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A more relevant DP take on the Apollo tapes: The power of individuals vs. bureacracy

I know the Apollo 11 tapes thread was locked. I offer two articles that are related to this issue but are more relevant to this forum. They describe the determination of individuals and their efforts to recover these tapes from unwieldy and unresponsive government bureaucracies. Ultimately, they were found in Australia

I hope this one doesn't get locked because it's not about the conspiracies. Rather it's an encouraging story of what individuals can do when they set their minds to accomplish something.

This is posted in Current Events because NASA is holding a press conference tomorrow to reveal the footage.

A Wired magazine article from 2007:
"One Giant Screwup for Mankind
NASA put a man on the moon - then lost the videotape. A grizzled crew of ex-rocket jockeys are on a star-crossed mission to find it."


And the follow up story from the Daily Express newspaper:

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In a word...no

Here's a picture of Apollo 17's Lunar Module taken from the orbiting Command Module 00 miles above the Moon's surface in 1972. The accompanying description explains why Hubble can't resolve the Lunar Modules.

Also, here is a more in depth explanation:

There are new probes that are currently orbiting the Moon that have the benefit of over 40 years of electronic and optics technology improvements.
I'm sure at some point their cameras will be aimed at the landing sites.

Is there a telescope powerful enough

to see the dune buggy left on the moon?

Can we schedule time with the Hubble?

Regarding Palin: I believe we are watching in real time the rise of the third party, which will be controlled by the powers that be from its' inception.

Next Scam: "Cash For Cash"


Or can we see the ascent...

stage of any of the multiple landers for the Apollo missions?

Assert Your Authority

Assert Your Authority

There is always a way...

to invoke discussion on Liberty within any topic. This is the way that we open the eyes of the sheeple, we approach them through avenues they can understand in their sleep.

Assert Your Authority

Assert Your Authority

I don't believe the conspiracies

I just found this story fascinating because it's such a demonstration of the shear idiocy the way big govt. handles things. The Wired story was from 2007 which is only two years ago.

It does seem like coincidence but actually the engineers would need time to run these tapes through the one surviving machine on the planet that could read them, analyze the results and prepare the presentation. It just so happens that the forty year anniversary is days away.

Kudos to those old technicians and engineers! They didn't go to the Moon but their intellect and sheer determination tells me they've got "the right stuff" as well.

We get so down on the state of our Republic sometimes that we miss the fact that the US is an exceptional nation because we've been blessed with the Liberty that enables us to create and achieve great things.

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Lexington: Thanks for the links.

My recent post bear upon what you just said.

Richard C Hoagland announced that NASA will be releasing high quality video of the the old first moon landing, no grains or static as they have been seen over these last 40 years.
Also, they will be releasing for the first time, new pictures of the moon landing sites taken from the new satellites now orbiting the moon.

These releases should be very exciting to see and analyze. Hopefully, all will agree that these are real and that we did go there (or not). Of course, NASA just happened to have found the original video of the Apollo 11 landing/moon walk. Alternatively, it could be argued that they needed 40 years to doctor the video using high tech currently available to scrub anything anomaly off the video. We shall see.

I know "Jefferson" is also a moon-landing truth buff as I am. There are more questions than there are answers at this point in time.

What I would like to know

is, where is the line?
What are the lines we have to color within?
Is it strictly Ron Paul related?
Or, does it have to be related to the restoration of Constitutional Govt.?

If the latter is the case, I see SEVERAL threads that have little to do with that.

Is it just about things MN is interested in? If so, let us know what subjects YOU are interested in, so that we can bring gifts your your feet, and let you indulge yourself.

Does it change, depending on what mood the owner wakes up in, and decides what goes, and what doesn't?

This " It's MY fort, and if you don't like it, you can go home" argument, is pretty confusing, when I know I have asked for clarification on subject matter a couple of times.

I seem to remember a post about a year ago from MN, talking about a variety of subjects from chemtrails to 9/11 being allowed. I even remember him using the words "bring it on". I got the feeling from that post that there was a thirst for knowledge on a variety of subjects.
Maybe I misunderstood.

The subject being on Lew Rockwell, was part of how these discussions got brought up, and the fact of the 40th Anniversary is coming up.
( Not that this is Lew Rockwell)

I felt that the possible bilking of the American public out of billions of dollars, for private contractors, and then having possibly lied to them and the world on a grand scale, was worthy of discussion.
Bilking the American public.....Lies.....Private Contractors....hmmm.....
....Sounds kinda like Iraq.
Anyway, it is more interesting to me than Bruno.

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Jefferson: I could not agree more. Bruno sucks and everything..

associated with what he does.
Lew Rockwell is well respected and according to him, the moon landing is the #1 conspiracry theory out there, bigger than 911.
The biggest cover up in history. Ron Paul wants open government, less secrecy, especially this kind of in-your-face lie. I wonder if the JFK assassination is o.k.? To me both are very much related to one another, no difference. Government cover ups.

Maybe he just woke up

in a bad mood. IDK.

Happens to the best of us.

I just wish there would be some clarification, if that is how it's going to be.

I like this site, and want to contribute, but am sometimes confused as to what is allowed. I will carry on, until further notice.