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Calling All Oath Keepers to Stand Watch at Bundy Ranch

April 15th, 2014
Calling All Oath Keepers to Stand Watch at Bundy Ranch

Updating With Stewart Rhodes

NOTE: First, at the moment things are quiet here. 99% of the rumors on the internet are either blatantly false or wildly inaccurate. No strong presence of federal agents has been seen. Remnants of BLM’s recent sojourn here are still present, such as the lights they had put up at their “field-headquarters” and no doubt we are under surveillance of all kinds, but there is no overt, visible massing of federal law enforcement.

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U.S. Supreme Court to Consider Ban on Campaign Lies

WASHINGTON -- Negative campaigning and mudslinging may be a fact of life in American politics, but can false accusations made in the heat of an election be punished as a crime?

That debate makes its way to the Supreme Court next week as the justices consider a challenge to an Ohio law that bars false statements about political candidates during a campaign.

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Tails: Inside the Operating System Edward Snowden Used to Evade the NSA

BY Klint Finley | Wired | 04.14.14

When NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden first emailed Glenn Greenwald, he insisted on using email encryption software called PGP for all communications. But this month, we learned that Snowden used another technology to keep his communications out of the NSA’s prying eyes. It’s called Tails. And naturally, nobody knows exactly who created it.

Tails is a kind of computer-in-a-box. You install it on a DVD or USB drive, boot up the computer from the drive and, voila, you’re pretty close to anonymous on the internet. At its heart, Tails is a version of the Linux operating system optimized for anonymity. It comes with several privacy and encryption tools, most notably Tor, an application that anonymizes a user’s internet traffic by routing it through a network of computers run by volunteers around the world.

Snowden, Greenwald and their collaborator, documentary film maker Laura Poitras, used it because, by design, Tails doesn’t store any data locally. This makes it virtually immune to malicious software, and prevents someone from performing effective forensics on the computer after the fact. That protects both the journalists, and often more importantly, their sources.

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Ron Paul Should Follow the Example of Clive Bundy

I just read the email from Ron Paul regarding the IRS demand on the Campaign for Liberty to produce donor information and pay a fine and I gotta say I was not impressed. In fact I was disappointed and offended that he would suggest that they might not have any choice but to pay the fine and turn over the donor info.

Clive Bundy wouldn't turn it over. He wouldn't worry about court orders. He would force their hand. What are they going to do? Put Ron in jail? Would we let that happen? Of course not.

Is there anyone in our movement who would suggest that C4L turn over the info?

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Reid Bunkerville Property Ownership

I looked up property records for Clark County, Nevada. Guess what I found?

Property ownership records for entities known as Reid Bunkerville, LLC and Reid Bunkerville Trust and Reid Acquisitions, LLC.

Reid. Bunkerville. What are the odds?

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Senator Harry Reid awards Sheriff associated with Bundy Ranch Sheriff of the Year Award, hmmm

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Douglas C. Gillespie was named by the National Sheriffs' Association as the winner of the prestigious Ferris E. Lucas Award for Sheriff of the Year 2014.

Of the 3,080 sheriffs in the country, the award has only been given to 18 people since 1995.

The award will be presented to Sheriff Gillespie on June 22 during the opening portion of the 2014 NSA Annual Conference in Ft. Worth, Texas.

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Buffalo shreds gun registrations - Safe Act deadline


Despite deadline, protesters ‘will not comply’ with SAFE Act

Chants at the rally included “We will not comply” and “Cuomo’s got to go.” Some of the signs included: “Millions of Gun Owners Hurt No One Yesterday” and “You Won’t Get Gun Control By Disarming Law Abiding Citizens.”

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WSJ - Homeless Lose a Longtime Last Resort: Living in a Car

Found this story linked from another one I just posted on people living in cars.

For months now, Mr. Smith has feared he might lose his current home, which is stationed on a street near a quiet Palo Alto park. An ordinance passed by Palo Alto last year would punish people cited for living in a vehicle with as much as a $1,000 fine or six months in jail.

"You're at risk of losing everything," Mr. Smith said recently. "It's a weird feeling that until you've lived this way, you don't realize what it's like."

For the moment, the city has delayed enforcing the ban while the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals considers a challenge to a similar law in Los Angeles. A decision is expected in the next few months and could affect similar laws in cities including nearby San Jose and Santa Clara. At least 70 cities across the nation have laws targeting people who live in their vehicles.

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Cities to Carpoolers: Sharing Your Car is Illegal, We Will Seize Your Cars

All of the ride-sharing companies operate on the same principle, claiming that their fares are "voluntary" and admittedly fluctuating based on supply and demand. Because they aren't charging rigid rates, they claim they are not subject to local ordinances in various cities that require taxicabs to pay per-cab tolls to city transportation departments/agencies. Cities transportation agencies are pretty upset about not getting their cut of the pie.

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Judge Napolitano on the Ranch Rebellion

“The federal judiciary should not be deciding what land the federal government owns,” said Napolitano, adding that the feds should have placed a lien against Bundy’s property to collect grazing fees and not conducted a raid backed up by armed agents to seize his private property.

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Statement from Director of the BLM Neil Kornze "Nevada Belongs to All Americans, Bundy Owes Americans $1 Million, No More Raids"

Cattle Gather Operation Concluded

***All closure areas are now accessible and open with the exception of the Incident Command Post outside of Mesquite.*** (04/15/14)

Statement from Director of the Bureau of Land Management Neil Kornze on the Cattle Gather in Nevada (04/12/14)

Today we announced the decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our grave concern about the safety of employees and members of the public.