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Hold Cheney Accountable

Attorney General Eric Holder is now seriously considering appointing a special prosecutor to investigate acts of torture carried out during the Bush Administration according to confirmed reports published over the weekend.

This is of monumental importance. Hundreds of thousands of people have sent letters and signed petitions demanding a special prosecutor to investigate the crimes of Bush, Cheney and others.

We must take action this week to ensure that the Justice Department hears the voice of the people with a flood of letters and emails.

To get as many signers as possible calling for a special prosecutor this week, we have a free e-card for you to send to everyone you know. By clicking on the e-card, they will be able to send a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder. Tell them to send it to everyone they know. Click here to send your free e-card.

The latest breaking news of the administration's crimes include the stunning revelation that Vice President Dick Cheney developed a super secret program of assassinations and ordered the CIA to illegally conceal the program from the Congress of the United States.

The defenders of the Bush Administration are hitting the airwaves in full force. Senator Sessions and Cheney's daughter Liz Cheney are asserting that the people of the United States supported Bush's torture program.

What an outrage. What a lie
Liz Cheney added that Dick Cheney is "very angry" at the news that a special prosecutor might be appointed.

Impeach Bush

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Cheney publicly stated about

Cheney publicly stated about a month or so ago and said he always knew Iraq had no connection to Al Quida. This should be more than enough for charging the bastard with war crimes!

War Crimes charges


Is Obama Continuing the Bush-Cheney Assassination Program?

Beyond the Cheney assassination program, what is really worthy of congressional investigation right now is the legality of Obama’s current policy of assassination. In 1976, President Gerald Ford issued an executive order banning assassinations. "No employee of the United States government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, political assassination," states Executive Order 11905.


Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

Obama appears to be a FOREIGN citizen

....It is illegal for a foreign citizen to take office of the United States presidency and they can make up the rules as they go..

And I'm very happy.....

......Send them our sincerest regards, and put future representative Kokesh on to fillet his pasty, white, traitorous ass!!!!!!

:- )

Cheney is a criminal, a traitor, and he and his cronies should be walking into the funny farm rather than the streets....We'll help them along with a buckshot !


You forgot the word

You forgot the word "shiney", as in shiney white....

Indeed indeed....

Good eye soldier