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Off Topic: Please Help me understand this picture!!

O.K. Daily Paul Members Please help me with this. The short story below is my fathers email he sent me. I know there is somebody here that may be able to explain this. This picture was taken by my cousin about two weeks ago. This picture was downloaded from the camera and nobody doctored it I am sure of that. There is nobody in my family trying to get attention, this picture is real.

My nephew and his wife stayed at my cabin in NY last week. On their way home my niece asked her husband to stop by her aunt’s house in Lawrenceville. She knew it was vacant and for sale. She took a picture of the house and they left for home.

She remembered being told the old house was used as a stopover place for runaway slaves trying to make their way into Canada . As a young girl she also was told the house was haunted and her aunt kept certain rooms locked.

When they down loaded the picture, they noticed something in the 2nd floor center window. Keep zooming in until you just have just the 2nd floor center window on the screen.

Update: I put the picture on flickr it lost its quality. I don't know how to post a quality picture that you guys can zoom in on. When you zoom in on the picture the face in the window is amazing. If you want the picture in best quality email me at lookingupjd@yahoo.com and I will email you the picture. Here is link to the picture on flickr.


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