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The Last Hour

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Checkmate: Is Russia Selling Oil For Gold?

When I got my crash-course in politics back in 2007, one of the first new words in my vocabulary was "bourse." I can't know if this is "the big one" but it is something I have been waiting to see for quite a long time now.

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Belarus In Full-Blown Hyperinflation Panic: Blocks News, Online Stores; Bans All FX Trading For 2 Years

This is the result of sanctions - namely, unintended parties often suffer the heaviest burdens. Sanctions have resulted in more murders than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear strikes combined. The trend predictably continues. reports:

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NYT calls for Cheney, Bush officials to be investigated and prosecuted for torture

In a blistering editorial published in the Monday edition of the New York Times, the editorial page editors are calling upon the Justice Department to open an investigation into the torture practices committed during the administration of President George W. Bush with an eye towards prosecuting those who “committed torture and other serious crimes,” along with former Vice President Dick Cheney and other major administration officials.

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Why He Killed The Cops

The story is being spun as a crazed man enraged by the death of Garner. Turns out, this man had already had his own taste of NYPD "Justice."

I do not condone violence, but I can also see when someone is provoking a fight. These thugs with badges and guns have been begging for retaliation for years. They still have no clue what "blowback" is all about, as evidenced by their declaration of war on the people they are paid to "protect and serve."

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It's Your Fault DeBlasio

The mayor of New York City spoke about the two New York City police officers that were shot and killed in their car by what is being called a "retaliation killing".

Bill DeBlasio starts off by saying; "Our city is in mourning. Our hearts are heavy. We lost two good men who devoted their lives to protecting all of us."

A couple of weeks earlier, Bill DeBlasio stated during a press conference about the grand jury's decision not to indict the officers involved in the killing of Eric Garner; "We're grieving again, over the loss of Eric Garner who was a father, husband, a son, good man. A man who should be with us and isn't."

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Coin Debasement - How Low Can You Go?

Debasement – How Low Can You Go?

U.S. Mint Considers Steel Coins to Save Money

The U.S. Mint releases its cost cutting report to congress:

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It's Good We Don't Fit In...

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Video: Americans Stand Up To Militarized Takeover (Spokane Washington Protest)

Shocking video provided exclusively to Infowars last week set off a firestorm among Americans after a sheriff’s deputy was captured saying that armored military vehicles were needed for “constitutionalists” and gun owners.

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The Breakthrough

The Breakthrough

Marching in the streets all day long,
Writing a brilliant, passionate song,
Fighting injustice, opposing what's wrong,
Wondering why we're not that strong,
Wondering why with all of our reading,
We're being led and not leading,
Working real hard, doing all we can,
We're still ruled by Them and The Man,
Still trying to do better every day,
Still lost along the way,
Still searching for something new,
Still striving for the breakthrough,
It will come when you pray for me and I pray for you,
It will come when you pray for me and I pray for you.

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Miracles do happen. My neocon dad spent 2 hours watching Ron Paul videos on YouTube.

I have no idea why, but my Dad started watching Ron Paul videos on YouTube yesterday. I was in the living room a few feet away, and imagine my surprise when I heard Ron Paul's appearance on The View playing from Dad's computer speakers. He hates The View, and until yesterday, I was pretty sure he hated Ron Paul because Fox News told my Dad Ron Paul was anti-military (sigh). Just a couple of days ago he was lamenting the millions of GOP voters who stayed home rather than vote for Romney.

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South Carolina Fox Debate Audience BOOS Ron Paul For Mentioning Golden Rule...

Lest we forget how many hypocrits reside in the Republican Party...

The FOX Republican Debate in South Carolina in 2012. (Very unfriendly territory for Dr. Paul who came bearing the TRUTH).

But most in that state (home of Lyndsey Graham) don't want to hear the truth because so many make their living in the WAR industry.

God bless Dr. Paul for going into that firestorm.

Remember this???