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Can any bible scholars tell me about Melchizedek?

I would like to know more about this person.
The more thorough the better.


*******I appreciate everyone's input. It has helped me greatly.*******

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County Refusing To Pay Medical Bills For Child Hurt In Police Raid

You may recall the coverage of “Baby Bou Bou,” who was badly burned (and went into a coma) during a no-knock police raid when police tossed a flash bang grenade through a window and directly into his crib in the middle of the night. This would be bad enough on its own, but to top things off, the police never found the suspect that they were looking for that night – a man wanted for drug charges, who was arrested a day later.

Now the county is refusing to pay for the injured child’s medical bills, claiming that they have no “legal permission” to pay for the injuries their foot soldiers inflicted on an innocent.

Habersham County’s attorney provided the following statement, saying: “The question before the board was whether it is legally permitted to pay these expenses. After consideration of this question following advice of counsel, the board of commissioners has concluded that it would be in violation of the law for it to do so.”

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The Hell That is the Obama White House

The Hell That is the Obama White House

Red State
By: David Horowitz (Diary) | August 18th, 2014 at 04:58 PM

Note from Erick: Please welcome to our front page the always awesome David Horowitz.

Let me begin by acknowledging that this inspirational title is lifted from a tweet by screen actor James Woods. And now I will explicate his tweet.

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Obama Back on Vacation

The Hill: President Obama went back to his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard Tuesday evening following less than 48 hours in Washington, leaving people puzzled over why he came back in the first place.

Obama’s two days in Washington were mostly quiet, and concluded with the president receiving his daily national security briefing in the morning, and joining Vice President Biden to huddle with members of his economic team in the afternoon.

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According to Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, Journalists Without “$50,000 cameras” May Be Detained

According to Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, journalists without “$50,000 cameras” may be detained until police deem them legitimate.

During a press conference early Tuesday morning, Johnson addressed the country on the evening’s events as Furgeson, Mo. recovered from yet another night of unrest.

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Remember folks who suffer for exposing war crimes

Chelsea Elisabeth Manning Age: 9740 days Imprisoned: 1542 days now why? For telling the truth!

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New fresh Ferguson riots live now. On CNN and livestreams

#DHS agent provocateurs at #Ferguson now starting up crap. Cops firing tear gas. (Just my opinion)

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What Have We Accomplished in Iraq? Written by Ron Paul

by Ron Paul | August 17, 2014

We have been at war with Iraq for 24 years, starting with Operations Desert Shield and Storm in 1990. Shortly after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait that year, the propaganda machine began agitating for a US attack on Iraq. We all remember the appearance before Congress of a young Kuwaiti woman claiming that the Iraqis were ripping Kuwaiti babies from incubators. The woman turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US and the story was false, but it was enough to turn US opposition in favor of an attack.

This month, yet another US president – the fourth in a row – began bombing Iraq. He is also placing US troops on the ground despite promising not to do so.

The second Iraq war in 2003 cost the US some two trillion dollars. According to estimates, more than one million deaths have occurred as a result of that war. Millions of tons of US bombs have fallen in Iraq almost steadily since 1991.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: The Coming Race War Won't Be About Race

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar |Aug. 17, 2014

Ferguson is not just about systemic racism — it's about class warfare and how America's poor are held back, says Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Will the recent rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, be a tipping point in the struggle against racial injustice, or will it be a minor footnote in some future grad student’s thesis on Civil Unrest in the Early Twenty-First Century?

The answer can be found in May of 1970.

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* POLITICO* Ron Paul: Local police not 'warriors'

* POLITICO* Ron Paul: Local police not 'warriors'

By JONATHAN TOPAZ | 8/18/14 1:39 PM EDT

Former Rep. Ron Paul on Monday called for the elimination of the Defense Department program that has transferred billions of dollars in surplus military equipment to local and state agencies.

“It should be gotten rid of,” the Texas Republican said on MSNBC of the Pentagon 1033 program, which has come under increased scrutiny because of the equipment used by St. Louis County police forces in Ferguson, Missouri.

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What military weapons does your police department have? A (great) interactive map

Mapping the Spread of the Military’s Surplus Gear

State and local police departments obtain some of their military-style equipment through a free Defense Department program created in the early 1990s. While the portion of their gear that comes from the program is relatively small (most of it is paid for by the departments or through federal grants), detailed data from the Pentagon illustrates how ubiquitous such equipment has become. Highlighted counties have received guns, grenade launchers, vehicles, night vision or body armor through the program since 2006.