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C.S.A. Confederate Creed

1. Confederates are not Politically Correct and are damned proud of it.

2. Confederates do not accept the Dictatorship of the "Supposedly Offended".

3. Confederates believe that everyone has the right to be offended at times because of others' freedoms.

4. Confederates know that the government of the Confederate States of America never surrendered.

5. Confederates know that the CSA Constitution still legally stands; its not over yet!

6. Confederates know that Lincoln declared War on the South because it was anti-Federalist.

7. Confederates are anti-Federalists in favor of State's Rights and Home rule.

8. Confederates know that only 3-6% of the Southerners owned slaves and Yankees owned thousands also.

9. Confederates know that the C.S.A. freed the slaves in the South during the war of Northern aggression.

10. Confederates know the Rebel Flag never flew over a slave ship and is not a flag of slavery, nor anti-Black.

11. Confederates also know 160,000 Blacks fought for the C.S.A. as did Whites, Hispanics & Native Americans.

12. Confederates are against involuntary servitude of any type including the personal income tax.

13. Confederate are vehemently against invasion of our States by illegal immigrants.

14. Confederates believe in Freedom for Religion, prayer and the Ten Commandments in our schools.

15. Confederates know that the CSA is a Christian nation and will fight to keep it that way.

16. Confederates revere their Southern Heritage, Culture and respect Dixie’s glorious C.S.A. history.

17. Confederates do not believe in legalized abortion, euthanasia nor homosexual marriage.

18. Confederates do not believe in the U. S. Department of Education nor the United Nations.

19. Confederates do not accept the IRS, the Federal Reserve Bank nor most foreign treaties.

20. Confederates do not like Yankee managers running industry in Dixie or Scalawags controlling our States.

21. Confederates want an end to U. S. Federal Courts and Yankee occupation of their Southern Nation.

22. Confederates believe in strong State and Private Militias and the personal right to bear arms.

23. Confederates "Wave Their Rebel Flags Where They Want To and won't let anyone tell them not to."

24. Confederates are now working to RESTORE THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA.


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Good points

Shelby Foote, in the Ken Burns "Civil War" states that the Civil War mad us an 'is." That is, the United States is...

Before that, it was "the United States are..."

The more I look at the Civil War, states' rights and secession, I am more in line wtth the Rebs.

The sovereignty of statehood was abolished by the Civil War, and that is one damn shame.

I hope that the various states that chose to secede, succeed!

Yee-haw !

Thanks for sharing.

Now, back to restoring the Constitution.

I just gotta message....

I have lived in the South my whole life. I have done geneology of my family (Virginia and South Carolina, mostly to before the 1750's). My G-G Grandfather was in the Army of Northern VA (50th Va, Co. K) and captured by Union forces at The Wilderness and almost starved to death in Elmira, NY prison. He had no slaves. Had very little property of his own. Was under 100 lbs when he swore allegiance to the USA in June of 1865.
I am also related to CSA General JEB Stuart, maternal G-G Uncle. He died in 1864. As well as two other G-G Grandfathers in SC Militia. They both died in 1869. One from wounds received in combat and the other from yellow fever.

Now, this is my literal heritage. Not some heritage by association. Or some distant conflict I thought was cool and stood for "what was right." These are individuals that preceded me in my bloodline. My lineage. I am here because they were before me.

I was a CSA re-enactor for years. I was an extra in Gettysburg and Gods and Generals. One day, two years ago, at an event near Charleston, I had an epiphany. It was as though my ancestor's spirits were there. It was a rush of awareness. The message was clear and sudden: "This loss of humanity was a horror and a waste. We suffered it first-hand. Remember us, but do NOT re-enact or perpetuate the memory of this slaughter!" It was cathartic. I felt completely out-of-place amongst people I'd known for years. I suddenly began giving away my accoutrements, except my trousers, shirt, suspenders and boots! As I handed my rifle to my best friend in my Co., he said "Why are you leaving? Right NOW!" I said, " this war was OVER and it needs to STAY OVER! They fought it and wished they hadn't had to and do not want me to even think of it as my honoring them. They took lives of those they did not even know and carried that guilt the rest of their lives (if they survived). I want to remember the good they did, not the lives they took and the lives they lost, or almost lost, fighting to gain wealth for someone they did not even know."

Go forward. Stop bringing up the past! Learn from it. Don't perpetuate it.

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i believe you are misguided...

i think you dishonor your ancestors by surrendering their history and the ideals they fought for...

i, too, can trace my lineage back in much the same way you can...i would never look at their sacrifices and write them off as mistakes like you have done...shame on you...they fought for ideals and liberty and you paint them with an ignorant brush!

i feel as though when you see them again they will not honor this decision of yours...

O Captain, My Captain, rise up and hear the bells!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Well, fortunately, those areYOUR feelings! Keep thinking!

Fortunately, for me, they were MY ancestors and they SPOKE TO ME, and their message was exceptionally clear and left me with no thoughts of "I wonder what that was?" I am glad you weren't there to intercede as you feel you have to now, with your judgement of me in regard to something VERY personal, very cathartic and without-a-doubt very direct. This wasn't some fleeting thought. It was a presence from their spirit!
You don't know me from anyone else! How could YOU EVER KNOW "what they fought for?" Did you know them? Were you THERE? NO! You sound like the same kind of chest-beater that winds up counting the dead instead of being one OF the dead in those conflicts! Perpetuate war and the slaughter that total strangers bring on each other if you like. Be my guest. You have plenty of company that share that sentiment. There's never a shortage of people that are ready to kill a complete stranger because their "leader" told them they are bad and especially if they are a different skin color and speak a different language! All the better. Which, from that perspective, makes the American Civil War all the more tragic.


You are most certainly the misguided one. And if you think that your ancestors didn't make mistakes, then you are of the same ilk that destroyed the Republican party.

The republican party has been destroyed since it's inception

It was created as a big government, public money for private use, centralized, unconstitutional, original construction changing, meddling, for an all powerful federal government, party. It came out of the old Whig party.

The republican party had a few "conservative/libertarian" folks in the last 50-60 years, Taft, Goldwater, Reagan (before he got elected/shot, after he got shot he was totally different), and Dr. Paul. These men have been the exception not the rule. And look how each of them were treated by the Republicans. (they only accepted Reagan when he became a moderate/liberal and took Bush as his vice president)

The "neo-cons", have always ran the republican party, they just convinced a majority of the folks that the drivel they spewed was conservatism and liberty.

Lincoln, Grant, T. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Bush, which of these republicans wasn't a "neo-con"?

Where is this mighty republican party that has done so much good? In the executive branch? No. In Congress? No. The only time the republicans are conservative/libertarian, is when they aren't in power. They have been since their beginnings a farce and continue to be so.

"What was taken from the boomers, it ain't there, what was taken from the X'ers it ain't there, what is being taken from their great, great, great squared grandchildren it ain't there. Some generation just has to have the guts to quit passing it on." Me

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

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did i say, or think (since you are a mind reader), that my ancestors made mistakes? no, i did not say that, and i did not think it...and therefore, (you say) assuming the presumptions you made are correct, i am of the same "ilk" that destroyed the repubs...what!!??

you are full of disinfo and doublespeak...or, you are just a child playing a man's game

think, before you speak, my friend...you will look much less foolish that way

O Captain, My Captain, rise up and hear the bells!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

And you have learned so much...

you should read some Zebulon Vance to find a clearer perspective my friend.

We can honor our ancestors by both moving on and looking back. Indeed we must do both if we are to accomplish our lot in life. We walk in our ancestors foot steps if for no other reason than because they were here before, feeling, living before we have. But, we must choose when to deviate from their steps and when to hold fast. They may provide the compass, but we must choose our direction of travel by engaging that tool today. Maps are the culmination of the past, adventures are the accomplishment of the present; it is the only way toward the future.

Assert Your Authority

Assert Your Authority

A modern CSA

14 irrelevant with a mandate for no public schools only skill testing.
15 tolerance of full rights to all with self-separation being one of them.
17 Ron Paul said these personal life choices should be left to State's Rights with self-separation across a stateline being a right as in 15.

There may come a time when a choice of the lesser of two options becomes available and mandatory.

The problem creating a creed with twenty-four criteria

is if it's extended too far those remaing who qualify could meet in the banquet room of the Holiday Inn.


Are anti-liberty

I never owned a slave

In my life I have never owned a slave, and flat out refuse to say Im sorry that my white family might have somewhere down the line owned your mothers brothers sisters uncle third cousin, twice removed, on your next door neighbors side.
I am in no way ashamed of being southern, nor what it truely means to be a daughter of the south.
I do not, never have, and never will judge people by their color, but instead by their heart ,their actions, and their words.
I have been told by some that I must hate blacks because I own 4 rebel flags. I reply to them...Do you own a cross?..if they say yes..I then say..ok..you think I hate a group because they are black, and because some idiots got stupid under white sheets??...Do you hate Christ because you own a cross..just like those same idiots would use as a symbol..set on fire and run like the cowards they are. Some get the point..others however..it goes right over their heads.
My point for posting the Creed was this:
Because they are smart people who stand behind it, believe in it, and will die for it, and it is my belief that they would help make those here stronger. I say involve them..get them interested in the DP, We Are Change and so on. Isnt spreading the message what we are suppose to be doing?
About half the time I post anything like this..reaching out to others..I get the best hate letters/emails...So before..or in case..anyone plans on sending me any:
No..I will no drop dead..At least not right now
True..I might roast in hell..but if I do you..I'll wave at you
No..the Rebel flag wont fit there and Im sure from my ass is the last place anyone wants to see it fly.
Yes..I am a racist..I hate Neo-Cons and STUPID People (not ignorant people..they is a difference)
Y'all have a nice day ya hear...smiles

Freedom is another way to God...A corrupt government is a straight way to hell.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Don't forget that you hate

Gays and atheists too.

The only message that you're spreading is that you don't understand this movement and are falsely representing it.

I can guarantee with 100% certainty that Ron Paul would disavow many of the points in your so-called "creed".

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i think we should make clear the distinction...

between "hate" and "disagreement"

did the writer portray feelings of hate OR was it disagreement...?

you, placing the "hate" moniker on him, portrays his right to pursue happiness in his own way at a disadvantage

americans will never completely accept all things all americans do...the optimum word we need to realize is "tolerance"

tolerance, above all, should be strived for...

"hate"? let's don't throw that word around without clear evidence

O Captain, My Captain, rise up and hear the bells!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

It was a reference

To the poster's own words. Reading comprehension.

ecorob's picture

these are the poster's own words...

..."I do not, never have, and never will judge people by their color, but instead by their heart ,their actions, and their words."

if this is the reading comprehension section of the test...you failed!

O Captain, My Captain, rise up and hear the bells!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Born and raised in the South

Born and raised in the South and I am proud of my heritage. I have only been north of the mason dixon line once and don't ever plan to go back. I can't stand how the yankees always talk bad of my people and one day it will bite them in the keister.

Yeah, you tell 'em

No need to broaden your horizons or expose yourself to the rest of the world.

holy crap wtf happened to this forum

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we can all stand a little constructive criticism...

wouldn't you agree, thedizzle?

O Captain, My Captain, rise up and hear the bells!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

There is no point

To your statement. You're in a losing battle... Just like the hateful bunch of retards in the Civil War.

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the point is...

that you, thedizzle, are a close-minded bigot seeking to exercise your control over the thoughts and actions of others...it is clear now that you are an obama supporter, not a liberty supporter...

please, move along...you have exposed yourself and your self has been found wanting...

O Captain, My Captain, rise up and hear the bells!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


And who exactly are "my people?" I have lived in the South my whole life. I have done geneology to before the Civil War. My GG Grandfather was captured by Union forces at The Wilderness and almost starved to death in Elmira, NY. "My people?" How about ME? I cannot account for anyone else! I'm doing well to account for myself!

But, the world has so many possibilities. And, to train yourself to think that wisdom and life-learning experiences are confined to a geographic area based on what happend 150 years ago is sad!


Numbers 9, 10, 11,12, 14, 15, and 17 are either factually incorrect or totally detrimental to the concept of liberty.

This "creed" is bs.

Perhaps next time you want to claim someone is factually

incorrect, you would provide us with the evidence to back up such a claim?

Or perhaps the next time someone wants to claim that they are

factually correct they should provide the proof of their own claim's truthfulness.

Just a thought... accepting someone word as the default 'true' position simply because they posted first is a demonstrably stupid system of vetting piss poor information.

Hey Einstein...

The "claim" is in the misconstrued original post and its twisted version of history. Maybe you should start there, Ace.

There is no way to support this stupidity without looking like a total moron.

black confederates.

On the issue of Afro-Confederates, there were many soldiers. I wrote a paper in my last semester of college on the Afro-Confederate. Their are many stories of Afro-Confederates fighting along side the white Confederates even with arms and those are just from Northern sources. The war was very complex for black society in the South during the CSA, some sided with the CSA seeing what was their home too as being invaded. They would "rather fight for their white men" than the yankee invaders. I've also read many stories of slaves in the war saving their masters and other white men in the CSA they didn't even know. This is not to say all of Afro-society in the South was pro CSA but their were many. As well, many slaves received freedom (or were promised freedom) for fighting with the South. Many books are dedicated to this neglected area of history in the Civil War. I would highly recommend reading some of them. The story of the Afro-Confederate is a sad one, somewhere he sits alone buried in an unmarked grave, forgotten.

They were Buffalo Soldiers

Stolen from Africa, brought to America. Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival. wo yoy yoy yoy woy yo yo yoy yoy yoy yoy yoy yoy yoy yoy yoy.


Ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome?

How about the slaves that were FORCED to fight?

You are sadly mistaken if you think that blacks were legitimately on the side of the south.