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MONEYBOMB.COM - A new source of power for the people!

We all know that RP and his supporters started the whole concept of the money bomb. However, it's now time to take the concept to the next level. Some internet entrepreneurs with a liberty streak need to develop a website that specializes in money bombs!

So you need some funds to hire an attorney to prosecute Dick Cheney, contact all of the organizations with a similiar interest and money bomb the hell out of him. Need some funds for a class action lawsuit to sue the FED, yeap you got it! How about a Senatorial campaign!

The thing about liberty in its natural state is, it's spread out all across the globe. As long as it remains scattered and dilouted it has limited effect and potential. However, if you harness and concentrate the financial power of millions of people, then suddenly we can build a big stick and become an instant force to be reckoned with!

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We need a Money Bomb Squad

15,000 strong to donate from $10 an up each month, and have a dedicate site only for Money Bomb's that supports freedom loving candidates, and no other stuff to distract from the purpose of the site, strictly Money Bomb's and nothing else, also the site would be an organizer and not a money distribution manager.

1, Schiff-15kppl at $25=375k, at $35=525k, at $50=750k
2, Rand Paul-15kppl at $25=375k etc...
3, RJ Harris-15kppl at $25=375k etc...
4, Kokesh-15kppl at $25=375k etc...

Good idea

We have to out think, out organize and out work the opposition!

The money-bomb concept is not working ... all "welfare" style

campain fund raising scemes end up that way. Folks are "bombed-out" !

I personally offered alternative fund raising scemes to "stimulate" the flow of funds and make it "perpetual" in nature. These ideas together with the products / services to realize a solid and continuing program was given to Dr. Paul's fund raising crew as well as Michael N. for use during his last effort to better the site and raise money to fund it.


I guess the preferred fund raising method now days is "give-me" !!!

Discover Costa Rica

Discover Costa Rica

critical mass

critical mass isn't reached with 51%. It it isn't even 25% or 10%.

Critical mass is reached when 2-5% of the people start moving in the same direction.

Good point

Unfunded frustration is nothing but hot air. However if a website was organized to not only raise the money but administer its use, then verify it's distribution and effectiveness then you add credibility to the entire process. Of course the sponsor could take a percentage for their contribution!