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NOW I will tell you about death.

part of my job as a deputy meant that we picked up dead bodies from the desert.

it is the most gross and disgusting job i have ever done.

As an EMT they tell us if it comes out of a human body we end up wearing it. We get puked on, we get pooped on, we get spat on and we still do our jobs.

OK try getting dead people juice in your mouth. Eeeeeeew.

Know what a human body looks like and tastes like after a week or so?

The lipidic fat gets into our skin and our hair and our fingers to all you taste for weeks is dead decomposing bodies.

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Others in your local area are wanting to hear about liberty.

The most success I have seen recently is how appreciative the people are locally when you aggressively pursue liberty and bring up local issues.

What we all know is that the federal government is beyond repair or accountability.

But at the local level you still have the power to restrain the government and to even implement sheriff protection and state legislation to counter/nullify federal actions.

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Here we go again, bombing an ideology and making new "radical terrorists."

I don't know if that story of the U.S. journalist who ISIS claims to have beheaded is true or not.

But their point is well-taken; that continued U.S. intervention in the middle east will cause more blowback.

Remember the Bush arguments about how terrible Saddam was? And the daily lies from the White House designed to get American acceptance for an invasion of Iraq?

How is this any different?

Obama in the media saying the exact same things about ISIS so we can bomb away.

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Do you have your ID on you?

I wanted to bring up a situation over this last weekend that involved my Driver’s License, or as otherwise put my ID. I was getting ready to go out for the day on the lake with a few other people and instead of carrying my wallet with me (which I would not need in the middle of a lake) I chose to leave it in the vehicle’s glove compartment.

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Rapiscan Airport Scanners Useless: Failed to detect guns, knives, explosives

August 20, 2014 | MarketWatch

Rapiscan Secure 1000, the full-body scanner deployed at U.S. airports between 2009 and 2013, was so unreliable that a team of researchers with no terrorist training were able to smuggle guns, knives and explosives past the machine without detection.

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VERY Nice Birthday Editorial for Dr. Paul!

by Justin Raimondo, August 19, 2014

Ron Paul is 79 today

Libertarians owe him a great debt, one which can never be repaid. Without him, it’s more than likely that our movement would’ve either gone off the rails, succumbing to opportunism of the worst sort, or else slipped into obscurity, never to be seen or heard from again. Thanks to him, neither of those dreadful scenarios occurred.

What happened instead was the almost miraculous growth and development of libertarianism into a viable national movement, with “mainstream” media forced to sit up and take notice. Now we are told we may be approaching the “libertarian moment” — by the New York Times, no less! — and 90 percent of the credit (maybe more!) goes to Ron and the movement he inspired.

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Ron Paul still inviting conversation. Tom Petty Concert!

My daughter and I went to see Tom Petty at the Gorge in WA last Friday evening. I usually buy a t-shirt while I'm at the show and it is usually hot there so I wanted to wear a shirt I could take off and leave at the show since I planned on wearing whatever shirt I bought at the show.

I went to my dresser drawer, I usually have a few old t-shirts in there that are ready to be sent to goodwill, to find a shirt to wear and when I opened my drawer, the first shirt I saw was a black one that was folded up nicely, my girlfriend is really a great woman, and I picked it up and held it by the top and let the bottom fall towards the floor and when it unfolded, I quickly realized it was a Ron Paul t shirt from the 2012 campaign. The shirt felt really great in my hands as they were actually made pretty well. I remember thinking about the time I had spent on the campaign, going to see Ron in Seattle and talking to many people about Ron. I went so far as to put up signs in my yard and windows of my house. I had buttons I would pass out when someone would show some interest in talking about Ron Paul and what he stands for. I had never before been involved in politics, other than talking with people about it. I remember all the great hope I had for Ron winning and being able to start the turn around of our country and what it could mean for the future of us all.

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County Refusing To Pay Medical Bills For Child Hurt In Police Raid

You may recall the coverage of “Baby Bou Bou,” who was badly burned (and went into a coma) during a no-knock police raid when police tossed a flash bang grenade through a window and directly into his crib in the middle of the night. This would be bad enough on its own, but to top things off, the police never found the suspect that they were looking for that night – a man wanted for drug charges, who was arrested a day later.

Now the county is refusing to pay for the injured child’s medical bills, claiming that they have no “legal permission” to pay for the injuries their foot soldiers inflicted on an innocent.

Habersham County’s attorney provided the following statement, saying: “The question before the board was whether it is legally permitted to pay these expenses. After consideration of this question following advice of counsel, the board of commissioners has concluded that it would be in violation of the law for it to do so.”

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New York Times Magazine - August 10, 2014 - Rand Paul - Major Threat Cover

Has anyone read this article cover story in the New York Time Magazine?

Any comments?

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Warmonger Extraordinaire Dick Cheney Says If We Don't Go To War With IS It'll Be Like Foley Video Multiplied "By A Million."

While a Politico is not generally a good place to get non-partisan info, there is the occasional gem. Like this article, in which Dick Cheney criticizes Obama's foreign policy towards the ISIS/ISIL/IS and recommends we engage in military action against ISIS/ISIL/IS.

Articles like these are important, because they serve to reveal potential motive, and help to support alternative viewpoints in regards to the truth about what is happening in the world. There have already been several sources that have claimed ISIS is a creation of the CIA, designed to take down anti-Western dictatorships, all the while remaining under the thumb of their American masters, so that after a dictatorship is overthrown, we take rebels by surprise, then turn on them, destroy them, and take over the area for ourselves.

The addition of Dick Cheney's wholehearted endorsement of war, as well as his use of fear generated from the Foley video, really serves to emphasize the point that IS is a creation of the American government, in the latest effort to secure the region for themselves.

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Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Thank you for everything. Have a great birthday, and many, many more! God bless you.

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Fear is a powerful tool

I was doing some thinking the other day and realized that fear controls much of my life.

I'm afraid to always say what's on my mind, because I fear the consequences of being placed on a list, especially the no fly list, may want to leave soon.

I'm afraid to stop paying my taxes, because of fear of the retaliation of the IRS, and the impact it will have on my family's life.

I'm afraid to go out and enjoy myself at the local pubs, because I'm afraid that I may have just too much to put me over the legal limit, and fear having to pay thousands of dollars in fines and legal costs.

I fear taking up arms in open rebellion, because I know the outcome for those who stand alone against governments such as ours.

I fear doing anything which would jeopardize my job, because I fear losing my home and land.

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Ian Freeman Discusses His Challenge to an Incumbent Democrat Governor, Why People Are Upset with "Free Keene" and more!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I welcome in “Free Talk Live” host, Ian Freeman! Ian describes how he came into the libertarian movement through Harry Browne and activism within the Libertarian Party, before picking up and moving to New Hampshire as part of the “Free State Project”, along with his own “Free Keene” group. Ian explains why he opted to challenge an incumbent Democrat for the governorship of New Hampshire, how he drew the ire of the New York Times, just what has the “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” group so upset, and more!

So grab your favorite beverage, and strap yourself in for another liberty-fueled edition of the Lions of Liberty Podcast!