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Minnesota man needs your help, locked up for nothing

I don't email to often and when I do its very specific, I'm not a fan of spam. ill make this as brief as I can.

As the President of R-Kids, a non profit for families I'm compelled to ask for your help. Jason has been very active in the fight for our liberties, including being involved in his own children's lives. I have worked with Jason on a number of projects and consider him a close friend, a man with integrity. A couple nights ago Jason and his girl friend got into a fight (not physical) and he left, when he left he grabbed his gun, he was concerned leaving it in the home where his girlfriends son was and may take it again. His girlfriend called the police and said he was in danger and crazy. The police came looking for Jason in helicopters. Jason stayed at a friends home and ended up north with Nancy. Jason has been working on a science project with other scientists and meet regularly. Nancy has been the glue introducing everyone. While Jason was at Nancy's home, the police showed up, Nancy asked for a warrant, but the police barged in guns drawn. no warrant, no affidavit accompanying the warrant, no wet ink signature....Nada. the said they had a "pick up order" for Jason. So Jason was hauled off. Jason has been requesting to see a judge but has been denied thus far. He is currently locked up in a hospital being given a psych evaluation.

Jason has damaged no one

no crime has been committed

they took him with no warrant

If you can call the hospital and demand his release, or give any help you can it would be appreciated. To hear the story first hand call Nancy 612-703-5533, both Nancy and Tim Kinley have been at the hospital throughout this disaster.

the hospital phone number is 763-236-8500

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I am probably the last person you would want legal advice from.

It seems to me; however, that Jason could request a ""Writ of Habeus Corpus" to demand that he be brought before a judge and either charge or free him immediately.....

Yes, please give us Jason's name, if possible and which police/

sheriff's office that did this. It would also be helpful to know what his girlfriend does for a living, if it be connected, for example to the police, etc. that might have impacted this situation. Was this in a small town? If so, what are the family connections, if any? Has Jason been committed in the past, or has any obvious history that would have precluded this situation? Even if he had, to search for this individual in this manner is just unbecoming to any decent officer of the law! Helping us to fill in the information would help to get some proactive solutions. It sounds like he's in dire need of a decent attorney. I called the number for Nancy, but, there was just a message machine. Is there a good time to reach her and which time zone is she in? Best of luck, and I'll be watching this post for any updates! By the way, if it was me in Jason's shoes, I would not be speaking to anyone in that hospital, not even to defend himself. I would take the fifth and remain silent.


I'm very sorry for your friend

and am glad you are there for him. Sounds like he needs to stay away from that woman. Hopefully, he will stay calm and talk to them rationally and refuse all medication, if possible.

She must have said something to the police that made them believe he had lost his mind and was dangerous.

Hopefully the worst is over for him now, and they'll let him go soon.

You may want to post his

You may want to post his last name, I doubt someone calling asking about a random Jason will bring much help.


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I hate Hennepin Co. Police. Hate.



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