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What is a "First Amendment Area"?

This a picture of a sign, put up by the BLM, to dictate where "protest" and "free speech" were allowed.

When the government "regulates" your freedom of speech, they are actually taking it away.

Do you agree? If not, then what is a "First Amendment Zone"?

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Murray Rothbard on the Bundy Ranch Standoff

This past weekend a standoff – as discussed in an edition of last week’s Morning Roar - in Nevada at the ranch of Cliven Bundy between Federal Agents and a large group of Bundy supporters has seemingly been settled without violence, thankfully. The most basic summary of the events leading up to the standoff:

Cliven Bundy’s ranch has been in his family since 1877, and his cattle regularly graze on the the “public” land in the surrounding area which is “owned” (claimed) by the Federal Government. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been charging grazing fees to local ranchers whose cattle graze in the area. For the past 20 years or so the Bundy family , not recognizing the the Federal Government’s claim on the land as legitimate have refused payment (though they have reportedly paid the money to the state of Nevada.) The BLM claims Bundy’s cattle are killing an endangered tortoise, despite the fact that the very same BLM culled hundreds of that same species of tortoise recently. In response they have begun rounding up Bundy’s cattle which will be auctioned off to pay his fines. Bundy has decided that he’s had enough of this Federal overreach , and has turned his story into a rallying point against Federal land tyranny.

In last Wednesday’s edition of The Morning Roar, I described how the concept of homesteading as it pertains to property ownership applies to this case. But this being Mondays with Murray and all, I’ll keep my trap shut and turn it over to Mr. Libertarian himself, as he describes the concept of homesteading in Chapter 2 of For a New Liberty. The implications to the Bundy case will be apparent.

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Sen. Reid Breaks Ground for Nevada Solar Farm Near Bundy Ranch (March 2014)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who was exposed last Friday as the mastermind behind the Bureau of Land Management’s persecution of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, can be seen in this March 2014 photo breaking ground for a solar farm near the Bundy Ranch, emphasizing that the senator’s plan for solar projects in Nevada wasn’t just limited to the shelved solar farm near Laughlin.

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FBI Abruptly Walks Out On Senate Briefing After Being Asked How 'Insider Threat' Program Avoids Whistleblowers

from the because-the-whole-program-is-about-whistleblowers dept

While we've been disappointed that Senator Chuck Grassley appears to have a bit of a double standard with his staunch support for whistleblowers when it comes to Ed Snowden, it is true that he has fought for real whistleblower protections for quite some time. Lately, he's been quite concerned that the White House's "Insider Threat Program" (ITP) is really just a cover to crack down on whistleblowers. As we've noted, despite early promises from the Obama administration to support and protect whistleblowers, the administration has led the largest crackdown against whistleblowers, and the ITP suggests that the attack on whistleblowers is a calculated response. The program documentation argues that any leak can be seen as "aiding the enemy" and encourages government employees to snitch on each other if they appear too concerned about government wrong-doing. Despite all his high minded talk of supporting whistleblowers, President Obama has used the Espionage Act against whistleblowers twice as many times as all other Presidents combined. Also, he has never -- not once -- praised someone for blowing the whistle in the federal government.

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Bundy Ranch..Again

Was this from yesterday, or did someone submit late video or what?

I myself do not believe this is anywhere close to being over.
Unless charges are brought against Harry Reid, his son, and all involved, and until they are placed in cuffs, behind bars, the Bundy Ranch will not be safe.

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Alex Jones on Nearly Every Commercial Break Today on the History Channel

I know, I know. Shouldn't even be watching this questionable channel. But I am a sucker for Modern Marvels and a few other shows not actually pertaining to history on that channel.

I've been doing my Taxes (Ugh) while having History Channel on in the background for the last 5 hours or so. I have seen Alex Jones nearly every commercial break talking about the NSA. I guess he is featured on an episode of "America's Book of Secrets" about Big Brother.

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Anti-NSA Artwork Going Viral

Now that's some "destruction" of private property I can support. This is more accurately Anti-GCHQ art since it appeared on a house in Cheltenham, England (home of GCHQ), but certainly appreciated here all the same.

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Agenda 21: wow, wow and wow.

THIS VIDEO lays out A21 in the most basic!, eloquent!, plain-speaking!, eye-opening!, ALL-encompassing!
and, as a bonus: pleasurably-entertaining! way..full of wow.
and it could not be more RELEVANT to the mess we are in today.
very special note:
to those who auto-gag when they see that icky word..'democrat' on the banner behind the speakers head, i CHALLENGE YOU to just listen to the speakers very first OPENING line..

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Innocent Driver Gets Rammed By U.S. Customs Van. Customs Agents Lie and Blame Him. His Dash Cam Proves Otherwise.
UPDATE 4/11: We’ve just received a copy of the Police Report, and the Border Patrol employees lied about what happened. Click this link to see the Police Report.

Just a few days ago, I installed a Timetec Roadhawk Dashcam in my car, and wrote about it here. My main reason for doing this was to protect and defend myself in court in case I get pulled over for a traffic stop. My dash cam is like a black box for my car, always on and always recording.

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Ron Paul at the Students for Liberty Convention, Texas State (San Marcos, TX 4-12-2014) Full Speech

Ron Paul at the Students for Liberty Convention, Texas State (San Marcos, TX 4-12-2014) Full Speech

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DOJ: Albuquerque Police 'Executing' Citizens

Following release of report, rights groups calling for removal of mayor and police chief

bt Lauren McCauley, staff writer Common Dreams

Residents of Albuquerque, New Mexico are marching on the police department Saturday to demand retribution against the city's mayor and police chief for their role in the police force's documented "execution" of citizens.

The march comes after the Department of Justice slammed the Albuquerque Police Department for their frequent use of excessive and lethal force in a damning report released on Thursday.

Though, according to advocates, abuse by local law enforcement has been systemic for years, calls for increased scrutiny of the APD were amplified following the police shooting death of James Boyd, a homeless man suffering from mental illness, on March 16.