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Dark Journalist: LBJ Architect of the JFK Assassination With Roger Stone

Join Dark Journalist as he welcomes best-selling author, political insider, and presidential advisor to Presidents Nixon and Reagan, Roger Stone. Together, they dive deep into the secret history and controversial new evidence of LBJ's involvement in the Kennedy Assassination!

With recently unearthed documents and witness testimony, the case for LBJ's complicity in the Kennedy Assassination has reached a critical mass that the mainstream media simply ignores.

Using information from his recent book, "The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ," Stone exposes how the fingerprint of LBJ hitman Malcolm Wallace was found in the 6th floor sniper's nest. Stone also reveals that LBJ was facing criminal charges that would have forced him off of the Kennedy ticket in 1964.

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Ron's Birthday Is This Weds., Aug. 20th! Happy Birthday, Ron!

Our Fearless Leader's birthday is Weds., Aug. 20th. Let's all give a shout out of congratulations to dear Ron!!!

The following is astrological stuff I pulled off the internet for those born Aug. 20th. Some of it is eerily on target!

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Israel defends itself after Palestinian rocket attack frightens cat.

Hope this isn't too divisive for the Daily Paul. Even the word, "divisive", may be deemed divisive. Spell check was not used, however, because it is automatic for most words.