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The most dangerous financial words ever !

... anyone that has been involved in markets long enough knows never to believe, "It is different this time" ! Which brings us to the question, is the present 2007 Recession really different this time ? Before you shoot from the hip that it is, please review the following, "Recessions and other Economic Crises, Name Dates Duration Causes References", chart at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_recessions_in_the_Unite...

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It is in the fact that the market manipulations...

are so transparent now, it makes me sick. Look at yesterday's charts for the DOW, and S&P. Markets don't go up the way they did yesterday. True markets fluctuate up and down in a trend, not in an almost straight line. I view charts every day. This is not normal. This is where our "bailout" money is going, to prop up the markets periodicly and keep the ponzi scheme going. We are in February 1931-see chart-we have another 70% drop coming, minus the market manipulation. Dow at 2,500, gold at $2,500-coming to Amerika in the near future.

I also read charts, but

I also read charts, but hardly call myself an expert.
However, I do agree with you that I believe they're using the money to prop up the stock market--oftentimes it'll be done when there's bad news (like today's foreclosure #s) even though initial claims were down a bit (we still are losing more jobs than gaining) and the big financial companies are recording good profits. Please keep in mind that most of the profitability was set upon refinancing loans which makes the balance sheets look better, but this is only a short-term asset bubble and come in the next 6-9 months if unemployment levels & GDP numbers continue to get worse, it's going to get very nasty.

From an investor's

From an investor's viewpoint, the world has changed. Buy and hold is dead. Everyone is a genius in a bull market, but can they protect capital in a crazy market like this? That is why I like dynamic or active asset allocation. No amount of diversification did any good in 2008. What you had to do was hedge to cash and just get the hell out of the way. If you were lucky, you bought some treasuries, then sold them for a nice profit. But other than that, there wasn't much.

I will take a jab at your question. but I can't go far back into time, so I will deal with the last century. This recession may be different in that the world may dump the dollar. Was anyone in the position to take over during the past recessions as the new superpower? No. But now, China has built itself up as the new super power, and we may have come to a new era where the US will be the new Britian and China will be the new US. It just may be different this time in that a power is out there ready to take over.....

China's Achilles heel

It is at par and declining in arable land per capita compared to the Bangladesh mean. Bangladesh being one of the two poorest countries on the planet. In other words they cannot feed themselves, millions on are the verge of starvation. Military might will be the defining factor. The Great wall does not face North going forward.

[Snip 6/19/2009]
Without the long-overdue doubling of fertilizer applications, as well as a greater societal emphasis on preserving and nurturing the world’s arable land, the next global food shortage promises to be both pronounced and prolonged. And that could topple governments (China (emphasis mine)) and destabilize the world’s political order, Coxe further warns. http://www.commodityonline.com/news/Global-starvation-immine...

I'm playing one main stock

I'm playing one main stock now... Fibertower (FTWR) and have made some really good money off it this year. I did lose money off of FAZ which are ETF's and I have decided that I will only play ETF's for a single-day move for it's too volatile and risky unless you set stop losses to protect yourself from taking too much of a loss.

Like the person I'm replying to, I believe the old adage of buy and hold is dead. Anyone who plays that game is going to get killed or have their wealth siphoned off. I prefer to play companies like Fibertower because they are on the verge of exploding as most of their debts are paid, they have very little overhead (135 employees) and are making royalties for every tower they're connected to and also based upon bandwidth. Experts estimate that bandwidth will double in the next four years or so and even if our economy collapses, people will need to have wireless phones and data so it's more of a utility stock and should hedge your bets better. I'm playing this stock based upon trend & support lines and when the stock rips upwards, i'll only sell a part of my position then hold the money for a dip..even if it takes a couple weeks to re-enter into another position--God knows I've learned from prior mistakes.

In any case, the market is going to get much worse but if you're Vice President Joe Biden, he thinks that the government should continue to spend more money because debt and more malinvestment will surely help this market. Be careful traders and don't take my advice as gospel as I am not licensed in securities and haven't turned in a decade like Jim Rogers with a 4,000% return on investment.

Thanks for the stock tip. I

Thanks for the stock tip. I thought ETFs were no more volatile than mutual funds?

In this economy in which we may witness the collapse of the dollar, I believe there are only 2 assets now: Cash and everything else. When I say cash, I include cash-like securities such as gold and short term treasuries. As for everything else, I think you have to sort through the rubble and follow a single trend (like the stock you found) or sit on the sidelines in cash. It is an absolute crap shoot to be in the stock market, and I don't know why any individual investor would want to play that game. I am not.

Am I too assume

... The mad man shouted in the market place, no one stopped to answer him. Thus, it was confirmed that his thesis was incontrovertible."
-Dag Hammarshkjold
Secretary General of the United Nations


it's because you made us study first.
economics equals math plus the reptilian brain.

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.