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"Stop Thanking Me For My Service" – Former US Army Ranger Blasts American Foreign Policy

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz has said of the upcoming Concert for Valor:

“The post-9/11 years have brought us the longest period of sustained warfare in our nation’s history. The less than one percent of Americans who volunteered to serve during this time have afforded the rest of us remarkable freedoms — but that freedom comes with a responsibility to understand their sacrifice, to honor them, and to appreciate the skills and experience they offer when they return home.”

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Surprise! Controversial Patriot Act power now overwhelmingly used in drug investigations

By Radley Balko | October 29, 2014

One of the more controversial provisions of the Patriot Act was to broaden the “sneak-and-peek” power for federal law enforcement officials. The provision allows investigators to conduct searches without informing the target of the search. We were assured at the time that this was an essential law enforcement tool that would be used only to protect the country from terrorism. Supporters argued that it was critical that investigators be allowed to look into the lives and finances of suspected terrorists without tipping off those terrorists to the fact that they were under investigation.

Civil libertarian critics warned that the federal government already had this power for national security investigations. The Patriot Act provision was far too broad and would almost certainly become a common tactic in cases that have nothing to do with national security.

But this was all immediately after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and there was little patience for civil libertarians. The massive Patriot Act of course passed overwhelmingly, including the sneak-and-peek provision, despite the fact that only a handful of members of Congress had actually read it. (Not to mention the public.)

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China's Ghost Cities - by design? Nuclear war backup housing?!

Everyone is aware of the extent of China's overbuilding of housing supply. They've built over 10 ENTIRE CITIES in remote outskirts. The question is: Why?

I'm beginning to question whether or not this is an accidental misallocation of resources on a colossal scale or by design.

One can understand various pockets of the economy experiencing supply imbalances due to central planning, but ENTIRE CITIES and MORE THAN ONCE makes me think this is a deliberate design.

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Police Organization Calls For Background Checks On All Gun Sales

In the least shocking news of the day, police from across the United States have declared their support for background checks on all private gun sales. The name of the group that made this call to action is the National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence.

In the press release, Baltimore, MD, Police Chief Jim Johnson is cited as claiming that forty percent of firearm transactions are private and thus do not require a federal background check. He compares this to allowing forty percent of airline passengers to board an airplane without going through security.

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Former Cop Headed to Trial for Raping a Child While Other Officers Watched

Pharr, TX — Trial is set to begin December 1, in the case of former Pharr police officer Erasmo Mata, Jr., accused of repeated first-degree felony sexual assaults of a child.

A federal civil lawsuit filed with Texas Southern District Court back in May accused Mata of assaulting the minor five times, on five separate occasions, all while on duty. The suit alleges that the attacks took place in abandoned houses around the city as other Pharr police officers stood by and watched.

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"Heading for the hills" is not a good survival plan and here's why

I have actually had one idiot tell me he would just come shoot my cow if SHTF, after I pointed out that there will be no deer or elk in the wilderness after about three days of everyone "heading for the hills."
The cow thus threatened is my milk cow, when she was a calf. She would have been less than 100 pounds of meat. I plan to keep her as a breed cow and milk her for my own food, and to have enough to share if people come to me hungry.

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Feds cut off internet, dress up as technicians to conduct warrantless search

speed read:
ell, here's one more reason not to trust Comcast: Those internet repairmen at your door may actually be undercover agents — especially if they arrived promptly after the outage occurred. Indeed, Nevada courts are currently considering whether it's legal for the government to cut off your internet or other utilities, dress up as technicians, and then gain entrance to your house to conduct a warrantless search.

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Phil Collins gives vast Alamo collection to Texas

AN ANTONIO (AP) — British pop star Phil Collins on Tuesday handed over his vast collection of artifacts related to the Battle of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution to the state of Texas.

Collins was in San Antonio to donate what's considered the world's largest private collection of Alamo artifacts. It includes a fringed leather pouch and a gun used by Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie's legendary knife and letters from garrison commander William B. Travis.

"There's things in there that will make your mouth drop," Collins said.

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An Embarrassment for NASA: Supply-Filled ISS Rocket Explodes in Virgina the narrative being advanced that PRIVATE firms cannot be trusted to provide an adequate/comparable/superior product or technology to the International Space Program that our government participates in? ONLY a government(severely deficient in revenues) can?

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The government did stop the release on the death about patient zero, for 4 days !

This 60 minutes interview with health care workers at his bedside gives the time of death as Saturday the very day the Israeli news paper reported it . The Government reported the death as Wednesday. So should we deny info because it comes from outside the MSM ? Start view at 6min 10sec

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'Anarcho-Capitalist' Stefan Molyneux Sued For Abusing The DMCA

TechDirt reports:

from the state-violence-in-response-to-state-violence? dept

A few months ago, we wrote about the strange saga of self-described "anarcho-capitalist" Stefan Molyneux more or less admitting that he and a colleague named Michael DeMarco had filed questionable DMCA notices in response to some critical YouTube videos. DeMarco and Molyneux defended the use of the DMCA by arguing that the videos involved doxxing some Molyneux supporters. While that may have been true of some, it did not appear to be the case with one account, from so-called "Tru Shibes," whose videos were pretty focused on criticizing Molyneux himself. Either way, we found it especially bizarre that someone so against "state violence" of any kind (and who had spoken out against intellectual property entirely) would then resort to abusing government-run copyright law to silence criticism. Even worse, Molyneux flat out admitted (on a Joe Rogan podcast) that he wasn't using the DMCA for any copyright-related purpose. In that post, I noted that it seemed unlikely to lead to a lawsuit, but Molyneux had probably opened himself up to a DMCA 512(f) claim for "materially misrepresenting" a copyright claim.

Full story at TechDirt:

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Jim Rickards: QE4 Coming in 2015.

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Here's Your Homework Assignment

Homework Assignment: 8th Graders given form to take inventory of what's in Parents' Medicine Cabinets -

Article & video

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‘Calibration issue’ on Maryland voting machines: Another black box caught switching votes

What is the point of voting if the integrity of the vote cannot be verified? - D.D.

By Kenric Ward |

Voting machines that switch Republican votes to Democrats are being reported in Maryland.

“When I first selected my candidate on the electronic machine, it would not put the ‘x’ on the candidate I chose — a Republican — but it would put the ‘x’ on the Democrat candidate above it,” Donna Hamilton said.

“This happened multiple times with multiple selections. Every time my choice flipped from Republican to Democrat. Sometimes it required four or five tries to get the ‘x’ to stay on my real selection,” the Frederick, Md., resident said last week.

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Rand Paul Says Libertarians Should Vote GOP in 2014

Rand Paul | October 28, 2014

It is apparent now more than ever that our government has grown out of control—and under Democratic leadership, it will only continue to infringe upon our civil liberties. Currently, this Democratic leadership is telling you how to run your businesses, telling you which doctor to see, telling you what you can and cannot eat, and monitoring your phone calls and data without a warrant.