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Obama Health Care Flow Chart: Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

WASHINGTON D.C. - The “opposition” party in the House, i.e. the Republicans, have unveiled a flow chart illustrating the potential tangled bureaucratic red-tape mess that awaits Americans should President Obama’s plan to nationalize health care become law.

Quite frankly, anyone who supports such a system is nothing less than a thief. A thief too chicken-shit to steal directly from our family so thus they employ government thugs to conduct their thievery and call it “taxation”. Why should our family’s health be secondary to someone who chose to abuse drugs, alcohol, eat low quality fast food, not wear a seat-belt,

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Flow Chart 101

Sadly, I think this chart does us a disservice. It's arranged so poorly as to be blatantly intentional. Here's the same info in a more normally accepted arrangement:


Not nearly as "scary-looking" now though. Let's keep on focus and address the REAL concerns about this bill and not stoop to such low-level psychological tactics.