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RIP Mary Jo Kopechne

Saturday, July 18th marks the 40th anniversary of the the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at the hands of Senator Ladykiller, Ted Kennedy.

That was when he crashed his car with Mary Jo in it off of a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island. He escaped and left her there to slowly suffocate to death while he was off trying to save his political a**. He was never held accountable (he received a deferred 6-month sentence for leaving the scene of an accident) and the voters of MA continued to elect him to the Senate where he has caused irreparable damage to America.

BTW, if Mary Jo had survived, she would have been 68 today. What a waste of a young life.

RIP Mary Jo.

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When you're wealthy and

When you're wealthy and part of a family with power you really can get away with murder/manslaughter. In addition, you are rewarded every six years by being sent back to DC. What a country or to be more accurate, what a state...MA. A state with absolutely no shame. Apologizes and sympathy to all DP's who are from that state.

Sen. Kennedy fax bomb? Haha,

Sen. Kennedy fax bomb? Haha, maybe that would be a little harsh... RIP Mary Jo, you should not have died.

I also remember it well & it

I also remember it well & it just goes to prove it is not only guns that kill..Thanks for the refresher.
yes ???

Mary Jo

grew up about a mile from where I lived as a child.
The matter was a very big shock to our whole town when it happened.
I remember it quite well.