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"Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution."

Via Joη in a comment during a game at his site

In April 2010, Kevin Kelly cited the phrase "Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution," and called it the "Shirky Principle", as the phrasing reminded him of the clarity of the Peter Principle.

Via Wikipedia.

Shirky is the author of the internet classic, A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy

What do you guys think of the quote?

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This doesn't happen to white people

(CNN) -- I am a 54-year-old black woman -- a mother, lawyer and law professor. I teach at the Washington University in St. Louis Law School and live 12 miles away from Ferguson, Missouri.

The median household income in my suburb is $85,000 per year. In Ferguson, it is $36,000. In my suburb, 3.5% of the people are black. In Ferguson, almost 70% are black. These are stark contrasts. Yet I share things in common with black people in Ferguson and, indeed, throughout the United States.

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Remember the first time you label someone, a liberal, a democrat, a republican, a conservative, you just closed their mind to

what you have to say. Labels are earplugs, don't forget that.

Labels were designed by the elites to keep us separated from communicating different views with each other.

We are Americans with differing viewpoints, don't cut off the knowledge someone may receive by labeling them.

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Kentucky: Lawsuit Restored Against Cop Caught Lying About Traffic Stop

Video catches Kentucky State Trooper harassing motorist. US Court of Appeals rules cop can be sued for false arrest.

Videotape proved essential for Freddie Gregory, a motorist falsely accused of traffic violations by a high-ranking Kentucky State Police trooper. The US Court of Appeals on Friday allowed Gregory to pursue false arrest charges against Lieutenant Phillip Burnett.

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What Happened When Chicago Relaxed Gun Control Laws

Here are some very compelling numbers to make even the harshest second amendment antagonist scratch their head. This is fresh from the Heritage Foundation.

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It Begins: CFR Proposes "Central Banks Should Hand Consumers Cash Directly"

"Rather than trying to spur private-sector spending through asset purchases or interest-rate changes, central banks, such as the Fed, should hand consumers cash directly.... Central banks, including the U.S. Federal Reserve, have taken aggressive action, consistently lowering interest rates such that today they hover near zero. They have also pumped trillions of dollars’ worth of new money into the financial system.

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We are winning. Read Cornel West's comments.

We are winning. With comments like Cornell West made, we can appeal to the THINKING black demographic. "We asked for John Coltrane and we got Kenny G with a brown face." Brilliant.

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Federal Law Requiring Annual Report on Excessive Force by Police has been Ignored for 20 Years

Friday, August 22, 2014

The circumstances of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, have brought that one police shooting into the national conscience. But many other Americans are killed by police and their deaths go unnoticed and mostly uncounted, despite a Congressional mandate.

In 1994, Congress passed the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. Among its provisions was the order that “the Attorney General shall, through appropriate means, acquire data about the use of excessive force by law enforcement officers.” The Justice Department was also required to publish an annual report on the data collected.

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California Gun Waiting Period Laws Ruled Unconstitutional!

ROSEVILLE, CA (August 25, 2014) – California’s 10-day waiting period for gun purchases was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge this morning in a significant victory for Second Amendment civil rights. The laws were challenged by California gun owners Jeffrey Silvester and Brandon Combs, as well as two gun rights groups, The Calguns Foundation and Second Amendment Foundation.

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Snowden: The Surveillance Engine, How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google

The National Security Agency is secretly providing data to nearly two dozen U.S. government agencies with a “Google-like” search engine built to share more than 850 billion records about phone calls, emails, cellphone locations, and internet chats, according to classified documents obtained by The Intercept.

The documents provide the first definitive evidence that the NSA has for years made massive amounts of surveillance data directly accessible to domestic law enforcement agencies. Planning documents for ICREACH, as the search engine is called, cite the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration as key participants.

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Stunning Footage Of Israeli Strike Leveling 12-Story Gaza Building

One side thing I noticed was that the building collapsed by falling over rather than free-fall speed into its own footprint. Though, of course, everyone knows *that* can only happen from office fires.

Late on Saturday afternoon, supposedly in retaliation for yet another round of shelling by Hamas now that the X+1 "ceasefire" has failed to lead to anything tangible, Israel bombed an apartment tower in Gaza City, collapsing the 12-story building with 44 apartments. The dramatic strike is shown in the blip below. Amazingly, while dozens were wounded in the strike, no one was killed, Palestinian officials said.

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First they say he (Foley) was just killed, then they say it was fake, now they say he died a year ago

Fresh doubt has been thrown on the narrative behind the James Foley beheading video after a Syrian government spokesperson claimed that the American journalist was killed by ISIS militants a year ago.

Following the release of a video last week which purported to show the murder of Foley, top forensic experts concluded that the footage was staged using “camera trickery and slick post-production techniques,” concurring with Infowars’ analysis that the video was highly dubious given that it was immediately used as justification for military strikes on Syria.

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On Educating Neutral and Less Interested People about Liberty.

My brother didn't care much for my liberty rants. My wife didn't seem very interested either, or most my family members. It can be really frustrating to try and explain abstract ideas to people that struggle to grasp the relevance of liberty and freedom in their life.

Most of the videos I watch and the books that I read are long and boring to other people. My personal victories became a lot more frequent with my brother and my wife when I started showing them these short, to the point, fun videos by LearnLiberty. If you haven't seen them then I would recommend checking them out. Just about every liberty topic imaginable from the debt crisis to drugs to minimum wage laws is covered in 3 to 5 minute animated videos.

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Dear Life in these United States

Can we PLEASE stop bombing the world?

I do not support it.
I do not like it.
I do not think it is necessary in any way, shape or form.
I do not want my (stolen) tax dollars to fund it.
I DO want it to STOP!!!