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Pot Legalizers Hit D.C. Streets to Secure November Ballot Spot

The D.C. Board of Elections gave a green light Wednesday for campaigners to begin collecting signatures to put a marijuana legalization initiative on November ballots.

“I just want to thank board members,” D.C. Cannabis Campaign organizer Adam Eidinger said during a well-attended meeting packed with supporters. “I am very thankful we are making it to this day.”

About two dozen eager canvassers promptly fanned out across the city with petition forms.

The legalization campaign must turn in approximately 22,373 valid signatures by July 7 to score a spot on the November ballot, said Karen Brooks, D.C's voter registrar, citing current registration statistics. More than 5 percent of registered voters in five of the eight city wards must sign the petition.

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The US Switched Sides in the War on Terror in Libya = the Real Lesson of Benghazi Great new article!

Please read and share. I remain amazed that our leaders are never called out for such a stupid foreign policy. Its truly 1984, as Al Qaeda is now our ally in Libya and Syria. Why are those like Glenn Beck and other neo-con leaders so focused on Benghazi when they should really focus on the underlying absurdity of the actions they supported, taken by NATO against the Gaddafi regime that led to this crime in Benghazi? Edit: Of course, I agree with some of the comments below that element of Al Qaeda have always been supported by the West. But my hope is that people who aren't ready for that truth will at least see the absurdity of this unreported about face in foreign policy.

- - -

"The Citizens Commission on Benghazi, a self-selected group of former top military officers, CIA insiders and think-tankers, declared Tuesday in Washington that a seven-month review of the deadly 2012 terrorist attack has determined that it could have been prevented – if the U.S. hadn't been helping to arm al-Qaeda militias throughout Libya a year earlier.

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Rand Paul Once Blasted Reagan’s Deficit Spending; Here Comes Conservative Outrage?

by Andrew Kirell | 11:15 am, April 23rd, 2014

Mother Jones reporter David Corn is once again stirring the pot this week, with videos showing Rand Paul criticizing the late GOP idol Ronald Reagan over fiscal policies.

While giving a variety of speeches between 2007 and 2009, Paul committed the deadly sin often in the context of discussing why the GOP needs to learn fiscal discipline; and that his father, then-primary candidate Ron Paul truly understands this fact.

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At Issue: Jury Nullification: "How Much Power Does A Jury Really Have?" - Ron Paul, MD

This is a MUST see and share:

Jury Nullification meaning that the Jury has the power to over rule a bad law based on the evidence in a trial. This power is now in jeopardy. Federal Government for centuries has been undermining the power of the Jury, that our forefathers had imagined.

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Never Forget: We Outnumber "them". Fail: NYPD Photo Contest Turns Into Bash Tag!

Results for #myNYPD

Fail: NYPD Photo Contest on Twitter Triggers Huge Backlash

A seemingly innocuous call to action by the New York City Police Department backfired in extraordinary fashion Tuesday.

In a tweet, the NYPD asked Twitter users to share pictures of them posing with a police officer with the hashtag "myNYPD." The original tweet may give a sense of what the NYPD wanted:

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NAACP head praises Rand Paul

"He's a different voice in the arena that we don't traditionally hear," says Lorraine Miller, acting head of the NAACP, who expects to invite Paul to speak at the organization's July national conference in Las Vegas.

"He's an engaging guy — that's why we want to talk to him," Miller says. Miller is not the only black leader who has been intrigued by Paul, whose father, former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, had three unsuccessful presidential runs and amassed a fervent Libertarian following.

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Marijuana isn't the only thing being planted in CA dispensaries

Two former L.A. County sheriff's deputies allegedly turned off the electricity and a security camera system inside a medical marijuana dispensary as they planted guns they used to justify two arrests, according to court documents.

Julio Cesar Martinez, 39, and Anthony Manuel Paez, 32, have been charged with two felony counts of conspiring to obstruct justice and altering evidence, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney's office. Martinez faces two additional felony counts of perjury and filing a false report.

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VIDEO: Sheriff Mack Calls Out Glenn Beck, “You Oughta Be Ashamed of Yourself!”

"Bunkersville, Nev., April 22, 2014- In this video Sheriff Mack breaks down the Bundy Ranch situation, while calling out Glenn Beck. He states that the Bundy family simply wants to be left alone and highlights how the federal government has run all 53 of the other cattle ranchers in Clark County out of business, while questioning how these types of authoritarian acts will subsequently affect the food supply system. Sheriff Mack goes on to question what this will do to liberty in America."

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Who Here Eats Paleo And Who Wants To Share

And what do you like to cook?
What is your "go-to" recipe?

Do you eat more beef chicken turkey elk deer buffalo fish?

Do you grill smoke fry bake or eat out more?

What vegetables do you pair with your meat?

What are some good drinks that you make lemonades teas coffees cocktails brews?

If you shared your meal start to finish with: meat vegetable desert drink and music (for the background entertainment) what would you name it?

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VIDEO: MSNBC Attacks Alex Jones, Rand Paul, Drudge, WeAreChange

VIDEO: MSNBC Attacks Alex Jones, Rand Paul, Drudge, WeAreChange

In a 15 minute-long ideological crusade, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes smeared Cliven Bundy supporters as ‘insurgents’ while lamenting the threat posed to the establishment by an Alex Jones-Drudge-Fox News-Rand Paul “axis” that threatens to rock the 2016 presidential race.

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Chris Christie: Marijuana is a 'gateway drug' that I will never legalize in New Jersey

During New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's "Ask the Governor" program on New Jersey radio station 101.5 FM, he was asked by a caller whether the governor would consider legalizing marijuana to bring in more tax revenue into the state.

"Mike, I love you baby, but it ain't happening, not while I'm governor," Christie said to the caller.

Christie said that he understood the argument for more revenue, but said that it was wasn't an "even exchange."

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Jesus' message has been lost

The Roman State sponsored story goes, "Jesus died for your sins, and thus, you need not do anything else besides accept him as your savior. Any further action on your part is unnecessary."

In reality, Jesus was a non-violent protester of the Roman Empire - regardless if one believes he was of divine descent or not. Evidence points towards his existence.

Jesus was trying to set an example - namely, violence is not necessary to defeat tyranny. Only non-violent means of resistance are required. Jesus' non-violent approach ultimately cost him his life. Was it in vain?

I challenge you to ask anyone the questions, "Is the government too big? Has it overstepped the intentions of the founders?" I predict 99.999% of folks will give an affirmative response. If not, simply ask them, "How much bigger do you suppose the government needs to be?" Their stuttering will serve as your answer.

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Cops Raid the Wrong Apartment, Hog Tie 75 Year Old Grandmother

Ruth Hunter lives two doors down from a man that police were after. So naturally her apartment was raided in the middle of the night and she was hog tied while police sorted things out.

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Capitalism is Progressive - and Must Get Off the Defensive

If much of the economic commentary in the mainstream media is to be believed, the rising inequality of wealth in Anglo societies and the crashing of our economy by the big banks and financial class make the problems of capitalism not just evident but self-evident.

Such claims are made, of course, against a background of hundreds of years of capitalist growth that has, for the overwhelming bulk of our population, made affordable the books that these claimants have presumably read, the computers on which they type, the Internet on which they do their research, the air-conditioning or central heating in the room where they do it, and even the food in their bellies – food of a variety and quality unparalleled in history.

But this background of utter success is taken so much for granted that it is almost entirely invisible.

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Were Pulitzer Prizes Awarded To Traitors?

I rarely write rebuttals to articles, but sometimes an article is written that is odious and ignorant enough to warrant a counter-article in order to clear the air of the pollution that these mole-sighted “journalists” vomit into our collective consciousness.

The article of note in this case is an editorial by conservative hack Michael Goodwin who is currently poisoning minds at the NY Post. Michael wrote an article on April 20th titled, ”The Pulitzers Reward Traitors and Treason.” I will utilize excerpts of that article in my rebuttal, the full text of which can be found here.

Goodwin begins with a typical broad, foolish statement: