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any one see the new double eagle gold coin?

why is it close to #$1300 for a one ounce coin? http://www.uhrgoldcoin.gov/

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Yes,I just recieved one from the mint. it`s an ultra high

relief of the St. Gaud. double eagle. It is beautiful and boxed in a wood presentation case. 1293.95 including case and shipping.

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Disregard previous post by me.

Disregard !


Maybe ... like the Eagle, it's nearing extinction ?

Wouldn't it be better to put a Robin or Sperrow on it ???

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Discover Costa Rica

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"In God we trust" is getting awfully small and...

"e pluribus unum" now on the edge of the coin ...how ironic.

thanks guys

i go through the private dealers instead of the mint.

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kid: Here is the rest of the story

US Mint Suspends Nearly All Gold and Platinum Coins to Readjust Prices
(upward: This is a smoke screen. They are either running out of gold or are devaluing the dollar.)

The suspensions come on the heals of the Mint’s Monday announcements to offer a last chance sale for many coin products on Saturday and its elimination of 22 gold and platinum coins.

The Mint’s online store currently lists the bullion collector coins in a "Product is not available" status. Several calls to customer service confirm the coins will be available again on Thursday, although four different and very courteous representatives provided varying times of the day for when, which seems to indicate an exact time may not yet be determined.

The suspended coins include all:

* American Buffalo 24K Gold Coins
* American Eagle Gold Proof Coins
* American Eagle Gold Uncirculated Coins
* American Eagle Platinum Proof Coins
* American Eagle Platinum Uncirculated Coins
* First Spouse (with the exception of the already lower priced Dolly Madison versions)

The service reps did not know whether prices would be adjusted higher or lower, but common sense suggests price reductions to better match the declining precious metal’s market.


why is it close to #$1300 for a one ounce coin?

a) exacting manufacturing standards
b) low mintage means low amortization of die costs
c) rising "price" of gold
d) government incompetence
e) all of the above

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