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Post-RandPocalypse Water under the Bridge: Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul on Abby Martin's Breaking the Set, for the Entire Show!

[461] Ron Paul on Illegal Syria War, Terror Blowback and the Tea Party Hijacking
Published on Sep 26, 2014

Abby Martin Breaks the Set with Congressman Ron Paul.

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Do You Have a Rebel's Brain?

Systems justification is a person's tendency to support or reject the status quo.

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Daily Pauler Marc Clair on The New American Media's "Agree to Disagree" talking Syria, Levar Jones Shooting, and More!

Hey folks!

This past Friday I appeared on The New American Media's "Agree to Disagree" with Brian Engelman, spreading my brand of liberty and discussing all sorts of current events including Syria, the Levar Jones shooting, and more! Hope you'll enjoy!

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Individual Reality

Individual Reality

The group isn't real,
No matter what you feel,
It's nothing but absurd,
Learn the forbidden word,
It's time to break free,
From the herd mentality,
Let the collective go,
Discover your sovereign ego.

Left vs. Right,
Black vs. White,
Straight vs. Gay,
Heard every day.

The group isn't real,
No matter what you feel,
It's only you and me,
Individual reality.

You say it wasn't fair,
Though you weren't there,
That's just group philosophy,
Holier-than-thou history,
Infiltrated psychology,
Producing victimology,
It's only you and me,
Individual reality.

It's not even true,
Red vs. blue,
Us vs. Them,
Republican vs. Dem,
Blue vs. gray,
Heard every day.

Leave that flock of sheep,
Wake up from your sleep,
"You didn't build it" is a lie,
Discover your freeborn "I".

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I just happened to turn the toob on when 60 minutes was doing a special on Alibaba.
It is about a Chinese man who was rejected from college twice and started his own business. It seems like Amazon like. He puts his shareholders 3rd not first. He holds all the money from sales until you have recieved the product. Best of all he won't do any business with the gov. of China. He said that if they need something he will do it for free (so not beholden) and then they have to find someone else after.

If you get a chance to watch the video it sounds like a good idea. Seems like a neat story.

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"American Funded ISIS"

We all know the power of words.
Change the vocabulary.

"American Funded ISIS"

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Atlas Snubbed (a GREAT sequel)

A SEQUEL TO ATLAS SHRUGGED?!?! Who knew? It's called Atlas Snubbed, by Ken V. Krawchuk, a libertarian who has run for public office a bunch of times, including two campaigns for Governor of Pennsylvania.

The story begins right where Ayn Rand left off; the lights of New York have gone out, and Eddie Willers is stuck on a dead train in the middle of the Nevada desert. Eddie, if you can believe it, is the hero of this book. Now, while Krawchuk uses Rand's characters and copies a lot of her phrasings and dialogue, the book does NOT capture either the spirit or the tone of Rand's original work. Rand's literary voice positively oozed philosophical conviction and unstinting admiration for her heroes. Krawchuk has serious reservations about Objectivist philosophy, and this is really a book ABOUT those reservations. In consequence, the viewpoint characters of Krawchuk's novel are characters taken from Rand's novel who likewise have doubts and other convictions: primarily Eddie Willers, Hank Rearden's secretary Gwen, Kip's Ma, and the unnamed pilot who flew Galt to the State Science Institute. Dagny, Rearden, Francisco, Galt and Ragnar all appear as minor characters -- but this is very much NOT their story.

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Gold as insurance in the Vietnam War

Let me tell you a personal story about gold, passed on to me by my mother. The Indochinese Peninsula in the 1960s was like the Middle East of today; unstable politically, with wars cropping up here and there, and the economy looking in bad shape with disruptions to industry and infrastructure. Then came the Vietnam War. The South Vietnamese in Saigon sold many of their personal belongings (including their homes in many cases) for gold, and hid as much gold as they could on their persons.

So when time came for the South Vietnamese to leave Saigon (both during and after the war), they left on ricketty boats or great big freight ships in illegal human trafficking operations. Passage was paid with a portion of their gold, and thus the journey was made. Some never made it out; pirates sought them for flesh or for riches; some were claimed by the South China Sea; and some were caught by extra-national authorities, who stripped them of their belongings and extradicted them to South Vietnam. But the ones who made it out could resell their gold in exchange for basic necessities, and from there could start anew.

My aunty made it out to British Hong Kong with a sizeable portion of gold. My mum and my grandpa were caught and extradicted with their portion of gold confiscated, but my aunty, now successfully established with the gold that she brought to HK, applied for passage on their behalf.

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Albuquerque PD Officer makes remark about shooting homeless man James Boyd 2 hours before shooting

If he weren't a cop, this would be premeditated murder.

Two hours before Albuquerque Police Officer Keith Sandy shot and killed homeless camper James Boyd, he was recorded telling another officer that he would shoot Boyd in the penis with a shotgun.

Sandy responded to the scene on March 16th where Boyd refused to come down from a makeshift campsite in the foothills near Tramway and Copper. At the scene, Sandy saw former colleague State Police Officer Chris Ware. Sandy didn’t realize it, but Ware’s dash cam was rolling and picked up their conversation.

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Camp grounds, trailer parks, tiny houses, future trends

I'll jump right in. There's two kinds of patriots: those of us who have been successful in business and investing and those of us who are basically poor as piss and likely always will be. And we see the writing on the wall. Times are tough and getting toughter. It's really obvious in Arizona because at this point most of the state is "working poor".

Heck man, I'm PROUD of the fact that the RP Money Bombs were mostly $5-$20 donations from people that could have used that for a nicer lunch. Instead we nestled our leftovers in Tupperware containers and glumly watched ourselves lose.

But I'll return to a theme I haven't rocked in years and that is....

The American camper-trailer is the most advanced piece of survival equipment ever devised by man.

It's the ultimate piece of bugout equipment. In most of these things you have both 110V and 12V power systems, they have on board water and sewage capacity, you got lights, stereo, you have a complete micro-kitchen that usually runs off propane, you got a shower and a potty, all the comforts of home and you can chuck the kids and animals in it and GTFO of Dodge at a moment's notice. It's laughably easy to integrate solar and other off grid technologies. If you wanna re route power or water and need another hole in the floor? drill another fricking hole in the floor, you only paid $2k for this thing, that's not mohogany or teak, that's linoleum over plywood, put two holes through it, who cares?

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Governor Candidate Smokes Weed in Campaign Ad

Candidate for Rhode Island governor Anne Armstrong actually tokes up IN THE COMMERCIAL campaign ad. Most of her claims about "smoking weed" are unfounded, granted. But how much has the public narrative changed that we actually have government candidates toking up on camera AS AN AD???

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Tables Turned On Doctor That Medically Paralyzed a Suspect During Anal Cavity Search

A Tennessee Doctor has found the tables turned on him after medically paralyzing a suspect that police wanted to conduct an anal cavity search on for drugs. As it turns out, using the Nuremberg defense (“I was just following orders”) isn’t going to cut it as a judge has recently ruled that the doctor is not immune from prosecution.

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The most amazing solo dance I have ever seen.

I am just so impressed I had to post this up for you all.