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Do you have the occasion or routine of traveling in Maryland? Be

advised that our not so good friend, the legislature, the 1 that incrementally makes it illegal to drive by giving points on the DL has passed to allow speeding cameras. THIS MUST BE DEFEATED. Go to the website www.MDScamera.com & find out what's going on, get an update. THIS AFFECTS YOU IF YOU LIVE IN A BORDERING STATE & even if you think your county is nipped in the bud, see what's going on in other counties. You might travel through them, too.
IN ORDER TO DEFEAT THIS, you must go to your county legislators & find out what their intentions are. If they won't allow, fine, if they do, start rolling up your sleeves & gathering signatures. So many rules about gathering signatures.

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Thanks for the heads up. I

Thanks for the heads up. I might go to that meeting on August 4th.

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