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Ha! Ron Paul!

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Beloved War Veteran Commits Suicide After Obama’s War Announcement- R.I.P. Jacob George

Another 'Soldiers Heart' that couldn't take it anymore.

Beloved War Veteran Commits Suicide After Obama’s War Announcement

U.S. veteran communities are reportedly grieving at news of the suicide of Jacob George, a three-tour veteran of America’s last decade-plus of war, after he failed to find relief from physical and mental injuries he sustained in battle. In a clip from a veterans event last year, he spoke of his experience with various types of therapy and performed his original song, “Soldier’s Heart.”

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2,000 people read my account of how 9/11 went down in the defense contractors office

I wanted to thank everyone who downloaded and shared 28 pages the #FREE excerpt from the first book in the SECURITY THROUGH ABSURDITY series, Little Yellow Stickies.

About 2,000 people on Sept 11, of this year, read my account of how 9/11 went down inside the defense contractor's office I used to work at.

It is currently not free, but it will be again very, very soon. (like hopefully tomorrow.) I intend for it to stay free. Always.

I will be reading this exact thing at Brown University Bookstore, on September 30th.

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I owe Michael Nystrom $30

April of 2013, I thought silver price had reached its lowest point. Mr. Nystrom predicted last April that the price would drop to $18 within the next year. It has bounced around close to that, but finally broke below $18 today. On April 15, 2013, here is what I posted in response to his prediction:

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Ukraine Forces Burn Swastikas Into Prisoners
Meanwhile this speech got a standing ovation from special joint session of Congress today for the Kiev coup puppets, 'Porky and the Oligarchs'.

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I made the funny papers - letter-to-the-editor 9/18/14

Here is the published article regarding US radicalization:

Here is the original post I made about this article:

I made the funny papers again!

Peace and Love always.

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How would you describe "waking up" or being "awake"...

So there I was the other night, harvesting my first ever brew of kombucha, when I realized, "I haven't been this excited in years." I mean,I really had no business being that giddy. Later, it had me thinking about my life and the several stages I have been through, and wondered what the future would hold. I started feeling grateful because I was so happy I became "awake" early in life.

I got to thinking about what it ment to be awake and had a hard time figuring it out. Is it simply a perception "shift"? Is it diet related? Is it just a human trate that activates at adulthood?

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Court hammers Florida sheriff’s office for SWAT-style raid to check for barber licenses

An appeals court harshly rebuked the Orange County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office over a SWAT-style raid to check for barber licenses, finding it was unreasonable to conduct such an investigation of a second-degree misdemeanor.

No illegal or unlicensed activities were found at Strictly Skillz, where barbers said eight to 10 masked deputies wearing bulletproof vests raided the shop and cleared out customers during a busy weekend.

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Dude, where's my cash?

Missing Money: Uncle Sam’s Accounting is Suspect

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When War Erupts Patriots Will Be Accused Of Aiding "The Enemy"

Very interesting article from ZH:

Submitted by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market blog,

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Cliven Bundy Sued By School Teacher Who Killed One Of His Cows

On April 12, a triumphant Cliven Bundy and his supporters chased away federal authorities and set the rancher’s impounded cattle free once more to roam public land in northeast Clark County.

Two days later, a car collided with one of Bundy’s cows on Interstate 15, about 10 miles from his Bunkerville ranch, killing the animal and sending the vehicle careening down an embankment.

Now a Las Vegas woman injured in the crash is suing Bundy for negligence.....

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The REAL Reason Britain is Freaking Out About Scottish Independence

I thought I would create a separate post on this subject to give some insight as to how HUGE this election is

The REAL Reason Britain is Freaking Out About Scottish Independence


In addition, as Max Keiser explained:

(1) The UK can now borrow cheaply using the giant Scottish oil reserves as collateral
(2) If Scotland leaves, the collateral (oil reserves) is no longer available
(3) So the cost of borrowing money for Britain skyrockets

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Scotland Election Watch - 54% No, 46% Yes

I thought I'd create a thread so we can all keep up on how things turn out in Scotland.

Scottish independence: Voting under way in referendum
Scotland goes to the polls over independence

People in Scotland are voting on whether the country should stay in the UK or become an independent nation.

Voters will answer 'Yes' or 'No' to the referendum question: 'Should Scotland be an independent country?'

With 4,285,323 people - 97% of the electorate - registered to vote, it is expected to be the busiest day in Scottish electoral history.

Votes will be cast at 5,579 polling stations until 22:00 on Thursday. The result is expected on Friday morning.

Update: Yougov exit poll of sorts/final poll in last 30 min

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ANOTHER building collapse...9/12/14. Did you hear about this?

Can anyone validate this video?

If this is not an intentional demolition, then how WEIRD.