriguing....

can't wait to spend my saturday pouring over this lost mess.

almost makes me regret seeing through all the lies i was taught in church as a six year old. yes then everything from there on out til 18 years of age was what we in texas call......biding our time.

i am pushed gently to believe children are much more connected to what IS that most adults.

especially those who play the fiddle so loud........i can hear it from many states away.

lost mess?

I suppose it's an "eye of the beholder" situation.

I'm faced with the reality that the only thing standing between myself and absolute slavery to the state, is the idea of God. I say idea, because that's the only knowledge I have of God, my personal belief. God is unknowable, so I make an ego judgment, I believe some story or another concerning God that my ego can agree with, a story that has a ring of truth for me.

I believe God is liberty. God is the idea that no man has a right to rule over me and take any part of my life in the name of some "greater good". Why? Because there is no greater good than this life that has been gifted to me. Likewise, your life is a gift bestowed to you, of which I have no claim to rule over.

The church people you speak of did not teach lies. If they believed what they said it wasn't a lie for them. In matters concerning God, truth and lies cannot be grounded in my beliefs, my truth may not be yours.

If we are not ruled by God then we are ruled by men and their advanced intellect. It's a pretty bleak scenario really. We either subject ourselves to the whims of rulers or we admit there is some force larger than man, some God standing between your intellect and my reality. God is absolute liberty.

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio

cinco, sometimes I have a

cinco, sometimes I have a hard time understanding anything you seis. uno, I think you may be right about the children. dos it occur to you though that some of what the church taught you weren't lies? Just be careful not to miss the forest for the tres.

very thought provoking

Awesome post. May I copy and forward to friends and family?

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio

It'd be great if you did.

It'd be great if you did. thanks for the compliment.


There is no question that you are a good writer and provide some thought provoking material to ponder. I wonder how you view people? Did you get a chance to view the Defense dept. new creation, a robot that eats dead people to fuel itself. I guess a person could say that is the ultimate in imagination and free thinking. You say we can use whatever we want as money not be a slave to gold. What you say may be true but I certainly wouldn't want to be a slave to the FED, IMF or what ever group that wishes to enslave us. I watched a tv program once where this 3 rd world gentleman rode his bike for miles and miles just to bring back rice to his community. He was paid a very small amount for his effort and what was amazing was his selfless generosity to a visitor making him a bowl of rice he really needed for himself.

I was soooo impressed with that man and his humility. I think I will always think of him with the greatest admiration. I lack the intelligence to discuss or debate someone of your caliber but there seems like something is missing in your argument and I can't put my finger on it. I don't know if there is a God but if there is I think he would be more impressed with that humble 3rd world man than you or I. Just my two cents.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

You're right, God would be

You're right, God is more impressed with that man, a man that worked to feed his neighbors and improve his community, than with me, a man who sits comfortably at a keyboard and stirs up trouble amongst other people sitting comfortably in front of their keyboards. I do convert my beliefs to action as much as I can, but to be honest, sometimes after I've posted a pithy comment on the DP I foolishly think that I've actually accomplished something good.

The thing that is missing that you can't put your finger on is that I am denying that God lives. Of course He lives. I'm just using satire to illustrate a point.

As for the robot that eats people, I wonder how it verifies that you're all the way dead before it chows down? Anyway, it is an interesting commentary on our humanity.

BTW don't dismiss yourself so quickly.

Well written again. This is

Well written again. This is another good piece, just waiting for both sides to interrupt incorrectly.